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Top 8 Outgrow Experiences in December 2018

Do you hear those Christmas bells? No? Exactly. Holidays are over and we’re back to work. We know its hard to slip back into work mode after the holidays. So, as a pick-you-up, we created a list of the top December 2018 experiences created by our clients.

Let’s just say Christmas marketing has never been this jolly!

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1) Wealthfully Prepared

Experience Type: Outcome Quiz
Title: But Do You Really Need the New iPhone XS?
Template: Stockholm

Top 9 Outgrow Experiences in December 2018

Wealthfully Prepared provides financial wellness and literacy services that assist individuals and organizations to build solid personal financial foundations based on attitude, skills, knowledge, and self-efficacy. Their Financial Wellness programs include guidance & education as well as ongoing maintenance & support through individualized program design and development for organizations.

The marketing team at Wealthfully Prepared was struggling to capture qualified leads through the same old marketing efforts. Consequently, they decided to give interactive experiences a try. We had a look at their experience, and here’s what we loved.

First of all- a Sherlock gif on the homepage? Killer move! Furthermore, they applied all the best practices of making an interactive experience. They had an optimum number of questions and ideal use of multimedia. With an experience like that, they are sure to rake up multiple qualified leads.

2) Foster Our Future

Experience Type: Numerical
Title: How Far Are You From Your Dream Job
Template: Chicago

Top 9 Outgrow Experiences in December 2018

Foster Our Future is a 100% social enterprise. Their aim is to provide elite mentoring support accessible to everyone. In fact, all of their profit is reinvested to mentor better and more effectively. They believe that mentoring is learning the way it was always meant to be: through experience. Not through outdated curricula, meaningless assessments, or scrolling infinitely through social media.

Foster Our Future wanted to come up with a tool that could hold the attention of their primary audience. So, they decided to give passive content a rest and invested in interactive marketing.

Are we a sucker for carefully crafted questions in the experience? Yes. Are we going to let it influence our choices for this top experience post? Maybe.
Their experience nails the icon and logo positioning. The questions are certainly well-written and the calculator design is extremely professional.

3) The Whistl

Experience Type: Outcome Quiz
Title: Has your financial Advisor been naughty or nice?
Template: Chicago

Top 9 Outgrow Experiences in December 2018

The Whistl is the first fully-integrated consumer driven financial platform for the everyday person. Their proprietary tool continuously monitors the financial decisions of their clients. Consequently, the tool notifies them if they are paying too much in commissions and helps them reduce their fees, and improve their performance.

The experience by Whistl is sure to attract many leads even before they become operational in the Fall of 2019. In fact, this quiz can be dubbed as a ‘Discovery Funnel’ as it educates the lead about a problem that is not apparent. They have included a progress bar to keep track of the number of questions. Additionally, they have added a CTA before the results to collect as many leads as possible.

4) Nestfield

Experience Type: Chatbot
Title: Nestfield Chatbot
Template: Chatbot

Top 9 Outgrow Experiences in December 2018

Nestfield is an information provider for fertility services in Dubai. Since Dubai boasts of billion dollars investments in healthcare infrastructure, it attracts the most skilled medical, beauty and healthcare practitioners around the world. Nestfield makes sure that the people in need are connected to those experts.
Outgrow recently introduced the Chatbot template, and it did not disappoint. Many of our clients made beautiful Chatbot experiences but this one stood out.

The Chatbot included questions that provided valuable information about the leads to their sales team. This experience can also be used as an Out Of Office bot that continues to collect leads even if the human resource is not present.

5) Custom Safe Room

Experience Type: Outcome Quiz
Title: Tornado Ready?
Template: Chicago

Top 9 Outgrow Experiences in December 2018

Custom Safe Room aims to eliminate the task of dividing building projects between different architect construction company. They offer design and build services for their clients from initial sketches to the final construction.

People in the USA are increasingly focused on building safe houses because of the unstable weather conditions. Custom Safe Rooms aims to cater to that population. Hence, they created an interactive experience that gauges just how ready the lead is to handle a situation like a natural calamity. The quiz displays different results based on the inputs by the lead.

6) Ajaib Easy Invest

Experience Type: Numerical
Title: Investments & SIP Calculator
Template: Stockholm

Top 9 Outgrow Experiences in December 2018

Ajaib Easy Invest helps their clients for long-term returns by combining financial expertise with technology-enabled analysis. Their services include risk profiling to determine investment strategies and investment in mutual funds. Additionally, they help their clients create a portfolio from standard asset allocations.

The calculator created by Ajaib Easy Invest provides value to their leads by answering their pressing questions in real time. It calculates the prospected bank savings and the Ajaib Easy Investment profits without the use of any code.

Talk about being efficient!

7) Credit Hub

Experience Type: Graded
Title: Should I Self fund or should I Raise VC for my Startup?
Template: Chicago

Top 9 Outgrow Experiences in December 2018

Credit Hub is a web-based provider of credit repair and counseling for consumers and businesses across the country. They guarantee credit restoration satisfaction of their clients through their diagnostic services. Their Business Credit Building program helps their clients to grow their business without using personal credit. Moreover, they assist their clients in personal financial services to help them build, repair, or protect their personal credit score.

Their quiz caters to their main customer base, startups, and entrepreneurs. The quiz aims to help leads decide between self-funding and raising VC for their startups. We love the inclusion of the progress bar and social media icons on the results page. However, it is the actionable CTA that takes the cake for this quiz!

8) Wellness To Weightloss

Experience Type: Numerical
Title: How Many Calories Do You Need A Day
Template: Tokyo

Top 9 Outgrow Experiences in December 2018

Jacqueline Turner’s weight loss program aims to help people shed those extra pounds without any fad diets or overpriced supplements. The program relies mainly on real food and exercise to gain the ideal body weight.

Since most people resolve to get in shape after New Year, Turner aimed to garner attention for her program through interactive content. Her calculator asks the leads to input their height, weight and daily schedule. Then, the calculator presents the number of calories the lead should produce in a day.

Since Turner’s program focuses mainly on the diet and exercise required to get in shape, this quiz is sure to attract many leads hoping to achieve that ideal body this year.

This list certainly inspired us to get off our backs and start hustling harder than ever. We hope it did the same for you.

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