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Outgrow Interactive Content Case Study: How Slingshot Sports Increased Traffic And Customer Engagement

Slingshot Sports is an e-commerce website that caters to adventure products and apparel. It was founded in 1999 by Jeff and Tony Logosz who wanted to spark people’s interest in adventure. Even today, they experiment with new shapes, new toys, new technology, trying to find their next best adventure.

But Slingshot Sports was facing trouble with product personalization and their customer engagement was far below expectations. Read and find out how Outgrow interactive content came to the rescue and not only helped them increase their website traffic but also increased their customer engagement by a great manifold. Let’s look at this interactive case study to understand this better.

Slingshot Sports – The Client In Question 

Let’s have a look at what the client, Slingshot Sports, really does.

Slingshot Sports is a US Based company that sells adventure products. They cater to a variety of sports, namely surfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing, standup paddleboarding, and others. Their products are available at over 250 retailers globally and on the web at www.slingshotsports.com.

sling shot

The Problem – Lack of Product Personalization

Slingshot Sports was experiencing failure in its efforts towards product personalization. Their website was not attracting enough traffic. And whatever traffic was on the website was not effective. The potential customer was not being retained. Their customer engagement was at a low and they were not getting enough leads. That was when they decided to bring a change in their content marketing strategy. They invested in interactive content as a solution to this problem. This is where Outgrow comes into the picture.

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Outgrow – The Solution 

Slingshot Sports resorted to Outgrow because of the kind of easy-to-create, yet engaging interactive content. The client especially took to Outgrow because of the variety of formats it offers for content types such as calculators and quizzes.

Slingshot Sports used these templates on their website and promoted them through various mediums. The client shared this content through their industry partners, by including it in their blogs and through their customer recommendation engine on their website. It helped them retain their first-time website traffic through intuitive product finders.

Examples –

Slingshot Sports created this Banner Cost Calculator with Outgrow.


This calculator actually adds value to the customer without any kind of commitment. It asks for relevant inputs to calculate the cost of a custom banner from you and gives you the end result.  This leads to an increase in the lead generation rate since the calculator leverages professional help in exchange for contact information. It is quick and offers real-time results.

Next, we look at this Round Sticker Calculator they created with Outgrow.

round lebel

Here we see how they have also provided an incentive of free sticker sample packs to the customer in the lead generation form. It is precisely this kind of strategy that helped Slingshot Sports see an increase in lead generation and client base.

Moving on, in the next calculator for the cost of Contour Cut Label, we see how Slingshot Sports improved their calculators even further –

contour cut

They offer the customer an extra service, which they can avail simply by filling the lead generation form. It gives the customer added value and enhances his experience. Along with this, Slingshot Sports also mentions how they make more than stickers, thus driving the user to other services and products that they offer. That’s upselling at its best!

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There were three main benefits that Slingshot Sports gathered from using Outgrow –

1. Increase In Traffic 

The company wanted to increase traffic on their website and what better place to start than interactive content! Slingshot Sports used various calculators and quizzes from Outgrow on their website. These templates attracted first time users and also made it easy for customers to find products. This interactive content drove traffic through increased SEO, as well as through increased social share of the experiences.

2. Higher Engagement  

These templates helped Slingshot Sports gather data about customers who were at the top of the funnel. These quizzes and calculators are more engaging for the customer and ask for relevant inputs in exchange for value. This increases interaction with the customer.

3. Product Personalization 

These calculators helped the customer gain actual, useful information about their specific needs, instead of general data on what their banner or sticker costs would be like. Thus this offers a kind of personalization to the customer and helps retain him/her till a second visit, at the least.

In Conclusion

Using quizzes and calculators turned out to be beneficial and more than one way for Slingshot Sports. There was an increase in engagement, they were able to build buyer personas and observe an increase in lead generation.

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