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How to Be Click-Worthy Without Being Clickbait

How many times have you clicked on clickbait titles only to find the content doesn’t relate to the headline at all or the article is a clickbait extravaganza? If you find this practice annoying, there is a high chance your target audience will too. So, here’s how to become click-worthy without having clickbait titles.

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Writing a Killer Headline Without Killing Your Campaign

A catchy headline is a secret to grabbing instant attention, but for many content marketers, it can be the hardest part of the writing process. Understanding why some headlines work wonders and others fall flat will help you to maximize traffic, clicks, and conversions and repeat the same success time and time again.

To illustrate that point, let’s take a look at some of the best and worst headlines that have been published in the past.

The Good: 7 Ways to be More Healthy While Sitting at Your Desk

This is a great headline in that it will appeal to a wide range of people and give them advice that could change their lives. Numbered lists are also popular because the reader knows they are more likely to get great value from seven individual pieces of advice.

The Bad: Make a Million Dollars in One Week

This headline may generate clicks from users desperate for cash or looking for the Holy Grail of get-rich-quick schemes. However, savvy consumers will know instantly that this will lead to content that holds little value.

The Ugly: Diet Pills Lose Weight Instantly

This title loses credibility instantly with its poor construction and bold claims. It is likely to direct users straight to a landing page full of adverts, questionable before and after photos, and bogus testimonials.

10 Title Templates You Can Start Using Today

Here’s the good news – you can choose from a huge selection of blog posts titles to win views and clicks without tarnishing your reputation. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • A Complete Guide To ____
  • [#] Things You Need To Know Before ____
  • [#] ______ That Will Motivate You Today
  • [#] Proven Ways To ____
  • [#] Most Amazing ____ To ____
  • [#] Things All Parents Should ____
  • Ultimate Guide: ____
  • How To Completely Change ____

The trick to writing an irresistible headline and good quality content is to stay relevant. Avoid misleading titles and give your audience something that really offers them value. Once you have established a headline marketing formula that works for your brand, you can use it over and over for outstanding results.

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