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Top Hubspot Integration Tools To Boost Your Sales
8th January 2020 Etee Dubey
5 min read

Top Hubspot Integration Tools To Boost Your Sales

Every brilliant software needs a little bit of assistance from time to time. Microsoft Word makes room for the editing add-ons like Grammarly and ProWritingAid. Boomerang simplifies email management, follow-ups, and reminders for Outlook and Gmail. Such tie-ups are common and not to mention, extremely effective. When your CRM is Hubspot, the choices of marketing tools are never-ending who have an alliance with this marketing unicorn. All these Hubspot integration tools accentuate the functioning of HubSpot. Moreover, they also solve multiple challenges you get during digital marketing projects.

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1. Unbounce

While you are busy managing your relationship with customers, Unbounce can take care of the lead generation for you.

Top 5 Hubspot Integration Tools To Boost Your Sales

Unbounce can help you create those eye-catchy landing pages on your website. That too, just in a few hours, without the help of a developer. With 100+ easily customizable templates, Unbounce can help marketers give a revamped look to their website pages in a snap and transfer the lead’s information to HubSpot.

You can check the integration information here.

Top 5 Hubspot Integration Tools To Boost Your Sales


Here is a case study that might interest you. New Balance is a footwear manufacturing organization that doubled its in-store sales since they have started using Unbounce. By using customized landing pages, the company attracted leads by offering discounts in exchange for their contact information. Then, they segmented the leads and targeted promotional emails. With half the investment, they grew their sales by 200%.

Pro Tip: You can also go through this video review of Unbounce by Fetchprofits—a marketing agency.

2. Outgrow

Outgrow is an interactive content platform that can help you create all types of interactive content. It is used by marketers to boost up their lead generation efforts. Thereafter, interactive content can be used in lead nurturing, sales qualification, and segmentation of these leads as well.

Recently, Outgrow helped one of their clients gather 52,454 qualified leads with their engaging assessments.

Have a look at how you can integrate HubSpot with Outgrow.

3. Intercom

The pair of Intercom and HubSpot is made-in-heaven.

And we are not just saying that! Intercom chatbots collect data while users are offline. And when they need assistance, it connects them with the right teams or individuals. Behind the scenes, the tool captures the user’s intent. Intercom is smart enough to route leads based on the intent and can schedule demos too.

Top 5 Hubspot Integration Tools To Boost Your Sales

Wish to know the technical know-how? Have a look at Intercom’s introductory guide.

Unity is a 3D gaming technology company and swears by the benefits of Intercom. They realized that their enthusiastic user community had no option to reach out to the sales team. Finally, their team found a direct channel through Intercom. After putting the bot into action, the claims proved to be true. Eventually, Unity increased its paid conversion by 45%. Moreover, their chatbot brought 80% of their sales revenue within a span of 3 months.


We suggest checking out this video review by PickSaaS—a CRM consulting firm—or by DigitalDeepak—a prominent Indian marketing startup.

The integration overview is here.

4. TwentyThree

Marketing with videos became another low-hanging fruit when TwentyThree joined hands with HubSpot.

Top 5 Hubspot Integration Tools To Boost Your Sales

With this pair, you can measure your video analytics and take data-oriented actions. TwentyThree offers a variety of video production tools and allows you to embed them into various websites and social media channels. You can also gather the stats about engaged users and generate new leads. Furthermore, TwentyThree can help you run a live webinar.

Through this tool, you can share videos with your contacts directly and segment the consumers based on their behavior. You can watch a video tutorial about the product here and integration here.

Universal Robots manufacturers robot arms and considers video marketing to be crucial for their business. When they joined hands with TwentyThree, they hit it high by generating 1100+ leads solely through video forms

Pleo, a corporate payment card solution expert, reviewed TwentyThree in this video review.

5. Yext

What does a business want its customers to see when searching for various questions? Yup, correct insights about the business. And Yext does exactly the same.

Top 5 Hubspot Integration Tools To Boost Your Sales

Yext lead generation app designed for HubSpot uses the Yext scan tool. Whenever a prospect browses a website powered with Yext, the tool scans the visitor’s information and creates an entry for the visitor in HubSpot. It fetches the users’ name, address, phone, source, and scanned URL to feed HubSpot. In fact, we consider Yext as a double-bonus tool. By delivering the correct brand-verified answers to the users, it serves the customer just the right way.

You can find more information in this integration guide.

Air France wanted its passengers to read just the right information online without an iota of misinformation. For this, they engaged Yext to deliver a single version of the truth. After this deal, they reached 3 million monthly views and 9,000 requests for routes.

Top 5 Hubspot Integration Tools To Boost Your Sales


Still don’t believe us? Have a look at this video review by AutoNation—a Fortune 500 automotive retailer.

A Few Parting Words

Whether you belong to the creed of digital marketers or are an executive, we think you can bet on these Hubspot integration tools. They are widely accepted across the industries and have shown their potential through numerous happy customers.

Moreover, the integration process of these tools with HubSpot is as simple as reciting the 26 alphabets. Either way, if there is a hiccup in doing that, then HubSpot’s help desk is always at the standby.