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Don’t Be Afraid to Show Personality in Your B2B Emails

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. You spend all day listening to sales reps on the phone and sifting through dry emails. The buzzwords-per-minute ratio is off the charts. Don’t add another soulless message to this pile. While B2B purchase decisions are more strategic than B2C, you still have people behind those choices. When everything else is equal, would you rather buy from a boring company with canned emails or one that’s not afraid to show its personality? Thanks to Impact for reviewing this blog post.

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Who Does It Best?

Not sure how to incorporate personality into your B2B emails? Use these real-life examples to guide your journey away from bland copy.

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The Killer Opening

“So it looks like our good friend Brennan Dunn, CEO of Double Your Freelancing, was cool enough to set you and I upon an email copywriting date this week.

Pretty cool of him, right?

I mean … a little awkward, but still cool 😉

Clearly, he thinks we’re a good match.

And I’m still totes down for this semi-blind date if you are.”

Copyhackers’ webinar confirmation takes a casual and fun approach to this transactional email. Many companies send form messages to confirm a sign-up, but this company wants to make a lasting impression on you from the start. While the writing voice in this particular email may be too laid back for your audience, try to talk to them like familiar associates rather than complete strangers.

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Spot-On Subject Lines

  • Beta the Devil You Know
  • Never Gonna Give You App
  • Don’t GoDaddy Breaking My Heart
  • Work is a Four-Letter WordPress
  • Faith No Core

WPMU Dev’s newsletter The WhiP offers plenty of personality-filled writing, but their subject lines particularly shine. They’re funny and relevant to the email’s contents and stand out well in an inbox full of the same old lines. Don’t be afraid to use humor and become a breath of fresh air for your prospects.

Bringing Your Subscribers Back Around

“You haven’t been opening our emails in the past few months, and the last thing we want is to come across clingy. If you still want to stay connected, then just press, ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ below, and we promise we won’t let you. Otherwise, we’ll take you off our list in three business days. No hard feelings.”

HireVue’s automated list cleaning email is short, sweet and straightforward. They get right to the point and add a bit of wry humor to recapture disengaged audience members. This message is a great example of balancing personality with professionalism, which can be a hard line to maintain.

Stop writing boring B2B emails and give your prospects something to look forward to in their inbox.

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