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    8 Demand Generation Examples in Action and Why They Work

    Generating demand is not an automatic process. It requires effort and consistency. While the demand generation process is different for everyone, the basis can be similar. So, we have come to you with 8 amazing demand generation examples to help you build up the right approach.

    When it comes to creating a marketing strategy, looking at some of the great demand generation campaigns will help you formulate a plan that works best for you. 

    So, we have curated demand generation examples based on the classic demand generation strategies that companies have followed. 

    demand generation strategies

    #1 Give Away Free Stuff

    Prospects love free stuff. And trust us, when you learn how effective this strategy is you’ll love offering free services as well. Giving away free stuff builds trust as it gives the prospects a fair idea of what you have to offer in real-time.

    Free stuff gives them insights into your product/service as well as your company. Thus, it gets easier for prospects to make purchasing decisions. 

    HubSpot: Winning the Free Game

    When you visit HubSpot’s website, the main landing page just shouts “free tools”. Isn’t that eye-catchy? The greatest part about it is that the users take their time to trust the tool and once they are sure about it, they convert into paying customers. 

    demand generation examples

    HubSpot has always been giving away free stuff. In fact, you will find another bunch of free tools like website grader, idea generator, etc. in their footer section. And, that has helped them create more demand than others. It is thus, one of the most effective contributors to the demand generation examples. 

    demand generation examples

    #2 Guest Posting

    Imagine that you apply for just one job and expect to get in. Your likelihood of getting the job is 50-50 as you’ve just applied for one opportunity. But, what if you apply for 10 jobs? Your chances of scoring at least one job multiply. The more the reach, the better the results.

    The same goes for reaching out to your audience. When you post a blog on your website, most of the readers come from your already existing audience. But, when you write a blog for someone else, your reach expands. Now, their audience also reads about your services and might just get interested in them. 

    A guest post is an article written by you but posted on someone else’s website. Guest posting is a great way to not only generate demand for your product or service but also capture leads

    How are these different? Read here:

    demand generation examples

    Outgrow and Guest posts: Best Friends

    We love writing for others. Well, we love writing in general. :p And, guest posts have worked amazingly for us. Guest posting has not only helped us increase our reach, but it has also helped us get leads. Look at this guest post we did for Cience. It ranks #1 on Google when you search for lead generation with interactive content. Isn’t that amazing?

    demand generation examples

    demand generation examples

    #3 Social Media Marketing

    Is there any superhero who can do everything? Well, we think it’s social media. Social media marketing is now the real deal. Did you know that 83% of marketers are now using social media to engage better? Yep, that’s true. It helps in engaging with the prospects in real-time and honestly, that’s all that a prospect would want. 

    Social media marketing helps you connect with your audience at a place where they are already active and engaged. Here, you can reach out to them in a friendly way and gather their attraction. But before you do that, make sure your social media tactics are up-to-date. 

    Zoom-ing into the Social World

    2020 has shockingly been a blessing to a few. Yes, we are talking about the video calling app – Zoom. And, they have been acing their social media game by telling everyone that they are constantly improving. 

    Zoom’s social media marketing includes graphics that are not only attractive but also informative. If that’s not a great demand generation example, what is?

    demand generation examples

    #4 Interactive Content

    Interactive content grabs attention. Don’t believe us, believe the stats. 81% of marketers think that. Well, it’s because interactive marketing allows you to offer personalization to users. Users like it because this process allows them to voice their opinion and participate in the conversation. They tell you what they want and you offer it to them. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect demand generation campaign?

    Not sure? Try it out for free here!

    demand generation examples

    Quizzing it With Outgrow

    Okay, you really didn’t expect us to come up with someone else’s example for interactive content, did you? Fine, we won’t directly brag about how great we are. But, have a look at this case study!

    Leads.ph, one of our clients, used Outgrow to create a quiz for their client to help them boost their brand awareness and demand generation. The quiz got them – drum rolls please40000+ leads! Interactive content boosts demand generation! And, now you’ve seen the proof.

    demand generation examples

    #5 Ad Campaign

    As we said earlier, it’s important to expand your reach. And, ad campaigns help you reach those who can’t reach you. Clutch says that 63% of people are likely to click on Google Ads. The logic is simple.

    Imagine you want to buy sunglasses and you google sunglasses. Will you not click on an ad that’s aiming to sell you sunglasses? It’s a match! Ads help you give your user what they want and ultimately get you what you want – customers! 

    The best part about ad campaigns is that measuring results gets very easy. Learn how to measure the success of your demand generation campaign here!

    demand generation examples

    Outgrow – We Are Everywhere

    We use ads to reach out to those who are looking for us. If you know marketing, you’d know that ads are targeted to reach those who have taken some action that might lead them to us. Here are two of the B2B demand generation and lead generation ad campaigns that we have tried.

    This one is a google ad displayed to those who are looking to create surveys or interactive content, in general. When someone sees this ad, they might just generate interest in our brand. And well, that’s the goal!

    demand generation examples

    This second one is a Facebook ad targeting those who want to boost their lead generation. The users might not even be aware of how they can boost their lead generation with interactive content. This ad is just the key to their growth.

    demand generation examples

    #6 Email Marketing

    When someone trusts you enough with their email id, they expect you to stand up to the trust. How? Offer value. Show them what they want to see. Email marketing is all about sending the right message to the right audience. 66% of brands use email marketing as their top marketing tactic.

    Your emails should be customized to provide your prospects with the right information. In fact, a good email marketing strategy is one that not only tells the user about your products/services but also induces interest in them. 

    An Uber to The Attention Spot

    This email campaign by Uber is the perfect example of how to attract attention and generate demand. Here, Uber tries to sell their new feature to people through a well-thought email marketing campaign. They are actually targeting people who have a busy schedule and this campaign looks like the perfect demand generation example!

    demand generation examples

    #7 Conduct a Webinar

    It’s important to address your audience’s questions in real-time to establish a better connection. And, webinars give you that chance to engage with your audience in a more personal way. Did you know 61% of marketers use webinars as a tactic for their content marketing strategy? It’s because they allow your prospects to learn more about your organization by directly interacting with you. As they gain value and the answers to their queries, they will develop an interest in your product/service and, in turn, you will generate demand for your product.

    Out-Growing Into Your Screens

    We organized this webinar in January to help people understand the digital marketing landscape in 2021. It helped us tell people how they can use Outgrow to engage better with their customers online. And what can we say, it was a success!

    demand generation example

    #8 Influencer Marketing

    If you wanted to buy chocolates, and a chocolate manufacturer came to you and said that they make the best chocolates, would you believe them? Or would you believe a food influencer you trust and follow on social media who has been raving about and recommending a certain set of chocolates?

    The latter, right? It’s because influencers give a real-time review of the products and services. And this makes the prospects make smarter and quicker decisions. 50% of the brands have allocated more budget for influencer marketing since the pandemic. We love influencer marketing and therefore we created Microinfluence, a tool that helps you boost your influencer marketing campaign. Check it out now!

    demand generation examples

    Double Tap With Tinder

    Tinder’s target audience is the youth. And, they make sure that the younger generation is targeted perfectly. Bringing in influencers is one of the many amazing tactics used by the dating app.

    Tinder recently launched its new clothing line and what’s a better way to reach out to people than getting influencers on board? Knowing that their favorite influencers love the brand, people will happily try it too. We think that’s a great demand generation example.

    demand generation examples


    If we had to go on about listing amazing demand generation examples, we won’t ever stop. There are so many! Demand generation is an extensive process and you need to make sure your marketing strategies align with it. Different examples work for different stages of the funnel. And, your demand generation funnel should be built accordingly to bring results. 

    demand generation examples

    Now, you’ve seen how different organizations try to generate demand for their products and services. Hoping you learned something from these examples, it’s time for you to implement them. Start with Outgrow? Claim your free trial here!

    demand generation vs lead generation

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