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When it comes to the favorite interactive content, an interactive quiz is loved by businesses and customers alike for the amount of engagement and value it brings. And with the ability to collect a pool of relevant leads, it has quickly become every marketer’s best friend. We know you’re wondering how to make an interactive quiz.

But if you’re not familiar with interactive quizzes, fret not! This blog will be your handy guide on why interactive quizzes have been all the rage these days. You’ll also learn how to create your very own quiz plus, the best practices to keep in mind. So, do keep reading till the end!

Interactive quizzes have been adopted by numerous brands across a wide range of industries: from Marvel to Sephora and even the World Health Organization. And if you want to know how you can incorporate interactive quizzes in your marketing campaigns, you’re in the right place.

Let’s see why have these quizzes taken over the marketing world by storm in recent years and how to make an interactive quiz for yourself.

Why Should You Create an Interactive Quiz?

On the demand made by God of Thunder himself, let’s discuss some notable benefits of interactive quizzes and why they are so popular!

1. Increase Engagement

For any brand, whether big or small, a crucial goal is to increase customer engagement rates. And interactive content like quizzes can help you do just that. The reason is in the name itself – interactive quizzes facilitate interaction and engagement.

In an interactive quiz, your customers have the opportunity to pick different answers and personalize the outcome based on their previous responses. This differentiates them from other passive forms of content. A quiz’s fun and interactive nature, coupled with the customizable results are undoubtedly the reasons why it is so enticing for us all!

Furthermore, interactive content is statistically proven to generate 2x more engagement than passive content. And no brand wants to bore its customers with endless static content when they can share an entertaining quiz that promotes their products or services instead.

2. Boost Traffic

All the engagement that an interactive quiz provides to its customers isn’t just beneficial for them – it’ll be beneficial for your marketing metrics too.

To elaborate, its inherently viral nature is what guarantees a sure shot increase in traffic. Just add like, share or retweet buttons at the end of your interactive quiz and watch the traffic to your brand’s channels skyrocket.

Sharing interactive quizzes with your customers is also a tried and tested tactic that can help them discover more about your products and services. Doing so will help increase traffic to your social media channels and website.

3. Increase Lead Generation

Sure, an interactive quiz is fun to fill and easy to share. But where does lead generation come into the picture? The answer is simple. By providing an interactive quiz to your customers that offers personalized solutions AND entertainment, you can be sure your prospects wouldn’t mind providing you with their lead information in exchange.

Interactive quizzes are addicting enough to encourage your customers to stick till the end. Additionally, they also provide value-adding results based on the customer’s response to each question. These two features of interactive quizzes are why they are so effective in generating new leads for any brand.

But where would they fill in their email details? On a lead generation page of course! And with Outgrow’s builder, you have the ability to inquire about your customer’s lead generation details at the beginning, middle or end of the quiz.

Let’s have a look at this quiz built by Outgrow.


This quiz allows users to quickly learn about which exercise method would be right for them. It provides them with various options to generate a more personalized result. But more importantly, it asks for their lead generation details before they can proceed

So in this example, we can see how interactive quizzes such as those tailored to topics like AZ-305 Exam Dumps, can educate customers about real concerns they may have. Furthermore, we can also see how attaching a lead generation form in such an education quiz can be beneficial for your brand too.

Learn more about how interactive quizzes can be beneficial to your lead generation goals in our blog here.

4. Foster Brand Awareness

The inherently viral nature and the ease with which interactive quizzes can be shared are undoubtedly the reasons why they boost awareness for your brand as well as your products/services.

Solving your customer’s concerns in an engaging manner with customized results can help you gain their trust. And that also gives them the incentive to share your interactive quiz amongst their circles through their social media channels.

Thus, the fun process and easy ability to share them further greatly motivates your customers to do so. And this would undoubtedly increase awareness about your brand and its products or services.

5. Promote Data Collection 

Interactive quizzes aren’t just good for collecting your customers’ email ids. They can help your brand gather more information about your customers that passive content simply cannot.

An interactive quiz can help you find out your customer’s gender, age, income, education, and personal preferences based on the topic of the quiz. Collecting this data can help you to structure your retargeting campaigns for them appropriately.

For example, an interactive quiz asking users about their preferred clothing styles would help marketers target them with relevant ads in the future.

Moreover, look at this skincare quiz that allows users to find out which skincare product would be best suited for their skin. This would help the company learn more about the customer’s skin type/issues. In fact, they can even share retargeting offers and discounts on products the customer is most interested in.

interactive quiz- skin cream

Interactive quizzes have allowed numerous brands to achieve the aforementioned benefits, and we have the statistics to back up these claims.

Interactive Quizzes – Statistics

Here are some useful statistics to show how brands have successfully leveraged interactive content to meet their marketing goals

    • A whopping 81% of marketers state that interactive content and interactive quizzes are much more effective at grabbing a customer’s attention than static content.
    • Interactive content is also 88% more efficient in distinguishing a brand from others.
    • Furthermore, 77% of marketers state that interactive content leads to repeat visitors thus increasing traffic through customer engagement brand awareness.
    • Interactive content is also versatile enough to be combined with other forms of content marketing. 79% of marketers agree that this combination is beneficial in ensuring message retention.
    • Interactive content is also 93% more effective in educating buyers about their concerns.

For more fascinating interactive content and interactive quiz statistics, check out our blog here.

Interactive quizzes are a powerful tool that can help you achieve all the numbers and benefits mentioned above. But that’s not all, they come in various types and forms too! Read on to learn about the different types of interactive quizzes that you can use to achieve your brand’s marketing metrics.

Types of Interactive Quizzes

1. Personality Quizzes

Let’s start with the audience’s favorite – personality quizzes. Personality quizzes are primarily a bunch of questions about choices and preferences. They present outcomes about your persona based on your answers.

These quizzes have a perennial appeal and attract people of all ages and genders. They’re a great way of attracting traffic to your website and generating leads.

For example, if you’re an automobile retailer, you can share a quiz like ‘Which Car Should You Go For?’ using an online quiz builder. This will not only drive traffic to your site but also give you an opportunity to educate your audience about your products.


2. Educational Quizzes

Interactive quizzes can be educational also. Outgrow is an online quiz tool software that allows you to not only create outcome quizzes but assessment type quizzes as well. It is a free online quiz creator for teachers to create graded tests for students and gather results in a much more efficient way. Online education has made such tools indispensable for modern teaching methods.

Even education counselors and coaching institutes can use the same. Quizzes titled ‘Which Major Should I Study?’ or ‘Which Ivy League College Is Best For You?’ are a great way of adding value to your audience. This encourages them to give out their lead information and develop trust for your brand image, as you provide solutions to their concerns in a fun and interactive way.


3. Sales Qualifying Quizzes

Before you advance in your sales process, you need to define a buyer persona. This means you need to have an idea of what your ideal buyer looks like. And this includes their demographics, geographical locations, opinions, and preferences.

Now, how do you do that in a quick and cost-effective way? Well, it’s simpler than it seems. All you need is a quick and easy-to-use quiz creator like Outgrow! Just edit the Outgrow quiz template according to your questions, add relevant visual content (images, gifs) and you have your own quiz!

For instance, if you are a marketing software company, you can target your audience with a quiz titled ‘Which Marketing Tool Is Perfect For You?’. Now with this, you can get a better understanding of what your customers expect out of their ideal marketing software. On the basis of that, you can build an ideal buyer persona for your sales campaigns.

Marketing tool quiz

4. E-Commerce Recommendation Quizzes

As mentioned in the skincare product quiz above, you can create quizzes to promote your products and direct more conversions. These types of quizzes are called e-commerce recommendations. They can help you make product recommendations to your leads based on their answers.

Here’s an example of an e-commerce recommendation quiz. ‘Which Make-Up Product Is Best For Your Skin Tone?’.

interactive quiz- makeup set

Now, this quiz asks you questions related to your skin. And based on the answers, tells you which product would be the best for your skin. Now any e-commerce website can use this quiz to direct more customers to their products and increase revenue.

It helps the audience know more about your products in a simpler, faster way. And since the information is more personalized, it increases customer purchase rates. Now that we’ve discussed their benefits, statistics, and types, let’s dive deeper into how to utilize interactive quizzes effectively at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Interactive Quizzes for All Stages of the Funnel

Sharing the right type of interactive quiz depending on where your customer sits in the marketing funnel is a sure-fire way of converting them from mere prospects to paying customers.

1. Top of the Funnel

This is the first stage of a marketing funnel. At this stage, your customers are beginning to become aware of the problem. However, they would still be researching the best ways to name and frame their concerns.

In order to distinguish your brands from others, you should provide quizzes that can add value to a user by providing personalized solutions to their problem.

For example, if you are an automobile brand, you can share quizzes like the one

A quiz of this sort will immediately let all prospective car buyers know your brand can provide them with the personalized and informative solutions they are looking for. Doing so will also allow your brand to stand out from the rest of your competitors.

2. Middle of the Funnel

This stage is also called the “consideration stage”. At this stage, your customers are aware of their problems as well as the possible solutions for them. To distinguish your brand at this point of the funnel, you would need to show your customers how you can provide the most appropriate and relevant solutions to their queries.

To do so, you should share more recommendation quizzes. They are extremely beneficial as they can highlight the range of products your company can offer and show them off as suitable solutions to their concerns at the end of the quiz.

For example, beauty brand Y-OUR Skin provides its customers with a quick interactive quiz. By answering just a few questions, customers can find a product not only suited to their skin type and age, but also to the climate that they are living in.


Moreover, they also embedded a lead generation page before sharing the results of the “skin analysis” so that customers are encouraged to share their email ids in anticipation of their results.

This kind of recommendation quiz is perfect for sharing at this point of the funnel. It allows you to easily highlight how your brand can provide a range of solutions best suited just to your customers, while also increasing your mailing list with every quiz attempt!

3. Bottom of the Funnel

This is the last stage of the funnel, but it is just as important. Because now, your customers are almost convinced that your brand can be the perfect fit for them, but they might need just a little nudge in your direction.

Interactive quizzes are perfect for that too! Now that your customers have analyzed their prospective solutions and are aware of your brand, you need to show them just how beneficial your services are compared to others.

Let’s have a look at an in-house example. Here at Outgrow, we built a quiz titled “Which of These Outgrow Plans Would Help You Save The Most For Your Company”.

interactive quiz- outgrow plan

This quiz was perfect for our existing customers to be able to learn more about the advantages of Outgrow, and how Outgrow’s services would be easy on their wallets. Moreover, it also sends a copy of the results to the user’s email, which they shared on the lead generation form. This allows for a point of contact between the company and the customer, thus taking the engaging element of the quiz even further.

Learn more about the benefits of interactive content for every stage of the funnel in our blog here.

Moving on, let’s look at how you can create your own interactive quiz with Outgrow’s builder.

How to Create an Interactive Quiz with Outgrow

Here’s a step-by-step guide for using Outgrow’s quiz maker to build the perfect quiz for your prospective customers or leads.

Step 1. Login to your Outgrow dashboard using your account credentials. If you don’t have one, sign up for the Outgrow free trial here.

Step 2. Use ‘Outcome Quiz’ as the content type on your dashboard. You will get an option to either ‘Choose a template’ or ‘Start from scratch’. Outgrow has multiple premade templates that simplify the process even further. If you choose to start from scratch, you will get an option to choose from a wide range of layouts such as Chicago, Paris, Tokyo, etc.

Outgrow's dashboard

Step 3. Once you have made your choice, you will be directed to the Outgrow builder. This page consists of two sections. The left section is where you can edit/add/remove questions and custom HTML pages. And, the right section is the builder where you see the real-time changes in your quiz.

Outgrow's quiz builder's welcome page

Step 4. You can select from the various answer input types, customize your text, add images, icons, widgets, results and so much more.

Step 5. Once you have added all the questions and the results page, you need to add the lead generation form. You can position and design the lead generation page according to your preference. Also, you can add as many fields to it as you want.

Outgrow builder's lead generation page

Step 6. You can go to the configure section of the quiz, set up the SEO settings, email notifications, and much more.

Step 7. Now hit the ‘Publish’ button on the top right-hand side of the builder. All it takes is 7 simple steps with the Outgrow hassle-free builder to ensure that you achieve any and every marketing goal for your brand!

As a bonus step, with Outgrow you can embed the quiz you just created on your website, landing page, email, display ads, social media, etc. Now just sit back, and wait for the leads to flood in!

Don’t have an Outgrow account yet? Sign up for free now

Now, let’s discuss a few tips and practices that can help ensure your interactive quiz is as engaging and enticing as it can be!

Best Practices for Creating an Interactive Quiz

Keep in mind these 3 quick and easy tips when creating your quiz, and see your marketing metrics skyrocket!

1. Privacy First

This is an absolutely crucial point that numerous quizzes tend to forget. You need to ensure your customer is aware of what the data they share in the quiz would be utilized for. In addition to that, you should also let your customers know if you would be selling the data they share to any third-party clients.

By doing so, you can ensure the trust your customers have in your brand does not wither away, thus solidifying customer loyalty in the long run.

Outgrow’s builder allows you to add a disclaimer for users to take their permissions beforehand. It is also an assurance for the users that their data will not be used for illegal purposes.

2. Optimization Second

Before publishing or sharing your interactive quiz anywhere, you should ensure that it is optimized for laptop and mobile devices. By doing so, you can ensure users can have the most optimum experience while engaging with your quiz, and that they can seamlessly access it on their laptop, tablet or mobile.

Optimization also ensures that once the quiz is shared from one person to another, the person receiving the quiz can open it up effortlessly regardless of which device they choose to do so on.

On Outgrow’s builder, you have an option to check what the quiz would look like when opened on either of the 3 devices. Additionally, you can directly make changes to the formatting before publishing and sharing it.

3. Numbering Third

By numbering, we mean two things. Firstly, the number of questions in a quiz. Quizzes with about 6-10 questions are more likely to be completed till the end. This is because users are looking for immediate solutions to their queries, and too many questions spoil your customer’s interest in finishing your quiz.

Secondly, the number of options in one question in your quiz. Even if your quiz is only 5 questions long and you have 10 options for each question, your customers are likely to get confused or frustrated with the number of options and leave the quiz halfway.

In order to avoid that, make sure your quiz has an optimum number of questions, and that the options are not too overwhelming or confusing for the users.

Outgrow’s builder can help you here too! You have the option of providing different types of answering fields to your customers in the quiz to ensure they don’t get bored or distracted halfway.

You can choose from text inputs to single choice and rating grids according to the type of question to ensure a good variety.

Still not convinced about interactive quizzes? We’re certain that these real-life examples of interactive quizzes will convince you for sure.

Interactive Quiz Case Studies

1.Bolt iOT

case study

Bolt iOT provides its customers with hardware, dashboard and monitoring solutions. They were looking to gather relevant leads and increase brand awareness.

To do so, they built an interactive quiz using Outgrow’s builder titled “IoT & ML Training Scholarship”.

This quiz was the perfect way for them to promote their training program while gaining qualified leads along the way.

Results – This quiz ahem to generate 62,000 leads and 98,000 visits. It also increased their conversion rates by a whopping 62%. A perfect example of how interactive quizzes can be used in various industries across the board!

2. Sisu

case study- sisu

Sisu is a real estate and mortgage dashboard. They were looking for a tool that could provide an automated sales experience to their customers as well as generate more qualified leads for their brand.

They found their solution in Outgrow’s interactive quiz. Sisu decided to build and share a quiz titled “What Will It Take To Hit Your Goals” with its customers.

The quiz was extremely useful for Sisu and its customers. It provided personalized recommendations based on the sizes of the customers’ firms.

Results – By sharing this quiz, Sisu was able to generate 200% more leads, and increase traffic by approximately 19,000 visits to their social media channels.


There you have it! Interactive quizzes are an unbelievably efficient way of skyrocketing your marketing metrics. They can also educate or entertain your customers along the way.

Whether you are experimenting with interactive quizzes for the first time or are an interactive quiz pro, we hope this blog was able to teach you more about them and the sheer power they hold!

So what are you waiting for? Signup & build your very own interactive quiz for free with Outgrow now!

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