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How Castelazo Content Increased Conversion Rates: Outgrow Interactive Case Study

Metrics and measurement may all be fine, but nothing marks your success like a happy customer. And there’s no better way of celebrating them than a good interactive case study. From our interactive case studies’ archive, we have a story of a company called Castelazo Content and their journey towards “more leads, engagement, and more compliments!” (Their words, not ours). Let’s have a look.

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Who Is Castelazo Content?   

Castelazo Content is a B2B demand generation and sales acceleration firm. They use proven sales and marketing techniques and tools to deliver the right content at the right time. Their main focus is driving your customer through their entire buyer’s journey to convert them into evangelists. Their services include demand generation, influencer marketing, outbound marketing, lead generation, inbound marketing, lead nurturing, ABM, and much more.

Why Outgrow?

What was the problem that Castelao Content was facing? Why did they choose interactive content, and specifically Outgrow? Let’s find out.

Castelao wanted a robust tool that could help them perform these services for their clients in a cost-saving, efficient, and timely manner.

Outgrow is a no-code platform that allows you to easily create interactive content types. It helps you generate leads by adding value to the customer, engages them, and helps you collect customer data. Moreover, you can also use Outgrow to create reports, analyze, and draw insights from that data for your business.

Castelazo Content used Outgrow for the kind of personalization and customer service it offers. Let this interactive case study show you how Castelazo Content used interactive content for its clients.

How Did Castelazo Content Use Interactive Content?

Castelazo Content used Outgrow to create an assessment in the Chicago layout for one of their clients. It was a UX Assessment for “Are You Cost Efficiently Delivering a Great Experience for Your Users?”. It allowed a firm to see if they were offering their clients the best possible experience in a cost-efficient method.

Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Castelazo Content Increased Conversion Rates With Outgrow

This experience was made as a part of the marketing strategy of EdgeConnex. It is a purpose-built, data center solutions provider. The assessment asks for questions pertaining to a user’s industry, cost efficiency, current architecture, etc. It has a good number of relevant questions beyond which it gives you a lead generation form, and then the final result.

Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Castelazo Content Increased Conversion Rates With Outgrow

The result page tells the user whether they’re delivering a cost-efficient and good user experience or not. It also allows you to download the full report in a PDF format which gives you detailed explanations and insights depending upon your answer. This kind of information is key in the company coming off as an expert in their field. The results page also has access buttons to the social media pages of the company. Now let’s move on to the last part of our case study format.

How Did Interactive Content Help the Client? 

1. Higher Conversion Rate 

Nearly 30% of all the users that visited the assessment turned into leads. Interactive content aims to add real value to a user. This assessment offers information to someone for free in exchange for their lead information. This kind of value addition is what incentivizes users to give their lead information and thus guarantees higher conversion rates.

2. Brand Awareness

Castelazo Content helped EdgeConnex promote this assessment through social media platforms and online events. This helped them develop a stronger online presence and increase their brand awareness. It also helped the company develop trust within their customers as someone who could offer information of value and consequently improved their brand image.

3. Visual Enhancement 

The assessment that they created has a great design that is both visually appealing and resonates with their brand image. This led to an overall enhancement of their website and got them a lot of free compliments as well! Just like the topic of their assessment, the assessment itself had a good UX design which encouraged more and more users to finish it.

4. User Information and Segmentation

The assessment was quite detailed which helped the company gain a good deal of insight into their potential customers. This saved them a lot of market research effort and time as well. They understood user behavior which would help them streamline their product development and marketing strategies. Moreover, it also helped them segment the leads they got on the basis of industry, location, etc. Lead segmentation is a great way of targeting customers with more accurate and more relevant data.

“Outgrow is a great tool and enables us to create simple quizzes and robust calculators. It also allows for a lot of personalization and customization. The customer service is top-notch as well.”

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Castelazo Content used interactive content to help their client perform better business and generate more leads. And just like us, they gained a happy customer as well! Well to ‘sum up’, Interactive Content + Anything = A Happy Customer and we can vouch for it. Why don’t you give it a try for yourself? You can have an exciting B2B interactive case study example for yourself too! Try Outgrow Now !

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