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Everything About Health and Wellness Tools – ConnectWell x Outgrow

Are you looking for some ready-to-use health and wellness tools? You’ve come to the right place! But first, let’s understand the purpose of a health and wellness risk assessment tool. 

A health and wellness risk assessment is a screening tool that asks questions related to the health, fitness, diet, and overall lifestyle of an individual. On the basis of the responses provided by the user, this tool helps identify and understand the possible health risks for the user.

Looking to utilize this kind of health and wellness assessment tool for your business? Then this blog definitely has what you’re looking for. In this blog, we are going to talk about how ConnectWell and Outgrow have partnered to create a wide range of health risk assessment tools that are science-based and interactive to enhance user engagement.

What Is ConnectWell?

ConnectWell is an independent and trusted provider of digital health and wellness tools and content that aims at educating, engaging, and supporting people to integrate wellness into their lives. ConnectWell works with a wide range of healthcare organizations, health plans, benefits providers, and employers to engage their target audiences in their health and well-being.

ConnectWell’s partnership with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health guarantees access to a vast library of health and wellness content. In fact, they continually review and update the content to include the latest standard of care guidelines and scientific findings on health, wellness, and disease management. ​​The ConnectWell digital health and wellness content suite is designed for end-users and is science-based, up-to-date, and expertly vetted. 

What’s More?

Apart from this digital content suite, ConnectWell in partnership with Outgrow also created Interactive Digital Health Tools that include health risk assessment tools across numerous health conditions. These science-based tools help provide organizations with the ability to reach their target audiences and engage them in assessing their risks for common yet serious health conditions so that they can take action on their health. 

What Is Outgrow?

Outgrow is an interactive digital platform that creates interactive experiences that have a proven record of boosting engagement and increasing conversions. The platform experience provides risk assessment scores to each user and increases the time spent on education, entertainment, and delivering value to those who visit the platform.

The digital health and wellness tools by ConnectWell x Outgrow are created using Outgrow’s interactive content builder.  Outgrow aims at making a marketer’s journey smooth and seamless by introducing interactive content in their strategy. Using Outgrow, you can help and educate your customer, instead of just selling. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Outgrow’s free trial and create your own interactive content that converts!

How Have ConnectWell and Outgrow Partnered?

ConnectWell and Outgrow have partnered to advance the global healthcare infrastructure to the next level. ConnectWell and Outgrow together have built interactive, science-based digital health tools including health and wellness risk assessment tools. With Outgrow’s interactive content builder, ConnectWell and Outgrow have built numerous health risk assessment tools based on different conditions and disorders such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart attack, cancer, sleep apnea, and more. You name it, and we have a health risk assessment of a health condition!

Purpose of the Partnership 

This partnership aims at spreading awareness about various health conditions and the risk factors associated with them. Healthcare providers, health insurers, benefits providers and employers can remotely scale reaching the populations they serve with the health risk assessments created by ConnectWell x Outgrow. The end users reached by these organizations can easily find out whether they are at risk of developing a certain health condition and take the next steps and seek care. Thus, these tools are an essential component in reaching target populations and keeping them healthy and engaged in an organization’s healthcare offerings.  

To be precise, ConnectWell and Outgrow have co-developed a suite of turnkey digital health and wellness tools designed to engage people in their health and well-being. These tools combine the technical expertise of Outgrow along with ConnectWell’s science-based health and wellness content.

The content that ConnectWell uses is sourced from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. Since 1984, the UC Berkeley School of Public Health has been a provider of evidence-based wellness information. This helps offer an actionable approach to controlling and managing disease and enhancing individual and community health. ConnectWell is the digital and publishing partner of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. It is responsible for transforming its content into an engaging user experience for a wide consumer audience.

Interactive Digital Health Tools

ConnectWell-Outgrow risk assessment tools are designed to assist users as they move from awareness to self-empowerment. Knowledge tests inform and educate, self-assessments identify plausible health risks, and articles help build knowledge. Together the tools provide education on disease management, including treatment options and lifestyle modifications. Tools encourage people to seek either preventive care or medical care when the need arises. Each tool acts as a springboard for further engagement with another tool and more learning.

Interactive digital health tools

These science-based health and wellness tools can be embedded on the “digital front door” of healthcare providers, in social media posts, newsletters, emails, and other channels to reach the target audiences. Healthcare providers can create their own “call to action” so that users can connect and get relevant information from them. Whether that be an app for getting further knowledge, for scheduling health checkup appointments and tests, or for connecting patients to support programs, a call center, or a health coaching service, the “call to action” is an effective way to get people to the next step of care and guidance they need.

Analytics that are built into the Outgrow platform provide insight for healthcare providers into which and how often the tools are used, and responses to surveys on an aggregate level provide a view of the self-reported health status of responses. This product development combines the expertise of two innovative companies and is fully explained on this website.

This substantial product development partnership between ConnectWell and Outgrow enables healthcare institutions, benefit providers and employers to have a science-based turnkey solution ready to utilize with their target populations in spreading awareness about some of the most common health conditions and disorders.

What’s More?

Outgrow presents the results of the risk assessment graphically that demonstrate the self-reported underlying health conditions and lifestyle habits of the population that are driving risk for disease. These are implications for clinical practice and areas that healthcare professionals can address with their patients. They can impart health education for participants whose lifestyle habits would benefit from ambulatory ehr. They can further address the evaluation for participants whose underlying health conditions require medical attention. Institutions can also direct the end-users to the care point that will help them on their path to improved outcomes. And all of this is done remotely. This enables a wider reach with risk assessments and offers them prevention and treatment options.

Integration With Companies’ Platforms and Brands

ConnectWell and Outgrow are working under an ongoing partnership to create science-based health risk assessments and knowledge-based tools. This is to cater to the pressing need of monitoring risk factors remotely in this era of communicable diseases and pandemics and the wide adoption of digital health. 

These tools can be utilized by healthcare providers, health insurers, employers, and benefit providers to assess the risk factors prevailing in their target populations and streamline their services through innovative strategies like outsourcing healthcare.

An additional benefit of these premade health assessment tools is that they offer a wide scope for customization. You can integrate ConnectWell x Outgrow’s digital health tools with your company’s digital platforms and modify them to align with your branding guidelines. This hence provides a seamless branding experience for your target audiences.

From the display factors like background color and image to advanced features like “call to action” buttons and end-results, these are customizable using Outgrow’s interactive content builder.

How Can These Tools Benefit Healthcare Organizations, Benefits Providers, and Employers? 

Now that you know how ConnectWell creates these health risk assessments, let’s find out how these tools can come in handy to those working in the healthcare industry.

1. Effective Remote Screening

Engaging people with digital health tools allow healthcare providers to reach people remotely, outside of traditional brick-and-mortar healthcare. Interactive content is more powerful than non-interactive content with respect to engaging the target audience.

These health risk assessment tools help reduce screening costs because these are delivered remotely and through a turnkey science-based tool. The results of these tools create awareness about users’ possible health risks and guide them to the necessary steps of care. The process is much more time effective and utilizes the limited resources of healthcare providers more effectively.

2. Prevention Focus

Utilizing these interactive digital tools to reach people early in the diagnosis of their disease can bring about more focus on prevention rather than treatment. For example, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are risk factors for coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Yet, treating a person for coronary heart disease and other acute events is far costlier than managing high blood pressure and high cholesterol with diet, exercise, and medication.

Another example is when people put off critical screenings such as colonoscopies and mammograms. This results in more cancer diagnoses for colon cancer and breast cancer emerging down the road at more advanced stages. These are some examples of the many consequences that people face because they delay care across a wide range of health conditions. These tools help scale screening to prompt people to seek medical care in the early stages of their disease.

3. Systematic Data Collection and Storage

Your Outgrow health and wellness tool will collect all the user data in the Analytics section. You can access this data and work on spreading awareness and helping your audience identify the risk factors. Along with the identification of the risk factors, you can also guide them regarding the next steps they should take. As for the security of the data that you collect, Outgrow is HIPAA compliant. All Protected Health Information (PHA) is handled carefully under the HIPAA guidelines.

4. Customer Satisfaction: Organization and End User 

The healthcare system is currently at capacity and needs to provide care to populations in time and cost-effective ways. These science-based interactive digital health tools are a way for organizations to tap into providing quality care to people. End users are the happiest when they are able to remotely engage in their health. This way, they are able to utilize their time effectively while avoiding unnecessary tests and the costs associated with them. The users can then take the next step making the process quick, efficient, and medically guided by the provider.


So this was all about how ConnectWell and Outgrow are working together to create science-based engaging health and wellness tools. We hope that it inspired you in some way to start your own journey. Ready to use these interactive risk assessment tools to reach your target populations?

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A health risk assessment tool is an interactive tool that asks questions about your health, fitness, and dietary habits. It also tells you whether you’re at risk of developing a certain condition or not. Some assessments can also help you additionally decide on which type of diet is suitable to your condition – for example, should you opt for a keto diet, intermittent fasting, or a vegan diet?

You work with Outgrow to customize a premade health and wellness tool. We will help you customize the tools to make them most impactful for your target audiences. Contact us to discuss your needs and get help on further steps.

End users should take a health assessment to learn more about their health and the risks associated with it. This is a way to create health engagement with target populations. And better serve them by reaching them earlier in their disease progression. These assessments guide users to further steps regarding proper health check-up and preventive care. 

These interactive digital health tools help organizations utilize their resources more effectively and reach people earlier in their disease state. Given the shortage of healthcare professional staff, the use of this technology can save the time of healthcare professionals. Reaching people earlier in their disease state improves the health of populations. It also reduces the overall cost of treating disease. 

A health risk assessment comprises a questionnaire including health-related questions about a specific health condition. Once you answer the questions, it’ll provide feedback on your assessed risk of either Low, Medium, or High. This will guide you to further actions in order to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. 

If you need a digital health risk assessment tool for your organization that you can deploy virtually, on your website, in email outreach, newsletters, and other digital channels, instead of going through the detailed work required in developing a science-based medically validated tool on your own, you can simply license and embed a health risk tool made by Connectwell x Outgrow

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