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How To Create A Brand Awareness and Conversion Survey

A brand awareness and conversion survey is an efficient way of finding out what your business stands for to your audience. And with Outgrow, things have never been easier. This blog will explain to you the step by step process of creating a brand awareness and conversion survey using Outgrow. Such a survey helps a business keep track of its success rates and helps them nurture their clients.

Before we move on to the process, let’s talk about why you should create such a survey. In case you want to skip that, you can head straight away to the process by clicking here. Otherwise,

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You have learnt how to create a brand awareness and conversion survey on Outgrow. Now let’s talk about why you should create one.

If you want to skip right ahead to the section that explains how to create brand awareness and conversion survey in Outgrow, click here.

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1. Customer Engagement

A post-service survey form helps engage the customers. They feel involved in your process despite having completed a transaction with you. They feel that their opinion is valued and heard. This develops your image as a brand and increases their chances of engaging with you again for future needs.

2. Feedback

A brand awareness and conversion survey helps you gather honest feedback about yourself. You understand the image that your brand has created in the minds of your audience. You can find out where you’re going wrong and work towards the problematic areas. This will help you serve your customers better in the future.

3. Lead/Customer Segmentation

Some users may like or dislike one part of your service. And other users, something else. Based on their responses to your survey, you will be able to segment your leads and surveys and target them accordingly. There are three ways on the basis of which you can segment your lead

Feature Based

A customer could especially love one feature in your tool. For example, suppose own an interactive marketing tool and your tool has a feature of a logic jump, which is not very common in the other tools in your field. Through your brand awareness and conversion survey, you find that a customer is especially interested in the particular feature. Now, you can use logic jump related offers and plans to retarget this customer.

Service Based

Another customer may be specifically interested in a specific service. For example, out of all your interactive content types, they might be in love with your calculator. Now, you could target them with them re-engagement ads, posts and emails that help them make the best use of calculators.

Query Based

Now, suppose a customer did not understand a feature very well in their experience. You find out about this through brand awareness and conversion surveys. Now, what you can do is, retarget them with lead magnets like e-books and guides that will help them in the process. This will allow them to make better use of your service the next time. They will also feel valued and have a better experience.

4. Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of developing a relationship with your buyer at every stage of their buyer’s journey. A brand awareness and conversion survey is a great way of adding value to the buyers at the bottom of the funnel. It makes them feel that their opinion is valued. It increases customer retention and improves customer satisfaction.

5. Being Proactive Through Social Media 

A brand awareness survey is a part of your brand-building process. It leads to a better brand experience for your clients and increases their loyalty to you. People today are constantly on social media and you can use surveys like these to constantly involve them in your business. It increases your communication with them and allows them to access you more easily.

6. Repeated Purchases 

A good brand image also leads to repeat purchases. A brand awareness and conversion survey makes your clients feel that they can trust you again. You can make improvements on the basis of their feedback and offer them customized treatment. This will increase their purchase intent towards your company.

Now let’s move on to how you can create this brand awareness survey.

1) Log in

Log in to your Outgrow account and select Forms/Survey content type on your dashboard.

How To Create A Brand Awareness and Conversion Survey

  • This will take you to a page where you can start building your survey. You can either select a template or start from scratch.
  • In the builder choose the appropriate heading, background picture and button text on the welcome screen. The welcome screen is the first thing a survey taker sees.

2) Builder:

In the builder, you can navigate through questions, welcome screen, and results on the left and edit them on the right. You can choose the question titles and option types like single select, opinion scale, rating, alphanumeric input, date/time picker, etc. You can also choose how it’d be displayed; namely: text type, image type, icon type.

How To Create A Brand Awareness and Conversion Survey

3) Adding Questions:

You can add any number of relevant questions you want to ask your audience and edit them by choosing from the left bar.

How To Create A Brand Awareness and Conversion Survey

Note: Try to keep your questions as accurately as possible. Short but useful surveys gain more attraction.

4) Lead Generation:

Adding a lead generation form in your content will allow you to place it: on the welcome screen, after questions or on the result page. You can ask for the details of the users/leads like their name, email address, and phone number.

Lead Generation

5) Thank You Note:

After the survey is complete, you have the option to edit your ‘thank you’ note.

Thank you note

6) Configure: 

Under the configure tab, you can change the survey’s URL according to your wish or set up Google and Facebook pixel for tracking your quiz. You can also choose to send an automated email to the users or to self when someone takes the survey. You can also configure your embeds, HTML and 3rd party integrations in this section.


7) Analyze:

After publishing the survey, its detailed performance could be measured under the analyze tab. You can view total visitors, traffic and other user details under this section.

Brand Awareness and Conversion Case Study Example- Ralph Lauren

Here’s a live industry example to show you how Ralph Lauren managed to increase their sales by 18% by working on their brand awareness!

The brand worked with Instagram and Facebook to launch in-feed video ads and Instagram Stories showcasing its products. This helped them reach their audience on a more personal level. It increased engagement and increased their brand awareness in markets across the world.

Brand Awareness


And in a few easy steps, you have the brand awareness and conversion survey you need to get a measure of your business. And hey, Outgrow lets you create any kind of survey or form you want. So get going and login to your Outgrow account today. If you don’t have one, sign up for a free trial!

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