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Outgrow Interactive Content Case Study: How Outgrow Helped Conversion Formula Increase Client Conversion Rates

This blog is an interactive content case study about how Outgrow helped Conversion Formula increase their client conversion rates by 11%.

Conversion Formula is a company that offers lead generation solutions for senior living and care communities. They have been providing digital marketing assistance to these communities for over a decade. Their goal is to maximize the conversion rate of your website traffic into usable leads. They have a tool called the ‘Smart Choices Tool’ in order to facilitate this conversion. This tool is a simple and informative questionnaire that asks basic questions to determine which senior care center is best for them. Read this interactive case study to find out why Outgrow saved the day.

They knew they needed interactive content to boost their efforts in lead generation. And thus, Outgrow came into the picture. Outgrow is an interactive content tool that helps users to boost customer engagement, lead generation and increasing traffic. Let’s move ahead and have a look at this interactive content case study that details how Conversion Formula used Outgrow to increase their client conversion rates by 11%.

Conversion Formula 

Conversion Formula builds custom, community branded tools for effective lead generation. It even assists you in getting the tool placed on your website. The Smart Choice tool compiles the data collected in the form of an informative video. The Smart tools’ real-time results and lead capture platform provide your website visitor’ information via a video and a follow-up e-mail.

The smart tool also reaches out to your website visitors with customized emails. Finally, it offers you all the data you need into a single dashboard to allow for easy accessibility and analysis. The Smart Choice tool engages your leads and shows them how you are the right fit for them. Moreover, it offers you accurate and detailed data to help you direct your efforts in the right direction.

Conversion Formula

But Conversion Formula was facing a challenge when it came to their client conversion rate. They resorted to Outgrow to help them through interactive content.

Outgrow – The Solution 

Conversion Formula used Outgrow to create ‘The Resident Value Journey Grader’. This calculator targets senior community care centers in order to find out their resident journey value. It contains a good amount of relevant questions, such as facilities, awareness, etc. to grade these care centers. This will help Conversion Formula offer better recommendations to its clients.

Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Outgrow Helped Conversion Formula Increase Client Conversion Rates

The quiz uses simple language for its questions with the optimal number of options and multi-select as its input type. It also contains a progress bar that tracks your movement through the quiz. The results page gives you a rating on how good your care center is. Moreover, it also contains a tutorial video on how you can improve your ratings.

A unique feature of this calculator is its ability to verify email addresses. This helps gather more genuine leads and better prospects.

Smart Choice

The quiz also facilitates easy sharing of results on social media. It has Facebook and Twitter widgets added to its results section that will help promote the quiz and gather more visitors.

How Outgrow Helped Conversion Formula

1. Client Conversion 

The calculator resulted in an increase in the client conversion rate by 11%. They promoted the calculator in part of their service that they offer through LinkedIn. This resulted in a lot of traffic on their calculator and their website. This helped them procure better clients and helped them boost engagement with their leads.

2. Capturing Relevant Data

They were also able to collect a lot of valuable information about their leads. Consequently, this information could be used to create detailed recommendations for their clients. For instance, here Conversion Formula collected valuable information like the care centers’ facilities and methods. The company could now segment their leads and offer personalized recommendations on which care center one should go to.

3. Quick And Efficient Service 

“Outgrow has allowed my agency to grow our service offering with dynamic conversion tools. The product is tremendous and the team behind it is just as talented and committed to helping our agency succeed”

Conversion Formula found it easier to use Outgrow with efficient communication and query solving. They also found it very easy to replicate and scale something when they found it to be working. They also loved how personalized Outgrow allowed you to be. And create customized experiences for each client.


Hey, don’t listen to us. But fortunately, we have people rallying for us in this interactive case study! We tried and gave our best, and got happy clients in return. Interactive content helped them increase their engagement, traffic and client conversions! So what are you waiting for? Click here, sign up for Outgrow’s free trial and create your own happy success story.

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