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Outgrow Product Update for April 2021

As we move into the next quarter of this year, our tech team is hard at work to bring new updates, improvements, and UX/UI changes to the Outgrow builder. Hop on the wagon as we take you on a ride through Outgrow’s April 2021 product update. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our previous update for this year.

1) From Premades To Your Account In Seconds!

Outgrow’s premade templates are loved by all our clients. So much so, that they create experiences by simply customizing the premades according to their unique needs. And so, we made this process 10X easier for you!

When you visit our website and head over to the templates section for any content type, you can find the “Edit Template” button. Now with this new update, on clicking this button, you will be redirected to the builder. And a copy of the premade will automatically be added to your account. And you will be able to see it on your dashboard. From there you can proceed with editing the premade.

Even if you are new to Outgrow, you will be redirected to the sign-up page upon clicking the ‘Edit Template’ button. And post that, you will land on the builder while a copy of the premade greets you on your dashboard.

Outgrow product update 2021

2) Retain Mappings 

Duplicating a content piece? We’ll retain all your mappings!

Losing your integration mappings when duplicating a content piece can be worrisome. But we have got you covered. With our newest update, you’ll no longer have to remap your integrations in the duplicated content piece. Instead, we have ensured that you retain these mappings exactly as they were in your original content piece.

3) Embeds Help Texts

With the wide variety of embed options that Outgrow offers, it might be a little confusing as to which embed type to use when. But like for all your queries, we have a solution for this too. We have added elaborate help texts to the “Embed on a Webpage” tab that will help you determine which embed type to choose from the different embed types that we offer. After you have built an Outgrow content piece, head over to the “Configure” tab and then to the “Embed on a Webpage” tab and here you’ll find the help texts that will aid you in making better decisions.

Outgrow product update 2021

4) Zapier Leveled Up!

Outgrow offers a bunch of native integrations, and those that are not native are available via Zapier. Integrations via Zapier are powerful and easy to set up. And in order to make them more comprehensive, we have added additional field mappings. These field mappings include –

1. Browser type – Firefox, Google, Explorer etc

2. Device type – laptop, mobile, tablet

3. Redo count – number of times a quiz is taken by a user

4. Custom variable

These additional fields will help you draw the essential data you collect through your Outgrow content piece onto your integration dashboard.

5) Domain Verification 

Setting up domain verification is necessary to control link previews when publishing a document on Facebook. For this, you need DNS verification by adding TXT records. We now let people add these TXT records for their outgrow.us subdomains so they can comply with requirements from Facebook, Google when it comes to verifying ownership. You can see it in action by heading over to Billings & Settings > Brand > DNS Verification.

Summing Up!

With these updates, we come to the end of our April 2021 Outgrow product update blog. Do try these updates and let us know what you think of them!

Outgrow product update 2021

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