In-Page Embed Style

What Is an In-Page Embed?

An in-page embed allows you to embed Outgrow content pieces like quizzes, calculators, surveys, etc. in such a way that the other contents on the page are not disturbed. The content will be placed within a container at the desired place. And, as a user clicks on the content experience, the content will load within that box or container as opposed to opening it as a pop-up or on a new tab.

In-page embeds can be made on web pages, landing pages, and blogs.

Here’s an example of an in-page embed –

When Should You Use In-Page Embed?

An in-page embed is suitable when you want your Outgrow content piece to be in the limelight but also want other elements on your website to be visible. 

How to Get an In-page Embed of an Outgrow Content Piece?

Step 1

Sign up and create an experience on Outgrow.

Step 2

Head over to the Configure tab on the builder.

Step 3

Click on the option – “Embed on a Webpage” in the bottom left section.

Step 4

Select the option – “In-page” embed and grab the code that appears as you scroll down. 

Step 5

Finally, paste this code wherever you want your embed to be displayed.

Embed CTA