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How to Master Influencer Marketing With Outgrow’s Microinfluence

Long long ago, social media was considered a waste of time. Not anymore. We, marketers, have changed the way people see social media. Oftentimes people turn to social media to stay updated, get recommendations, and even to make purchases. And to fulfill people’s expectations, brands have moved to influencer marketing. Furthermore, to help these brands speed up the process, we have created “Microinfluence”, a tool that helps you boost your influencer marketing campaign.

59% of influencers say that more brands are approaching them for partnerships as compared to the pre-COVID times. This is because people trust influencers. They get a real-time and genuine review of a product/service they might intend to purchase. And, that increases the chance of a conversion.

Every marketer loves user-generated content, and influencer marketing is somewhat like an extended version of UGC. The audience gets recommendations from people they trust, marketers get leads, and influencers get a chance to boost their reach. What’s not to like about influencer marketing?

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Now that you know how great influencer marketing is, let’s tell you how you can ace it with Outgrow!

What Is Influencer Marketing?

In essence, influencer marketing is social media marketing but through someone else’s account. But, to give you a proper definition –

Influencer marketing involves collaboration between a brand and online influencers to promote their products and services.” 

Social influencers have created an online community that trusts one another’s opinions. And companies have used this to their advantage. They team up with the leader of this community, the influencer, to pitch their product to the entire community. Since everyone knows that the shout-out is coming from a genuine person, they give it a shot. This kind of marketing establishes a much stronger connection with the audience as it comes from a human instead of search engines and is therefore successful.

Why Do You Need Influencer Marketing?

It’s the age of social media. And, if you aren’t impressing those on it, you may be losing out on a lot. Influencer marketing is important because it is relevant. People look up to influencers to take important decisions like which product to buy or which brand to go for. Did you know? – 50% of consumers take some action after reading a positive review by an influencer.

Influencer marketing thus helps in creating authentic content – something that customers want to see. As a result, it is extremely helpful in generating leads and traffic to your website.

Moreover, in order to grow your business on social media platforms, you need people to be aware of your brand. And, that can be easily done with influencer marketing. Influencers drive engagement and create a brand identity for you.

influencer marketing
But sometimes while collaborating with influencers, brands may go through some challenges or drawbacks of influencer marketing. Let’s understand the problem statement and give you the apt solution!

Drawbacks of Traditional Influencer Marketing [PROBLEM]

Content that influencers share is static and often salesy and hence doesn’t bring great results. Brands need to spice things up by creating content that is interactive. Statistics prove that interactive content generates twice the engagement as static content.

Now, even if your prospective customers are liking the content that influencers share, they don’t really become real-time leads. This can be easily solved with interactive content. Lead generation gets easy as everything happens on the same platform. When users interact with your content, they are likely to give their contact information there and then.

Lastly, how do you know that your campaign is performing well? Likes and comments aren’t enough. It’s important to be able to track the performance of your entire campaign.

All of the above difficulties can be easily overcome with Microinfluence. What is it and how can it help? Let’s find out!

What Is Microinfluence? [SOLUTION]

Microinfluence is a tool to boost your influencer marketing through interactive applets and widgets. It allows you to keep your followers engaged with highly interactive and customized content. You can choose from over 1000+ interactive templates across industries that can be launched from all your social handles including Instagram stories, Facebook tabs, and email embeds.

These applets and widgets are active 24/7 on your social handles and constantly engage, analyze, and convert on your behalf. And when you tie up with influencers, you can share these widgets through their social media.

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What Is in It?

Microinfluence comprises 6 applets for different influencer industries such as fitness, fashion, photography, dance, tech, and content creation industry.

Furthermore, these industries have specially customized ready-to-use templates. These templates include various types of interactive content like quizzes, calculators, e-commerce recommendations, assessments, polls, surveys, giveaways, and chatbots. In fact, these templates can be edited in minutes to create personalized content for your brand without any coding.

Have a look at this dance course recommendation chatbot from the pack. It’s engaging, it’s customized, and it brings leads. Sounds perfect to us!

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How Amazing Is Microinfluence?

We launched Microinfluence on ProductHunt in January 2021. It was hunted by the No. 1 hunter on ProductHunt Chris Messina. And, on the very first day, it ranked among the top 5 products for the day. We don’t like to brag but yep, it’s that great. Furthermore, it got over 200 upvotes. Not gonna lie, that’s a lot. :p

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To add a little more to the soft brag, here’s what people have to say about Microinfluence!

influencer marketing

influencer marketing

influencer marketing
Now that we have your trust, let’s show you how you can use this awesome tool to boost your marketing efforts.

How Can You Use Microinfluence for Your Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Say, you sell protein powders and are trying to reach out to potential customers. But, your social media reach is limited. It can get hard to target only those people who would want your product. What if you could do that in a few clicks? Yep, we’ve got you covered.

With Microinfluence, you can reach your target audience through the right influencers. You can collaborate with fitness influencers and share content you create through their social media. For example, you can recreate this protein shake recommendation according to your needs.

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A Quick Guide to Using Microinfluence

Microinfluence aims at helping companies create personalized content tailored to their needs. However, while marketing to influencers, brands must ensure that the content is not only relevant to the target audience but also to the influencers. Microinfluence includes templates that help influencers understand their audience’s needs better. And, that’s a win for them.

Here’s how you can do it in five easy steps:

1. Pick Your Industry

You begin by choosing your preferred industry. Microinfluence helps you target influencers from 6 different industries, and you can always customize the applets based on your preferences.

Pick yours here!

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2. Pick Your Template

Microinfluence has a huge selection of templates for you to choose from that you can use to market to the influencers. Every industry has templates for 8 different interactive content types. You can choose the right template based on your requirements.

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3. Register With Outgrow for Free

This is the quickest step. You can now start your free trial and work around the templates easily. Oh also, no credit card details required.

4. Create, Create, Create

Yep, that’s how simple the process is. You can now create the content you want. You can choose to use the same templates the way they are or customize them in any way you want.

influencer marketing

5. Share the Content

This content can then be shared by influencers to reach the audience. You can share it across any social media platform you like. Choosing the right platforms will help you drive better engagement.

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How to Track the Success of Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

If you launch a campaign, you should always keep track of how well it’s performing. And, we wouldn’t just give you such a great tool without an amazing analytics feature. With Microinfluence, you can easily track how many people visited your content piece, how many started it, and how many finally finished it.

Not only that, you can analyze the geographies that are attracting the most traffic, the devices most used, and even the browser the user used to access the content.

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Furthermore, you can analyze the entire user experience by analyzing the User Funnel tab. This tab will allow you to figure out the funnel leaks. You can also compare how well one applet is working compared to the other and get actionable tips and suggestions on improving your content pieces.

With Microinfluence, you can easily track the success of your influencer marketing campaigns and make the required improvements.


The influencer marketing hub hasn’t explored interactive content yet. And, Microinfluence can be your gateway to stand out from the crowd and beat those competitors! You need to up your influencer marketing game by employing content that’s good for you, the influencers, and your prospective customers. ALL IN ONE!

So, why the wait? Make the move now. Register here for free!

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