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Top Online Quiz Makers for Teachers in 2021
27/08/2021 Tapsi Chadha
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Top Online Quiz Makers for Teachers in 2021

With the pandemic compelling the world to get online, teaching has also taken a virtual turn. And retaining students’ participation online has gotten harder than ever. But, we are here with a solution. Make the learning experience fun and interactive with these online quiz makers for teachers!

With these online quiz makers, teachers can create quizzes and tests that are not only easy to build but also quick to analyze. Moreover, online quizzes are bound to be fun and attractive for students and they make the teaching process super interactive. Let’s tell you all about the top quiz makers and pick the best one for you!

online quiz makers for teachers

What Is an Interactive Quiz?

Interactive quizzes are the most frequently used type of interactive content. It involves users participating actively with a set of questions to get an outcome based on their responses. The algorithm works in a way that associates every answer to a specific outcome or value. Wanna know more about quizzes? Click below!

online quiz makers for teachers

Benefits of Using a Quiz Maker for Teaching

Interactive content has never failed to charm. 81% of marketers say that interactive quizzes are much more effective at grabbing attention than static content.

Why do you think that is? We’ll tell you. Here are the benefits of online quiz makers for teachers: 

Benefits of Using a Quiz Maker for Teaching

1. More Engagement

Students love to interact and engage with trivia quizzes as they are super fun and easy to take. Using capturing quiz templates and including images, GIFs, and videos in your questions can make learning even more exciting for them. Taking tests via quizzes would be as fun as taking a Buzzfeed quiz.

And the right quiz maker can help you do that. Moreover, top online quiz makers help students get immediate feedback and review their performance easily.

2. Easy Data Collection

With the best quiz maker by your side, you can store students’ responses and scores easily. You can then use this data to suggest areas of improvement to your students. Furthermore, you can also create similar quizzes to retarget those key areas.

3. Reusable Quizzes

You can share the same quiz with as many students as you like. This means that you can re-purpose one test or quiz for different academic years. And an online quiz maker helps you do that. Save the quiz for future use and customize it at the tip of your fingertips.

4. Advanced Analytics

Manually analyzing results for all the students can get taxing. With online quiz builders, you can easily assess the performance of each and every student as well as the class as a whole. This will help you figure out the weak and strong areas of different students.

Now that we have told you all about why you should use interactive quizzes in your classroom, let’s tell you how you can do it! We have got the best quiz makers for teachers lined up for you!

1. Outgrow’s Quiz Builder

We start with the best. Outgrow’s online interactive quiz maker for teachers helps you create highly engaging interactive quizzes and tests that make teaching even more personalized. You can make sure your students are participating, learning, and having fun – all at the same time with Outgrow.



– Professional premade templates for academic tests with custom branding 

– Access to a highly customizable and easy-to-use builder

Inbuilt analytics to track your students’ performance

– Lots of embedding options to embed the quiz on the website or emails

– Result personalization options to give your students custom feedback

– Various integrations such as Google Sheets to record your data easily

– Different types of question types such as multiple-choice, single select, text input, etc.


They have a free trial for you! Their paid plans start from $14 and $25 a month and go up to $600 depending on your requirements. They also provide custom plans based on your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Start your free trial now!

create quizzes with outgrow

2. Class Marker

Class Marker is an online testing solution designed for businesses and training & educational institutions offering instant grading tests & quizzes. If you want to create and sell tests, Class Marker is an ideal choice.

online quiz maker for teachers


– Secure & private

– Easy to use test settings

– No software installations required

– Custom certificates & exam branding

– Results automatically graded & viewable in real-time


For not-for-profit organizations (including education & government institutions), they have a free plan with limited features that allows 1,200 tests graded per year. 

They have 2 professional paid plans for $19.95 per month and $39.95 per month that have 4,800 and 12,000 tests graded per year respectively.

3. Outgrow’s Assessment Builder

Yep, as we said earlier, this is our favorite. Other than Outgrow’s quiz builder that gives customized outcomes, Outgrow has an assessment builder too. This could be the perfect tool for teachers looking to create tests that grade students based on their performance.

In addition to quizzes and assessments, Outgrow lets you create calculators, chatbots, polls, product recommendations, surveys, etc. as well! Isn’t that amazing?

outgrow assessment builder


In addition to all the amazing features we mentioned earlier, Outgrow’s assessment builder has got these advanced features as well:

– Automatic scoring based on responses

– Ranking system for students’ self-analysis

– Robust analytics for performance tracking

– Correct answer descriptions and feedback for every question or answer key on the results page as per requirement

Logic jumps to show different questions based on the answers selected for the previous question

1000+ templates to choose from and customize


Kindly refer to the pricing section for Outgrow’s quiz builder.

4. GoConqr

GoConqr is a platform for digital learning that tries to empower educators and learners to reach their full potential. You can create, discover and share online quizzes.

online quiz maker for teachers


– Immediate feedback loop to give reviews

– Different types of question types such as fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice, and true or false

– Answer explanations after every question

– Multiple embedding choices


They have a basic free plan with only 50MB storage. Other plans include Basic+, Premium, and Premium+. Note: The plans are subject to a fair usage cap of 2000 submissions/shares per month.

5. iSpring

iSpring is a platform to create online courses and assessments. It is an online learning platform majorly for businesses but can be used by teachers as well.

online quiz maker for teachers


– PowerPoint-based courses

– Eye-catching quizzes with drag-and-drop features

– 14 ready-to-go question templates from the tried and true multiple-choice to matching, sequencing, drag-and-drop, and more

– Branching scenarios and feedback slides to help reinforce knowledge


Their iSuite prices range from $620 per year to $970 per year. These prices are for two of their plans, i.e., iSpring Suite and iSpring Suite Max respectively.

6. Kahoot

Kahoot is an online quiz maker for teachers that can be used for junior classes as it turns quizzes into games. If you want to make teaching fun and entertaining, you can try Kahoot’s interactive quiz maker.

online quiz maker for teachers


– Poll questions to your learners, also known as kahoots, to gather their opinions or check their understanding of a topic

– Analytics from game reports to assess class learning progress

–  Live games via videoconferencing or send self-paced games to connect with students at home and any other location as part of distance learning

– Seamless interactive lessons with slides and questions

– Shareable on different platforms such as Microsoft teams


They have a basic free plan for up to 100 players per game. The paid plans range from $3 to $6 per teacher per month.

online quiz maker for teachers


Wrap-up time! We have given you 6 of the best online quiz makers for teachers. Now, it’s time for you to decide which one suits you best. Our recommendation is Outgrow! Simply because you can create different types of quizzes on one single platform. So if you want to add a dose of fun and engagement to your regular online classes, start your free trial now!

Do you want to know more about interactive content? Tap below!

how to create interactive content


  1. What is the best online quiz maker?

Outgrow is by far the most easy-to-use and comprehensive quiz maker out there. It allows you to create quizzes, assessments, calculators, etc. all in one place.

  1. How do I make a good quiz?

The key to making a good quiz is to make it relevant and precise. Add different types of question types along with images, GIFs, and videos to make it stand out. This can be made with Outgrow’s quiz maker. Try now!

  1. How do I create a free online test?

Online tests are easy to create with assessment builders. You can create one in minutes using Outgrow’s assessment tool. 


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