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Top Interactive Experiences Of July 2019

Hey guys! It’s time for another round of top Outgrow interactive experiences. July is at an end and we have a list of our top interactive experiences that performed really well. And we want to share their story. Here are the 9 best experiences of user-created content on the Outgrow platform.

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1)  Futrli 

Experience Type – Outcome Quiz

Title – Find out which Futrli Platform products will revolutionize your business

Template – The Stockholm 


Futrli is a company that helps small businesses make decisions about their future. It also manages their cash flow and provides them with valuable reports. They offer these businesses a multitude of services like cashflow budgeting, business planning and others that help them with specific parts of their business.

In this Outcome Quiz, Futrli helps the user decide which kind of product would be best for them. This ultimately depends upon their requirements and what their own business in about. The quiz is well made. It has an optimum number of questions. And uses icons for their options. This kind of visual aid makes the quiz interactive and appealing to the user.

The text content on the result page is extremely catchy. Also, they have complemented it with relevant imagery. The interactive experience delivered a conversion rate of almost 85%, converting a great number of leads for the company.

2) Coding Days 

Experience Type – Assessment

Title – The Coding Quiz

Template – The Chicago 


 Coding Days is a France based company that offers vocational training in coding. It acts conducive to the digital transformation of companies by helping them acquire practical skills to support the changes of non-tech trade.

This is a simple, interactive and fun quiz about coding. It uses the right number of options and questions and background visuals. At the end of it, the quiz even shows you a lively, relatable GIF. There is a timer included in every question along with a note added at the end of each answer. Countdown timers help increase customer engagement, click-through rates, and purchase intent. The quiz displays a customized note depending on whether you answered the question correctly or incorrectly. This is another way by which it increases its customer engagement by providing them with added information.

3) Collexa Technologies

Experience Type – Calculator

Title – Portfolio Review Calculator 

Template – The Londoner


Collexa Technologies is a private company. It helps its clients overcome and resolve the complexities that impact their organization and increase their bottom line. Collexa is skilled at tailoring financial recovery solutions to suit the situation presented.

We particularly like this one out of all interactive experiences a lot because of the detailed information it gathers in a handful of questions. They ask questions about the company’s past activities, its present, as well as its future goals. The language is simple and they have used icons for their options.

As for their result page, they provide an organized product. Additionally, they individually stating your payments, face value, profit, and ROI. In fact, they even give a call-to-action button, that drives them to their website, thus increasing traffic on their website.

4) Shingalana

Experience Type – Chatbot

Title – Get Your Unique Blueprint

Template – The New York 


The first thing that is different about the quiz is the option of multiple sign-ins. You can enter your entire information and move to the chatbot. Moreover, you can also sign in using your Facebook data. Furthermore, the chatbot questions are simple and specify the required formats for the answer.

The result page has a clear CTA to increase subscribers. The result page also allows you to share your results easily over various social media platforms.

5) Fair Warning 

Experience Type – Graded Quiz

Title – Think You Know Insider Threats?

Template – The Chicago 


 FairWarning provides protection and governance solutions. It does so for electronic health records, Salesforce, Office 365 and a lot of other companies. FairWarning partners with customers to secure private sensitive information that is held in mission-critical applications.

This interactive quiz asks for relevant information. It also has an optimized number of questions and options. It shows the progress bar on top of the questions which makes it quite appealing. The results page shows not only the result but also allows you to download insightful content on the topic. This is a great way of increasing downloads on your ebook and segment high-intent leads. This quiz showed a conversion rate of almost 75%.

6) Padspring

Experience Type – Calculator

Title – Calculate how much equity you can release from your home

Template – The Chicago 


Padspring is a company that offers you sale-leasebacks. These allow you to unlock your equity. Padspring buys your house from you at full market value and then rents it back to you. With this, you get 100% of your house value in a mere 21 days and get rid of your debts and mortgages.

They created a calculator that lets you estimate the amount of equity you can recover from your own house. This kind of information actually builds trust in the minds of potential customers. This interactive experience uses drop downs and numerical sliders as answer inputs. The quiz is fairly easy to answer and asks simple questions. Contrary to the previous templates, this quiz has its lead generation form placed right before the answers. It increases the chances of grasping genuine leads, in exchange for the results.

Finally, the result is detailed. It offers the user information apart from equity recovery. And this kind of quantified information makes the user take the company and their work more seriously.

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7) Catalina Crunch

Experience Type – Calculator

Title – Calculate how much equity you can release from your home

Template – The Chicago


Catalina Crunch is an exciting new cereal brand that has zero sugar. It is low in empty carbs and is packed with fiber and protein. It comes in a lot of flavors and is completely vegan. Crunching on Catalina Crunch gets your blood flowing to your jaws and brain, waking you up and boosting your energy.

This Outcome Quiz helps the prospects to find out which flavor of Catalina Crunch they’d like best. The quiz is directly relevant to the product they are trying to sell. The images are colorful and attract the user. There is a progress bar at every question. It shows the user what percentage of the quiz they have finished.

The lead generation form is right before the results. The result page provides a very clear answer as to the variety and the kind of pack the user should buy. It also provides the price of the product. The catch here is the CTA button that allows you to ‘Order Now’. It directs the customers to the page for the recommendation. Furthermore, it increases the chances of customer conversion.

8) Skywells Energy

Experience Type – Calculator

Title – How Much Could You Save By Going Solar?

Template – The Stockholm


Skywells Energy is a Phoenix-based renewable energy firm. It focuses on delivering sustainable energy solutions for both commercial and residential use.

They used Outgrow to create an interactive experience, in order to estimate how much one could save by going solar. It’s a short and straightforward calculator. It makes use of single-select answer input. It uses relevant images for the questions and has its lead generation form right before the result. We can observe how they have added a section for the phone number of the user in the form. That is apart from the usual name and email address.

In the result section of the calculator, they have included two CTAs. The CTAs direct you to a page. On this page you can schedule an appointment with a counselor on how you can save the maximum amount of money by going solar, depending upon the variables.

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9) Perkuto

Experience Type – Calculator

Title – By how much could you improve your campaign execution cost?

Template – The Madrid


Perkuto is the leader in MarTech & Marketo consulting. They create impactful strategies, optimize marketing ops, simplify MarTech, and execute campaigns. The idea behind Perkuto is to bring a solid structure and the methodology of Lean Six Sigma into sales and marketing processes to optimize marketing operations.

Perkuto has created an attractive quiz using Outgrow. It has used The Madrid template for the calculator. The template allows you to divide your questions into sections. And it is generally used when one has a lot of questions. They have used numerical sliders for answers, which are a more engaging way of asking for answer inputs.

The result page talks about the total yearly campaign execution cost. Thus, the result page is detailed, both in quantitative terms and otherwise. It has a call to action button that allows the user to directly schedule a demo with the company.

So we had a great time with these clients and their experiences. Do let us know your thoughts on them! In fact, you can create amazing marketing masterpieces with Outgrow. So go ahead and sign up for a free trial here!

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