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How To Use Interactive Content To Gain Partners 

A wise man once said, ‘No man is an island’. And we guess that’s true for businesses too! No business can function alone. We need partners to survive and grow. But how can we gain these partners? Somehow we never get tired of saying this, but interactive content just might be the solution! There are a number of ways in which you can use interactive content to gain partners.

Interactive content is a great way of attracting partners of various types. How, you ask? Well before we tell you that, let’s have a look at the various kinds of partners we can associate with. Partners don’t just help us in just one way. From product to sales to marketing, partners can be a great resource for our business. In fact, more than often, partners can really offer you a different spin on your product!

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Thereafter, we will focus on how interactive content can help you attract those partners and make them stay!

1. Agencies – 

What are agency partners and how can they help you?

Simply put, agencies are companies that sell marketing and sales services to their clients. What they do for you is that they use your service for all of their business. And in return get a discounted price, special offer, product, etc. Every business has a niche. They bring something to the table, which is why you partner with them. Working with an agency can be a great way to reach a greater audience and grow your revenue. You could be looking to do specialization through an agency, or venture into borderless marketing or just reach your target audience. And you can use different interactive content types to attract partners in each of the following cases.

Social Sprout 

Here’s an example of the Sprout Social Agency Program. Sprout Social offers its agency partners a lot of rewards and benefits for their services. Apart from discounted rates and business growth, they offer them partner badges, partner awards, various certifications and a lot more! This is a great way of attracting quality partners for your business which ensures business growth for both parties. Their educational certifications could also include an interactive content like a graded quiz. This will allow partners to check their knowledge and also learn more about Sprout Social.

Social Sprout

Discounted Rates

A great way of incentivizing agency partners is by offering them discounted rates. And how you can use interactive content here is by creating an interactive calculator. This calculator can help your agency partners calculate their personalized discount rates depending upon their agency, client base and employee size. This makes it easier and incentivizes the company to partner up with you and offer you better services.

2. Affiliates

Affiliates are individuals who sell your services to other firms and earn a commission for every sale that they make. 81% marketers have already adopted affiliate marketing and continue working with this strategy. Affiliates too can be gained with the help of interactive content. Let’s have a look at how.

You can use calculators such as the ‘Affiliates ROI Calculator’ or the ‘Commission Calculator’. These calculators help your affiliates estimate how much they stand to gain by working for you. You can also use interactive chatbots to answer their queries and offer great customer service.

Affilate ROI Calculator

You can also create an attractive signup landing page for your affiliates and embed it with interactive content types. Polls and feedback survey forms can also be used to optimize the landing pages even further. This will not only increase visual appeal but also lead to greater engagement and personalized responses.

The Idea Generator

The ‘Idea Generator’ by Outgrow is a great interactive tool. It helps marketers get ideas for interactive content that they can create to engage leads at different stages of the funnel. It takes inputs on the industry you belong to, the size of your company, and offers you personalized ideas on the kind of experiences you can create using Outgrow! Affiliates are always looking for interactive content ideas. This Idea Generator is a great way to make their work easier and bring in clients.

Suppose if you are an email marketing tool, you can use interactive content to create interactive guides and infographics on the best practices for email marketing. Or even create assessments about email marketing strategies. For example, they could also create an ‘Email Performance Score Calculator’, a tool that calculates your email performance in comparison to the whole industry.

How To Use Interactive Content To Gain Partners

You can also use social proof to attract more affiliates. You can use interactive display ads to advertise your affiliates and their success stories. Moreover, you can let your potential affiliates know what they stand to gain by associating with you. A great example of an interactive calculator is, ‘What Will Be Your Commission If You Decide To Become An Affiliate?’. This calculator will contain questions about the number of sign-ups they can promise you or the quality of their leads that they can get. Based on that, the calculator can help them estimate the amount of commission they would earn from you.

3. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is a system wherein you incentivize an old customer to refer your service to their friends/people who might be interested in your product. In return, they are offered extra discounts, packages, etc. on their next purchase. Referral Marketing generates 3-5 times higher conversion rates than any other channel! People tend to trust the opinions of other people and their friends more than marketed advertising. After implementing referral marketing, many companies have seen significant success, with compelling referral program examples demonstrating how effective this strategy can be in amplifying brand reach and enhancing customer acquisition rates.

Giveaways and contests are a great way used by companies to get referrals. Here’s an example of a giveaway by Sweet Lou for an Ashley McBryde benefit concert. A person would have to fill out a form and then send their referral link to all their friends and on social media. The more they share, the higher are their chances to win. This is a good example of referral marketing used by a company in order to gain more leads and reach a wider audience.

Referral Marketing

Another example of referral marketing is –

This ‘Mobile App Cost Calculator’ by Venture Pact, a software company.

How To Use Interactive Content To Gain Partners

This calculator estimated the cost of building an app. However, to get a detailed estimate, the prospect needs to give out their own contact information and someone else’s as well. This could be a fellow developer, or just about anyone who they think might be interested. This calculator helped them find leads that fit their buyer persona and increase conversions. Another important thing is how you can optimize your interactive experiences to gain referrals. You should focus on making your experience as appealing and informative as you can. This is a foolproof way of getting your users to refer you to other people!

4. Influencer Marketing 

Influencers are the next big thing. And influencer marketing, the newer, bigger thing. It is important to be able to attract quality influencers, who resonate with the brand image of your company. And the best way to do that is through quality interactive content.

An ROI Calculator is the first and best way of attracting an influencer. It sends the message that you care about their gain, their returns more than yours. Secondly, influencers are a great source of running giveaways and contests. You can use interactive giveaways and contests in order to sell your products through these influencers. This is a great way of gaining a large number of new leads and attracting a completely new set of audience. In return, you can offer influencers discounts on your products, commissions, etc.

Here’s an example of a sponsored giveaway by Credo Beauty. This not only helps them advertise their product but also gain on their brand value by associating with a good influencer and develop a strong social media presence.

influencer Marketing

Apart from this, influencers can also use outcome quizzes and assessments to give out rewards. You can collaborate with an influencer to promote your products by asking followers to complete a quiz and share their results!

5. Marketing Partners 

Partners aren’t just about making more sales. A lot of companies partner with other companies and individuals to be able to create better content. This kind of collaboration may revolve around writing posts, earning backlinks, creating webinars and podcasts, etc. This may help you in a number of ways. It helps you communicate with their audience and offer value-based content. Marketing partners help you gain leads and establish yourself as a bigger brand.

It is important to know who you should partner with to get a good return. You need to offer interactive content to gain partners- something that not everyone does. A quiz like, ‘See how many leads you garner by doing a webinar with our company.’ or ‘Which content type should we partner in?’ will do great.

Marketing Partners

It helps them know that you’re in it for the business. It will help you and them make better decisions about your marketing strategy and how you should collaborate on it.

marketing strategy


Well, that’s it, we guess! Interactive content here, interactive content there, it’s everywhere! And put to good use too! Help your business grow by using interactive content to gain partners of all kinds. If you’re interested in reading and knowing more about interactive content, well, guess what, we’re looking for a partner too!

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