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Interactive Marketing Ideas for the Real Estate Industry

Real estate thrives on generating qualified leads that can bring in actual business. The prospect to customer lifecycle is short here. You won’t find people window shopping houses. They’d only look for real estate services when they really want to buy a home. Thus, realty agents need to focus on marketing methods that can engage prospects at a personal level and offer a solution to their pain points.

Interactive content like calculators and quizzes have proved to engage prospects better than other content forms. Besides, they’re known to generate up to 12X leads. In this post, we highlight 5 interactive content ideas that fit the real estate industry’s needs like a glove.

Idea #1 How much do you actually know about residential real estate?

Quizzing your prospects about their realty knowledge is a sure shot way of getting them hooked. Knowledge quizzes challenges your prospects’ know-how and lets them show off their knowledge to their network. Thus, the success rate of knowledge quizzes is high. What’s more? Including the word “actually” to your quiz title of your quiz can increase the average views by 69%! The most popular Buzzfeed quiz “What City Should You Actually Live In?” has got more than 20 million views!


Here are some questions that you can include in your quiz to make it engaging – Where will you find the most expensive houses in the US? The cheapest? What is the average price of an apartment in NYC?

Idea #2 Mortgage loan calculator

As real estate prices go uphill, mortgage becomes a matter of concern for most house buyers. A calculator that can help them calculate their mortgage value with only a couple of inputs, can get your prospects interested in your services. It will add value and tell them that you care about their most pressing issues. In fact, you can have more than one type of mortgage calculator – ‘Should you rent or buy?’, ‘Should you refinance?’ or ‘Can you payoff your mortgage early?’

The NY Times Rent vs. Buy calculator went crazy viral. It was shared 187K times over a year and got more than 51K backlinks.

interactive marketing ideas real estate

Publishing Calculators interactive content rent vs buy backlinks

Idea # 3 Where should you buy your next house?

Location is the next big thing on a house buyers’ mind after price. “You can add value on your own. If you’re choosing between an awesome house in a crappy location or an awful house in a great location, I would choose the latter,” says Brendon DeSimone, author of Next Generation Real Estate. And we can’t agree more. Thus, if you present to your prospects a fun and easy way to find the ideal location for their next house, your chances of having them on board increase.

Similar quizzes that you can create – ‘What Kind of House Should I Buy?’, ‘How Much Will it Cost to Move to X Location’, ‘Do You Really Know All About Moving to X Location’, or ‘ Is X Location Your Dream Location? Find Out.’ Considering where to buy your next house is a pivotal decision in the home-buying process. To make this choice easier & interactive, you can create engaging quizzes like those examples above. These quizzes can provide valuable insights, helping potential buyers explore and scrape properties in immowelt.de & other real-estate business sites, ensuring they make informed decisions based on both location and housing features. 

Idea # 4 Moving cost calculator

Cost is the key factor people consider when moving their houses. People search for this all the time. Here’s a glimpse into how the subject has been of constant interest to house buyers over the past 5 years.

interactive marketing ideas real estate

Thus, hosting a moving cost calculator on your homepage or a landing page on your site will attract potential customers. Here’s an example of a moving calculator created with Outgrow –

Besides, if you add a lead form at the end, asking relevant questions, you’ll be able to capture qualified leads. Here are some questions you can include in your lead form – Name of the Prospect, Contact Information, Preferable Time to Connect, and Any Friend They Think Needs Your Service. However, make sure the lead form isn’t too long. Don’t go beyond 4 fields. Else, you can turn away the prospects.

Pro Tip – Handy Tips to Optimize Lead Form for Your Quiz

Idea #5 Which celebrity home is meant for you?

Celebrity quizzes have always been a part of quizzing success stories. There has been a constant interest in celebrity homes over the years.

Interactive Marketing Ideas for the Real Estate Industry

Research shows that celebrity comparison quizzes are more successful than most other forms of quizzes. This is because people project themselves onto celebrities, identify with them, and see a reflection of their own personality in famous people. Besides, these quizzes are fun to take and thus go viral easily, which in turn gets you more leads.

Some cool celebrity quiz ideas you can use – ‘Are you living in a celebrity neighbourhood of London?’ and ‘Do you know all about X’s house?’

So, which of these interactive marketing ideas for the real estate industry are you looking forward to use? Or are there any other creative ways you’ve thought of? Let us know in comments below.

Need More Ideas? Check out our idea generator.

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