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6 Awesome Lead Nurturing Tools You Can’t Miss-Out On (+2 Bonus Tools)
11th September 2019 Antara Agarwal
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6 Awesome Lead Nurturing Tools You Can’t Miss-Out On

Wait, did you think we were out of ideas for lead nurturing? Or lead nurturing tools, for that matter?
Think again! Because we are sharing some awesome knowledge nuggets today. And when we say ‘awesome’, we mean it!

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We know lead generation is no small feat. However, once you have embarked on the journey of lead capturing with these lead generation tools, it’s time to nurture and qualifying those leads. And yeah, we are hell-bent on budget keeping. So, all the tools we share in this list are pocket-friendly.

5 Awesome Lead Nurturing Tools You Can't Miss-Out On


Now if you ask the reason why you should nurture your leads, all you should do is read this. Lead nurturing is like gardening. You can’t sow the seeds of roses and expect them to bloom within a week. You have to nourish your saplings with water and manure for a few months to see them bloom. As it turns out, its the same with leads.  Nourish, nurture, and Njoy!

Here is a list of 6 awesome lead nurturing tools (+2 bonus tools) you can’t miss out on. 

1) Hunt Emails with Hunter

Marketers continuously question whether the emails they have collected, the domains they are ogling at, and the people they are reaching out to are the right ones.

Our advice? Don’t!

Instead, use Hunter.io as it tags a confidence score to each address and domain names via 67 Million verified public sources. Now reach out to these leads—teams, and individuals—confidently because this peppy tool helps you with the bulk search. Moreover, it has a chrome extension and an add-on for the google sheets. Hunter maintains a repository of 200+ million professionals.

5 Awesome Lead Nurturing Tools You Can't Miss-Out On

Daniel Cameron from Intersection Co.—a marketing and advertising firm—swears by Hunter to hunt the sales representative, and calls it a reliable tool to verify the email addresses of their leads. He uses the bulk feature to clean the inputs to the CRM.

5 Awesome Lead Nurturing Tools You Can't Miss-Out On


2) Outgrow For Interactive Content 

Interactive content is one of the top content types used for lead nurturing! 32%, to be exact!
Is your ‘take them to the landing page approach’ not working anymore?
Well, maybe its time to go the interactive email route. Outgrow interactive content can help you with lead nurturing because it is trustworthy and value-driven. Exhibit A:

5 Awesome Lead Nurturing Tools You Can't Miss-Out On

Moreover, it offers personalized and targeted content for your leads, increasing your chances of conversion. Have a look at this article for more information.

Sign up for the free Outgrow trial here!

3) SalesHandy for Email Automation

When you have gathered a list of verified emails, what would you do next to make the most out of it? You will start nurturing them.

To nurture your target audience and build top of the mind recall, you need to be consistent with your message. By using SalesHandy, an email automation tool the lead nurturing becomes swift. It empowers you to schedule personalized email campaigns with auto follow up to 10 stages as per the recipient’s behavior. You can keep follow-ups on autopilot if your email is Not Opened, Not replied or Been sent to target your audience.

The email personalization increases open rates by 26% and at the same time, 74% of marketers believe targeted personalization increases customer engagement. Use SalesHandy Mail Merge tags to personalize your messages that will increase your response rates and nurture your leads effectively.

The best thing about SalesHandy tools is your emails will land straight in the inbox of your prospects rather than the promotion tab. It also provides email marketing metrics such as email sent, open rate, replay rate, individual link clicks, bounce rate, with instant notifications. These data help you analyze the performance and optimize the future lead nurturing campaign.


Sendinblue for Email Marketing

Now that you got a comprehensive list of the leads, what should you do? Send them a cautiously drafted mail with fresh images (and hire a designer maybe?), add your logo, and invest days in the efforts.

5 Awesome Lead Nurturing Tools You Can't Miss-Out On

OR just use the Sendinblue email marketing feature and let it do the work for you. It offers 70+ bespoke design templates that can be tailored, leading to high open rates. Also, send perfect cold emails with a subject that invokes interest. Want newsletters to woo the leads about your latest offerings? Well, Sendinblue has got you covered!

Use A/B testing, identify the best message, and send it at the right time as the tool suggests. Check out this video to personalize your emails.

ShopPad considers this tool extremely easy to use with prompt customer support. ShopPad wanted to boost their success by as much as possible, and Sendinblue was their enabler. This client loves testing the email layouts, subject lines, the send time, and many such aspects that cranks up the open and reply rate. This lead nurturing tool does it all!

5) Marketing Automation with CleverTap

Many e-commerce sites have wrapped up their websites and are solely thriving on their apps. Mobile marketing is ubiquitous and an ex officio. Hence, the tools facilitating mobile marketing automation are the talk of the town, and the clamor is only rising every day. CleverTap is one such tool that cleverly taps the end-user and keeps the relationship going and growing.

5 Awesome Lead Nurturing Tools You Can't Miss-Out On

With CleverTap, you can campaign across 12 different channels like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Remind your users at the right time through the apt channel and engage with them without compromising their privacy. You can also consolidate the users’ data from online and offline sources and segment them. Furthermore, you study their life cycle and behavior analysis. This is one lead nurturing tool you can’t miss out on!

Watch their omnichannel marketing kickstart video, and get familiar with the platform.

With an endless customer list (phew!) in their kitty, you wouldn’t need any more proof to start working with CleverTap. Still, read how Cleartrip raised its sales with personalized marketing campaigns. The brand grew the cross-sell by 5 times and monetization rates by 8-10% with the help of CleverTap.

6) Comprehensive Reach’s MAGIC (CRM) with Pipedrive

CRM is like oxygen to marketers and brands. Vital for Survival! You take CRM into account while looking for your next lead nurturing tool.

Pipedrive feeds your CRM pipeline with qualified leads, integrates the emails to have one place for all the communications. Moreover, it offers a goal-oriented visual dashboard that prompts you to take quick action, and the forecasting features make this tool comprehensive enough. So, what are you waiting on? Reach out to all the leads and get your services out there!

5 Awesome Lead Nurturing Tools You Can't Miss-Out On

Fun fact: Following-up through this tool is completely automated, leaving no room for a miss!

The BlackTies—High-End Modern Magicians—have increased their revenue by 120% after associating with Pipedrive in just a year. The CRM solution helped them catch the leads that were slipping through the cracks. Furthermore, it helped them run their sales funnel on an auto-pilot mode.

5 Awesome Lead Nurturing Tools You Can't Miss-Out On


7) Bonus Tool- LuckyOrange to Monitor the Chickened Out 

Remember the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter? It helped him figure out who was passing through the aisles of the castle solely through their footprints on the map. Well, LuckyOrange is just that. Check out this video to know-how!

5 Awesome Lead Nurturing Tools You Can't Miss-Out On

This tool records the user’s activities on your website and can run a video of it for you. Seeing how far a user scrolled and then left is definitely an effective way to know the unappealing parts of the website. With their polling and chat systems, you can collect input from the visitors. Furthermore, it will give you a chance to understand the driving factors like keywords, tweets, locations. This will help you trace the leaving footsteps sooner than you can think!

You call it a lead nurturing tool? We call it a magic map!

5 Awesome Lead Nurturing Tools You Can't Miss-Out On


If these words sound too Potter-ish, see how SmartBug Media—a HubSpot’s partner and a marketing agency—spiked their client conversion by 80%. With LuckyOrange, they utilized the heatmaps and scrutinized the user behavior interactively. The results helped them design strategies leading them towards growth.

8) Bonus Tool- Reach Higher Quality Prospects With ReachStream

Reaching out to the right audience is significant for your business to grow. Even if you have a growing business, there are always more opportunities to improve.  ReachStream is one such data platform that can help you find real-time prospects based on your business needs. They specialize in B2B prospecting lists of over 73+ million verified contact and company data to generate qualified leads. Whether it is email marketing, cold calling or prospecting, head over to their website to improve your sales process. Gain access to your target audience of different businesses in various industries with subscription plans starting at just $99. Their Customer service is held in high regard and you can expect their full support in your endeavors.

Nurturing is Never Ending BUT…

Should not be arduous! After all, these tools are too lovely to be missed. Lead nurturing is indispensable to your community building. We hope that this list of lead nurturing tools helped you out a bit.

What else is there to say except,

Happy Nurturing!

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