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7 Lead Generation Tools You Need This Year

The nightmare of getting tagged as a spammer by your leads is killing you? A drying pipeline of leads might be adding to your list of tension. Now forget the worries of outreaching and prospecting all your working hours to collect the leads because we have brought some proven lead generation tools to stack-up your marketing desk (virtual though). Embrace these lead generating superheroes!

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1. WebCEO for SEO Lead Generation

SEO was never dead. If anything, it can bring your lead gen game back to life!

This one is for all you SEO nuts out there! Are you looking to generate leads while providing SEO services?

WebCEO might be your new best friend!


SEO is one key element in generating leads and with the SEO lead generation tool from WebCEO, you won’t lose any of your lead generation opportunities. While you are at a snooze or busy in some on-premise marketing campaign for your company, WebCEO will watch your back. Its SEO Audit widget can generate an SEO based report for the visitors in exchange for their website and email address.

Ta-da… you have your data pouring.

Also, you can run SEO Audit reports with SEO analysis, backlink stats, and web analytics in a matter of minutes. With all this free data, users are bound to take a step towards you.

According to Scott Neilson, Managing Director at Natural Pet Group, WebCEO has helped him achieve 90% success with the pages he has reviewed so far. Another one of their clients, TechWyse Internet Marketing agency had this to say about WebCEO:

“The number of our customers increased by 300% in 2015, the year of the Lead Generation button’s introduction, thanks to WebCEO. The lead generation button helped our agency grow financially too!”

Now, that’s what we call reassuring!

Go, catch this bus with a 14 days FREE trial.


2. Outgrow For Interactive Content

We know, we know- we can’t not include interactive content in our lead generation tools. Well, we hope you know that it is always our favorite way to generate leads. So much so, that we created this entire ebook on the same.


81% of marketers think that Interactive content attracts the user’s attention! And Outgrow interactive content builder comes with pre-made templates that follow all the modern design practices. Hence, it is super easy to attract the user at first glance. Also, Outgrow is equipped to handle complex calculations, logic jumps, etc.. This gives you the liberty to offer a personalized experience to your audience. And in return, you engage your audience and build a closer relationship.

Use these interactive content at any point in the funnel and try to address the pain points of your audience. When you are interacting with your audience and addressing their problems, generating leads becomes easier. Have a look at how Inventrom managed to generate 52K+ leads using Outgrow’s Interactive Content!

3. Lead Generation and Landing Pages by Woorise

Woorise is an all-in-one lead generation platform that allows you to create a wide range of interactive campaigns such as viral giveaways & contests, landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes and more to collect leads and engage your audience.


With Woorise you can quickly & easily create your landing page in a matter of minutes. Start with a conversion-optimized and mobile-responsive template. Then customize it inside the Drag & Drop Builder, add forms optimized for completion in one click and launch a professional-looking landing page that’s designed to convert.

Woorise makes it easy to create powerful campaigns for your business including lead magnet campaigns, NPS campaigns, advanced marketing and feedback surveys, event registration and signup forms, accept payments and subscriptions and much more.

Woorise also integrates with popular marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Google Analytics, Bitly, Zapier, PayPal, Stripe and many more to automatically send your new leads to the tools you already use.

 4. Landing Pages and Signup Forms by Sendinblue

Landing pages play the most crucial role in inviting leads through your website. If it is a put-off, forget converting your visitors into leads. So, where can you get your landing page customized?


Welcome the Sendinblue’s Landing Pages service that can help you tailor your homepage that matches your brand colors, style, and fonts. That too, with no coding. Isn’t that cool? 😊 With their numerous templates, you can lure your visitors by flaunting that new eBook or intrigue with an upcoming event. Check this video tutorial.

Sendinblue also offers simple drag and drop signup forms builder. These forms are fully customizable and eye-catchy. Add the required fields and embed it as a plugin, in the webpage, or an email. Even in your social media profile. Don’t worry, data compliance is assured.


Rhinov—an online interior design firm—drove their marketing strategy with Sendinblue. The conversions generated through Sendinblue shares 32% of the entirety. Check how they used this tool to nurture their leads!

5. Get Referrals with Buyapowa

Remember the referral program you exploited to get free food all these years? Buyapowa infuses similar referral and influential programs in marketing to invite new leads via employees, brand ambassadors, and existing customers.


With an omnichannel acquisition logic, the tool can capture the referrals made at various channels, on mobile or online, in-store, or POS. Their rewards and incentive programs help you invite your customers and employees to spread the words about you (or your client). Offering data privacy compliance and global and flexible designs, the tools can be easily integrated using APIs.


This advocacy platform has its wings spread in various industries; telecom is one among many. Many telecom brands like BT Mobile and Three ended up gaining more than a dozen new customers from just one existing user with incentivization programs.

By the way, Buyapowa has embedded Drift for its lead generation. What is Drift? Go to the next point to find out😊

 6. Communicate with Drift

Conversational marketing is booming, especially with the chatbots. These tiny text bubbles do wonders in communicating with the visitors of a website and initiate a big bunch of leads. Check out this video by Drift and know more about their endeavors.


Mobilize your inbound inquiries with Drift’s Leadbot. This bot can ask precise questions to the enquirers and enrich your CRM with new leads. It also saves your agents from a graveyard night shift and works round the clock. Apart from these, it unlocks the doors to VIP leads by booking meetings and doesn’t let them sway out.

Ever heard of a swooping increase in chat leads by 625%? It seems other-worldly, doesn’t it?? Turns out, Drift achieved this landmark growth for one of their clients.

Emily, the growth marketer at Clio—a cloud-based technology firm—was amazed by the human touch in the real-time messaging by Drift. Emily noticed a dramatic increase in their qualified leads since they started using Drift. They registered an increase of 200 leads from 15 every month since they started using Drift.


7. Advertising with Adespresso

Enrich your pipeline with new and exciting leads. Build real relationships with just a few ads. This is what Adespresso offers to its customers. Advertising is the most trusted way to capture leads. Ad Espresso can help you socialize and rise with your advertising endeavors.


It allows you to create multiple variants of your ads with minimal clicks. Blast these ads to various audiences through popular channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to have a wider reach. Also, it can help you to measure the impact of these with solid analytics. (Is not analytics a favorite technical jargon these days?)

The tool also pours in actionable insights about your disastrous campaigns so you can pull them instantly and save your dollars.

How many buyers can you target for luxury lakeside second homes through social media? After all, it is not a perfume or shoe sale! Fritton Lake Retreats—a real estate company—ran campaigns on Facebook using Adespresso spending around $22K. They logged sales for nearly $2600K while elevating their user database to a significant level.


Check this another review from a marketing agency and don’t ponder too much to invest your cash.

Honorable Mention

8. Smart Popups with Picreel 

While popups might look annoying to a lot of people, exit-intent popups are displayed using innovative technology to visitors who are about to leave your website. Isn’t it cool?


Picreel is the perfect companion to boost leads, conversions, and sales from your existing traffic!

The easy-to-use popup editor lets you design delightful overlays, slide-ins, nanobars, and banners from over 100+ customizable popup templates. Using a set of trigger options, personalization settings, and targeting rules, make your offer to the audience at the perfect moment to convert visitors into leads and customers.

As Picreel offers A/B testing and advanced analytics about popup campaigns, you can easily make changes to improvise the popups for better results. Offering seamless integration with 700+ sales, marketing, CRM, CMS, and social platforms, you can automatically transfer captured leads’ data to your favorite tools in real-time.

Grivy – an online marketplace – has been able to increase leads by more than 57% with Picreel and has been able to convert 22% of the captured leads. Check out how they and others used this tool to generate quality leads and grow business.

9. Qualaroo for Contextual Feedback & Lead Generation

What if you could gather more information from potential prospects than just their contact details like technographic and demographic data? It would make it easy for the sales team to send a highly personalized proposal when they contact the client.


That’s what Qualaroo does. It’s one of the most advanced user research and lead generation tool. It means you can simultaneously gather in-the-moment feedback from the website and app visitors and farm new leads.

The best part is the lead forms don’t hit visitors in the face like pop-up overlays. Its proprietary Nudge™ technology lets you show lead generation and survey forms without disrupting their experience. You can target visitors based on who they are, where they are from, what they do on the page, how often they visit, etc.

You can add multiple question types, question branching, and automatic language translation, among other features, to collect highly niche data points from leads.

And with built-integration APIs, you can automatically channel these leads to the right tools like Mailchimp.GoodBlogs- a content marketing platform – increased lead generation on its website by 300% with Qualaroo. The team deployed lead forms with branching to drive relevant leads in the sales funnel. Check out how they did it.

Parting Advice

It’s time to stop getting caught up with cold emailing and mediocre ways of lead generation!. Zing up your lead generation processes with these lead generation tools and Outgrow’s interactive marketing as well. We have a scholar degree (read ratings) in lead generation through calculators, surveys, and conversational bot services.

Do let us know which one worked for you the best and thank us with a cup of coffee later. We are just a scream away! 😊

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