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Outgrow Product Update For September 2019

…And we are back!  Where from? Well, product update land of course!
You all know that we remain committed to updating our product regularly. We want to make sure that our users have the best lead-generation tactics in their bags. To that extent, we added 2 new content types- giveaways and surveys in our last product update in August 2019.

But we couldn’t stop there, could we?
So we went back to the lab and made sure we improved on the content types we had. Here is what came out of the Outgrow Product Update For September 2019:

1) 3D Secure Payment

We aimed at making our tool an all-rounder that all of our clients trust. And hence, we ended up taking this step towards safe and secure transactions. Wikipedia describes 3D Secure Payment as “an XML-based protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions”.

Our verdict? It’s as safe as it gets!

To pay for/upgrade your account, just head over to the Billing/Settings section.

Outgrow Product Update For September 2019

2) Compare Your Interactive Experiences’ Analytics

According to a survey conducted by IBM, 700 CMO’s say that one of their top 4 business priorities this year is to “inject data-driven insights into every marketing decision.” But what does this mean for our day to day interactive experiences?

The only way to see how we are doing is to regularly check our analytics. An option to compare the analytics of different interactive experiences can let us know what is working and what is not. This is exactly what we aimed to do with this update.

Maybe more leads are attracted by a particular template as compared to others. It is also possible that your bottom of the funnel leads are more interested in deriving information from a calculator and not an outcome quiz. Maybe some interactive experiences tend to work better as compared to others when made live/promoted around a particular social event.
You can gain all of these insights by following these simple steps:

1) Head over to ‘Analyze’ and click ‘Compare’. Select the experiences that you want to compare.

Outgrow Product Update For September 2019

2) You can compare their conversion rate and progress over the month.

3) You can choose to hide the ones you don’t want to compare as well.

Outgrow Product Update For September 2019

4) You will be able to track the progress of your experience over time while comparing it with others.

Outgrow Product Update For September 2019

3) Email Automated Analytics Report

We understand how hard it is to inform all your team members about your marketing campaigns. Especially when you’re dealing with lots and lots of interactive experiences.

We created the ‘Reports’ option to help you tackle this problem in minutes. All you have to do is specify the particular metrics that you want the report for. Thereafter, all that information will be automatically sent to the team members that you have specified. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Head over to ‘Analytics’ and then ‘Reports’.

2) Select the metrics that you want the reports over. For instance, we wanted to know the amount of traffic that our experience was attracting. Moreover, we wanted to know the devices used by our users while engaging with the experience, and the browsers used by them.

Outgrow Product Update For September 2019

3) Save the report and head over to ‘Your Email Sequence.’ Select the addresses of your teammates that you want to send this data to. You can select the subject, email body, and frequency.

Outgrow Product Update For September 2019

Parting Words

So? How did you like our latest updates? We would love to hear your thoughts on the same! Got some ideas on how to make our tool better? Send us an email at questions@outgrow.co. 🙂

Sign-up for our free trial here!

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