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Outgrow’s Personality Quiz Templates You Need To Try [+Use Cases]

Have you been wondering how to create a Personality Quiz that goes viral? We’re here with some of the best personality quiz templates out there! But first, let’s understand why exactly you need personality quizzes in your life.

Everyone is unique in their own way and has different attributes and personalities. But how can you learn more about your own uniqueness? This is when a personality quiz comes in handy. A personality test is nothing but a fun quiz that will help you determine what kind of personality you have. Simply answer a few random questions and find out.

So, in this blog, we’re going to talk about how you can create the perfect personality quiz on Outgrow!

What is a Personality Quiz?

A personality test is an interactive tool that’s used to evaluate human personality. These quizzes are designed to collect relevant information through a series of questions and assess the personality of the quiz-taker based on their responses.

Moreover, they are super fun and easy to complete and are a great way to boost your engagement and conversion rates. Now let’s talk about some of the most common use cases of personality quiz templates!

Some Common Use-cases

An online personality quiz can come in handy for a variety of purposes-

1. Entertainment

Personality quizzes are for sure, a great source of entertainment. They are super fun and easy and help you find out more about your personality type. Moreover, psychological personality tests pave the way for personal exploration. However, the best part is that these quizzes come up with instant results which helps fulfill the eagerness within us!

2. Education

Psychological personality tests or psychometric tests are used by educational institutions as a part of their screening process. If you’ve appeared for job placements,, you must have noticed such tests in at least a few of them. These tests are nothing but an easy way to evaluate the personality type of the candidates.

3. Medical Diagnosis

A psychological test can also be created by a healthcare professional or psychologist to evaluate the mental health of their patients. With a series of well-thought questions, doctors can find out if the patient is suffering from a personality disorder or not.

Now that we’ve understood the most common use cases of personality quizzes, let’s quickly dive into their benefits!

Benefits of a Personality Quiz

Using personality tests in your marketing campaigns is one of the most underrated marketing strategies. They are incredibly effective in a lot of aspects. Let’s find out-

1. Higher Engagement Rate

Everyone wants to learn more about themselves and their distinctive traits. Thus, a personality quiz appeals to users on an individual level because of its very nature. Therefore, making personality tests a part of your marketing strategy can help boost your engagement rate.

2. Deep Insights and Data Collection

A boost in the engagement rate will positively impact your conversion rate. Thus, a personality quiz can help you collect valid user information as well as deep insights from your users. This will help you understand your target audience better and make the next move intelligently.

3. Personalized Retargeting Campaigns

A personality quiz is nothing but a series of questions designed in order to evaluate certain aspects of an individual’s personality. Thus, the responses collected through such quizzes can help you personalize your retargeting campaigns and nurture your leads in the most effective manner.

4. Brand Loyalty

When you provide personalized results to users, there’s a higher possibility of them returning to you for more. This fosters brand loyalty and retention. Moreover, 79% of marketers believe that interactive content types like quizzes enhance the reputation of a brand’s message and lead to repeat visitors and greater online exposure.

Popular and Ready-to-use Personality Quiz Templates

Are you trying to look for ways to avoid the trouble of creating your personality quiz from scratch? Stop looking because we’ve got you covered! Outgrow offers a wide range of pre-made personality quiz templates. Check them out below-

1. DISC Personality Test

DISC personality Quiz template


Personality quiz template


Which car best suits you personality quiz template


anime personality test


Paris fashion week gown personality test

Well, now that we’ve walked you through some of the best personality quiz templates, let’s talk about the steps involved in creating a personality quiz on Outgrow.

How to Get Started With Personality Quizzes on Outgrow?

Using Outgrow’s no-code builder, you can create the most enchanting personality quiz templates in just a few minutes. Here are the basic steps that you need to follow in order to do so-

1. Sign up with Outgrow (if you haven’t already!).

Outgrow 7-day free trial

2. Log in to your Outgrow dashboard and select a content type. In this case, since you’re looking to create a personality test, an outcome quiz would be the most appropriate content type.

Outgrow content types

3. Now, you’ll be greeted with a page where you can select from a bunch of pre-made templates or also create your own quiz from scratch.

Outgrow layouts

4. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll be able to access the builder.

Outgrow builder

5. Here, you can add the questions, and outcomes, and customize the quiz as per your requirements.

Outgrow Builder

6. To complete the process, map the outcomes to different options based on your workflow. You can also add conditional logic to questions that can help skip to any question or webpage.

Outgrow builder

7. Once you are done with all of these steps, simply click on Go Live and your personality quiz is good to go!

How to create a personality quiz that goes viral?

Why Choose Outgrow Quiz Templates?

1. Variety of Easy-to-use Templates

As we’ve already discussed above, Outgrow offers a wide variety of easily comprehensible templates. You can search for the most suitable industry-specific template from our Template Menu.

2. Fully Customizable

The Outgrow builder offers a wide scope for customization. From our Display Settings, you can alter everything based on your company’s branding guidelines. From the background image, font types, and colors, to the company logo, everything is customizable.

3. Free Stock Images

The Outgrow builder has a huge pool of free stock images. While setting up your content’s display, you can search for any image and you’ll get a vast collection to choose from.

4. No-coding

Because of being a no-code software, the Outgrow builder is extremely easy to comprehend. Any layman like you and I can work on Outgrow and turn their imagination into reality.

5. Easy to Promote (embedding features)

Promoting your content on Outgrow is a piece of cake. Simply embed your content or use it via the direct URL. However, Outgrow offers a variety of embedding options to choose from. Depending on your requirement, you can choose any type of embed from full-page, in-page, pop-up, etc. You can also opt for custom embedding and specify the dimensions according to your webpage.

6. 1000+ Integrations

With Outgrow, you can keep your user data secure by integrating your content piece with the CRM tool of your choice. Choose from the 1000+ integration options that we offer and gather all information at one place. You can opt for the native integration feature or integrate your content via Zapier or Webhooks as well.

7. Highly-rated Customer Support

Outgrow’s Customer Success team has a great reputation for being responsive 24*7. With an average reply time of less than 1 minute, we can assure you that all your queries will be solved on priority. Apart from being efficient, our customer success representatives are also very sweet! 🙂

We’ve already listed a lot of reasons why you should choose Outgrow to create your personality quiz templates. So, what are you waiting for? Start your free trial now and tell us how it goes!


There you go! We hope that you were able to learn enough to give Outgrow’s quiz-maker tool a go!

Want to share something we may have missed out on? Let us know in the comments below!

For the most efficient, hassle-free, and customizable quiz maker, we’d recommend you try out Outgrow! So don’t wait long and sign up now!


The best free personality quiz-maker software is Outgrow. Using Outgrow’s no-coding builder, you can easily create your own personality test or choose a pre-template and customize it.

You can take a personality test by simply answering a series of random questions. Based on the responses you provide, the quiz will give you some information about your personality.

You can create your own personality test by using any quiz-maker such as Outgrow. Simply add the questions, and outcomes and set up the mapping of these outcomes based on your workflow.

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