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Outgrow Product Update for January: New Template, Improved Embeds, Progressive Profiling, and More

We’re back with more improvements in the product, and of course some brand new features. Here’s presenting to you the details of Outgrow product update 3.1. Dig in!

Introducing a New Template “The Venice”

We’ve rolled out a new design template “The Venice”. Just like its namesake, this template looks pretty and compact. Whether seen on desktop or mobile, this layout adds a certain class to your quizzes and calculators. What’s new? The card style layout and animated buttons. Go ahead, check it for yourself in your Outgrow account (go to Dashboard > Create a New Experience)

outgrow product update

Improved Embeds

Embedding is central to putting your interactive experiences in front of your audience. Keeping this in view, we have introduced some improvements in embeds as a part of this release. You’ll experience better speed, faster loading, improved UI, when you access, embeds under the configuration section on the builder.

Outcome Specific Email Triggers

We’re taking personalization to the next level! Thanks to this update, you can now send customized emails to users based on the outcomes they get. Please note – this feature is only available for outcome quizzes.

outgrow product update

Formula-building Made Easier

You can now create formulas using excel sheets or JSON. Simply upload an excel file or fetch formula through JSON. The data will be reflected in the formula builder. While our kickass support team is always there to help you with any queries you may have, this is our attempt to simplify the formula-building process for you.

A Better ‘Analyze’ Section

We’ve revamped the ‘Analyze’ section in the builder. You’ll find an improved UI in the overview section. Plus, we’ve added the option to filter leads. What’s more – you can now use a slider to view lead details.

outgrow product update

outgrow product update

Get More Ideas, Right from Your Dashboard

Calculator/quiz/assessment – whatever experience you’re trying to build, whichever industry you hail from – we’ve got an idea for you. You can now access the idea generator spreadsheet right from your dashboard. Here’s how: Dashboard> click on ‘?’ icon to get the sheet for more calculator/quiz/assessment ideas.

outgrow product update

Introducing Progressive Profiling in the Lead Forms

If someone has interacted with one of your experiences and shared their data, the next time they access another experience from the same browser, the lead data will come pre-filled. So much for user experience!

Adding to the Awesomeness

Wait, there’s more. Listed below are some functional and UI changes we’ve made to the product as a part of this release –

  1. Now, there’s a new way of authentication for integration with Intercom. Instead of an API key, you will now see an Intercom login popup.
  2. Get ready to create more vibrant experiences, as we introduce the ability to upload GIF files to the builder.
  3. Good news for our users from Russia! We’ve added VKontakte in social feeds.
  4. Launching interactive experiences in email’ now supports checkboxes, in addition to opinion scale type questions
  5. You can now apply custom CSS to the entire calculator.
  6. Get your interactive experiences ready for search engines! The SEO settings now include add follow, no follow, robots, and no robots tags.
  7. All our business plan users – new and existing – will have access to Custom HTML. Not on business plan? Upgrade to enjoy the feature.

Login to the Outgrow app to experience all the new features.

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