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Landing Page Conversion Rate Calculator

You’ve got a huge traffic inflow, your content team is creating awesome content, and your pages are optimized well for search engines. However, you’re not seeing other numbers like leads and conversion rates go up. Why? Is your marketing not working? Not really. The real reason your visitors are not converting into customers could be your landing page. If your landing page is not optimized for conversions, getting any traffic on your website is as good as getting no traffic. But how do you know if your landing page will convert or not? One way is to test its effectiveness before launching it. Take this landing page conversion rate calculator to determine whether or not your landing page will get you any leads.

To increase conversion rate through your landing page, make sure you don’t miss out on the following


  • Call-to-Actions – The goal of your landing page is to get you more leads and CTA helps you do just that. Make sure the CTA stands out on the page. And avoid confusing people with too many action calls. Best landing pages accentuate just one Call-to-action.
  • Offer – Give your visitors something in return for the information they leave behind. An offer is a motivator. Again, offers don’t always have to be discounts or coupons. You can also offer free trials or extended warranty. Just make sure your offer spells value.
  • Effective Headline & Copy – The headline is the first thing visitors see on a landing page, and the copy is the second. Make sure they are concise, intriguing, can hold attention, and spell the message clearly.
  • Social Proof – Trust plays a huge role in getting people to leave behind their information with you. Use testimonials or video case studies as a part of the landing page to build trust and make your visitors feel safe.

Let’s have a look at some of the Conversion rate optimization statistics.

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