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Outgrow Product Update for March: Double Opt-In, Downloadable GIFs, Outgrow As Exit Intent and a Lot More

Hey there folks! Important announcement – we’ve come up with another release from Outgrow! And we are sure this makes you as excited as us. Ready to know more about the awesome features coming your way as a part of this Outgrow product update? Let’s dig in!

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#1 Create A Downloadable GIF For Your Interactive Experience

We can’t downsize the importance of promoting your experience, can we? So to help you give your promotions that extra edge, we’ve brought to you the option of creating a downloadable GIF for your calculator/quiz/poll. This animation is automatically generated, and can be downloaded from the Configure tab in the builder. Imagine the various ways you can use this GIF to boost your engagement rates. You do know visual content gets you 37% more social engagement, right?

outgrow product update

#2 Double Opt-in For GDPR Compliance

In view of the recent EU GDPR compliance, we’ve introduced ‘double opt-in’ option in the Outgrow app. This means, the users who leave their information in the lead form on your interactive experiences, will need to confirm their email address before you can add them to your email list. The feature certainly ensures transparency between you and your users. However, it also means that now you get more qualified leads – the people who sign up are actually the ones who want to hear from you.

#3 Get Your Users To Fill the Lead Form Using Facebook

Who doesn’t love simple? We bet your users do! So, in a bid to simplify the process of filling out the lead form, we’ve introduced the option to login through Facebook. This means your users can now submit their lead info with just one click. When they click on ‘Continue with Facebook’, their name and email data will be fetched from their Facebook account. Simple, right? You can turn on the login with lead form feature under the lead generation properties.

Lead Form

#4 Redirect Users To A URL Once They Submit Their Lead Info

You sure want to send users to a landing page on your website once they’ve taken the quiz/calculator poll. We heard you! And thus we’ve come out with the option to redirect users to a particular URL after they’ve filled the lead form, bypassing the results page. You can find this option tucked in under the Lead Generation Properties section in the editor.

Lead Info

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#5 Use Outgrow as an Exit Intent Pop Up

Love conversions as much as we do? Now there’s another way to fire up your conversions using Outgrow. With this release, we bring to you the option of launching your quiz/calculator as an exit intent pop up. This is in addition to the timed popups we had earlier (popups which trigger after the user has spent a certain amount of time on the page). All you need to do is copy the pop up embed code into your website. Imagine how this can facelift your business’ customer engagement, especially when exit intent popups are known to save you 35% of the otherwise lost leads! You can find the option of using Outgrow as an exit intent under the Embed section on the Configure tab.

Exit Intent Pop Up

You thought that’s it? Nope. Here are some more features we’ve rolled out as a part of our March update.

  • UI improvements in the Greek Template. The questions now appear one after the another, instead of in a paragraph.
  • We’ve made some improvements in the user funnel design UI, which will ensure that you get more accurate insights.
  • Improvements in the UI of the results page. You can now show multiple outcomes and multiple CTAs. The former is especially a plus if you want to display recommendations for your users as a part of results.

Note: This feature is available only as part of four templates – Chicago, Greek, Madrid and Stockholm.


#4 You can now display the response that got the highest percentage in a poll as a part of the results page. This could actually be helpful in cases where you’re creating an exit poll for elections, or taking a vote for some awards.

Like what you see? Try your hands at these awesome new features in the Outgrow Product Update. Login to the Outgrow app now!

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