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How To Create A Simple Discovery Survey Using Outgrow

Hello there! Welcome to the very first edition of our “How To” series for the year 2019! In case you missed it, last year (hehe!) we talked about How To Create A Feedback Survey using Outgrow. This time, we’re here to tell you all about Discovery Surveys.

However, we understand that the holiday haze can be hard to cut through. So grab a steaming cup of coffee as we give you a quick recap about marketing funnels.


A marketing funnel helps you to track the stages that your consumers travel through to eventually make a buying decision. It also lets you know where you are losing customers and what your company needs to do to help influence consumers at each stage.

The top of the funnel is where we often see inbound marketing at its finest. Our goals might include nudging a few potential customers toward conversion, but the way we go about that is rarely by talking about ourselves. Instead, it’s about figuring out what the audience wants and needs to learn about and teaching them those things.

Feel up to speed? Good! (In case you don’t – feel free to read more here!)

What Is A Discovery Survey and Why do You Need It?

Essentially, a Discovery Survey helps you to learn about new users in a new or existing market by asking a series of questions.

The Discovery Survey is ideal to use when you are trying to understand a new market or a new type of customer. These surveys tend to be very short (a maximum of 4-7 questions) and provide you with the initial information you need to further segment individuals.

Secondly, a Discovery Survey also helps in generating awareness about your brand among potential customers (and even the market at large).In fact, if the use case for your product isn’t immediately obvious, you can educate the market about the existence of that problem.

So if you’re an explorer who wants to learn about potential audiences or an adventurer all set to venture into new markets, a discovery survey is just what you need!

We here at Outgrow created a simple Discovery Survey to attract users who wish to buy cars. We asked the users to answer a few simple questions to help segment them based on their needs and wishes. Have a look!

Creating a Discovery Survey Using Outgrow

Interactive surveys such as those created on Outgrow are fun, easy to use and engaging. This leads to record conversion rates of over 60% consistently.

Follow the steps listed below to create a survey of your own:

a) Sign up for Outgrow right here!

b) Select “Outcome Quiz” from your Outgrow Dashboard

discovery survey

c) Next, click on “Select a Template”.

discovery survey

d) Scroll down the list and select the Discovery Survey Template or use our existing Example. Simply click on “Use Template” to start creating a survey of your own.

Template Library

e) Start by customizing your welcome screen. Make sure to personalize the survey by adding your logo, a suitable color theme etc.

Welcome Screen

f) Add all your questions from the left panel and make the edits on the right.


g) Now, click on “Outcomes” and add all the outcome pages you want to lead your prospects to from the right-hand side of the screen.


h) Once you have added all the outcomes, go back to the questions and map them to specific outcomes under “Map To An Outcome”.

Map To An Outcome

i) Make sure to add a relevant Call To Action for your users!

Call To Action

Don’t wish to create a survey from scratch? Our pre-made template is at your service! Take a look.

Do’s and Don’ts for Creating A Discovery Survey

a) A picture says a thousand words! Make sure to use appealing images and relevant gifs throughout your survey.
b) KISS: Keep it Simple, Silly! The longer the survey, the higher the chances of users leaving it mid-way.
c) Use the Help Text. Help text allows you to provide additional information in the questions wherever necessary. And a little help often goes a long way!
d) Limit the options you provide. Don’t confuse your users with too many possible answers to a question. 3-4 options is a good idea!
e) Use the lead generation form wisely. Based on your goals, you can have it on the welcome page, right before the results (highly recommended!) or even on the results page itself.

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By asking questions that help your prospects feel that you have “diagnosed” their situation, you are more likely to convert them into customers.

As the next step after your survey, lead your prospects to a product sales page based on the answers provided by them. This will ensure that they feel heard and that they have been provided with a customized solution.

Happy Creating, marketers! Do reach out to us in case of any queries. See you on another “How To” post soon. 🙂

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