Outrgrow Update 2022

Outgrow Product Update for October 2022: 20+ Outstanding Features

Outgrow is back with yet another round of exciting, new features. With this latest product update, we’ve tried to make the content creation process easier and smoother for you! So, without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Have Fun With New Elements: Exciting Widgets and More

1. Store and Analyze Your Data Efficiently With the New Spreadsheet Widget

The Outgrow builder now has a new spreadsheet widget that you can utilize in different types of content pieces in order to segregate your collected data properly. This is a rather important feature and with its introduction, we aim to help ease the analyzing and reporting process for you.

Store and Analyze Your Data Efficiently With the New Spreadsheet Widget

For example, a car manufacturer can ask for the total number of cars sold by each model in a particular quarter or year. So, the rows could be the years and the columns could be the different models. You can simply set this up and send the information to your CRM tool via Outgrow’s native or Zapier integrations.

outgrow product update

2. Add Widgets to Your Results Page

You can now add the Chilipiper and Calendly widgets to your results page and make it more comprehensive and engaging. Simply navigate to the Results section, click on Results Page and then scroll down to Add Widgets to set it up.

For instance, if you’re running a construction company looking to widen your client base. You can create a ‘Cost of Constructing a House’ calculator and can add the Calendly widget on your results page in order to set up a meeting with your prospective clients.

Here’s how you can add these widgets-

outgrow product update

3. Deploy the Content via QR Codes

This one is really cool. You can now set up a QR code for your content piece. Users can scan the code in order to access your content piece like a quiz, or calculator on their web or mobile browsers.

Deploy the Content via QR Codes

4. Verify Phone Numbers With Our New Widget

You can now add a phone number verification widget to your content piece. This will help you make sure that the contact information you collect is valid. Once your users add their phone numbers, they’ll receive an OTP on their phones. The OTP will then help ensure that they’ve provided you with the correct phone numbers.

verify Phone Numbers With Our New Widget

5. Move Questions in and out of Sections

To save you from the cumbersome process of deleting and recreating questions in case of a change in the section, we’ve introduced a new feature in this product update for moving the questions in and out of sections. To move a question, click on the three dots on the right side of a question. You’ll find an option to move in or out of a section depending on where your question is placed.

Move Questions

In the above image, you can see the ‘Move In’ option. By using this, you can move a question into a section.

Similarly, in the image shown below, you can move a question out of a section by clicking on the ‘Move Out’ option.

Move Questions

6. Percentiles for Assessments 

Apart from the overall score, rank, and percentage, you will now also be able to provide logically calculated percentiles {Score_percentile} to your users based on their responses. Let’s check out.

Percentiles for Assessments

Exciting New Integration Product Updates on Outgrow

To add to our list of 1000+ integration options, we’ve come up with a few more to cater to your needs.

1. Outgrow – SAP CDC Integration Now Available

You can now integrate your interactive content piece with the SAP CDC CRM tool in order to streamline your information storage and analysis process. Go to the Configure Tab> Integrations> Native and select the SAP CDC tool to set it up.

Outgrow integration product update

2. Up Your Tracking Game With Outgrow- Pardot Integration

With this latest product update, you can now utilize the Outgrow-Pardot integration to track certain user actions on your website and content piece. Moreover, it’s extremely easy to set up, the steps are exactly like the ones you follow while setting up your GA tracker.

3. Send PDFs via Integrations

Along with textual data, you can now start sending PDFs to your CRM tools via integration with Outgrow. You can simply access this feature while setting up your integration, or even utilize it directly from the admin.

Some New Display Features to Refine Your Aesthetics

1. Try Out Donut Chart Mode in Pie Chart

You can now make your results page look more catchy and attractive by turning your pie chart into a donut chart. Simply flip a switch and see the magic!

Pie Chart


2. Try Out the New Font Styles and Make Your Content More Enticing

We’ve come up with some more font styles for you in this product update to help you make your content look more attractive. You can use different fonts for different sections of your content piece and enhance its overall look and feel.

Font Styles

3. Define Your Video Size on Safari

Outgrow now supports MP4 videos on the Safari browser. So, if you’re a Safari user, it’s good news for you. You can now make your interactive content more engaging and enticing by embedding MP4 videos into your content piece.

4. File Upload With Lead Generation Form

You can now set up a file upload field with your lead generation form. To access the feature, select ‘Others’ in your field type and further select ‘File Upload’. Easy-peasy, right? And it can make data collection so much more convenient for you!

Lead Generation Form

5. Grader-style Results Page Layout in Calculators

Outgrow has introduced a new grader-style layout for interactive calculators. You can set this up by navigating to the Layouts section on the Results Page. Simply click on ‘Grader’ and you’re good to go.

Let’s see what this layout looks like-

Results Page Layout in Calculators

Scale Up Your Analytics and Reporting With These New Features

1. Channel Analytics

We’ve made an effort to improve analytics and reporting for you. For each interactive content piece you create, you can now find social media channel-specific, non-editable launch links.

With the help of these launch links, you can promote the same content through multiple campaigns. For example, your sales, marketing, and other teams can launch their own campaigns and use these individual links for their respective campaigns.

Additionally, you will find a separate tab called ‘Channel Analytics’ under the Analyze section dedicated to the analytics of these launch links. This will let you analyze the traffic and engagement your content drives through these individual links and gauge the performance of all your campaigns.

At present, we’re supporting Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and there is a general bucket ‘Others’.

Outgrow analytics product update

Social Media Links

2. Detect Microsoft Edge Under Analytics

We’ve now improved tracking for you. Along with existing browsers, Outgrow now also identifies the Microsoft Edge browser. So, if a user accesses your content piece on Microsoft Edge, this will get reflected under your analytics as ‘Edge’ instead of ‘Others’.

Some Miscellaneous Updates

1. Move Logic Jump Conditions Across Pages

You can now change the workflow of your conditional logic jumps with great ease. On the logic jump popup, you’ll find an arrow right next to the conditional logic using which you can move it across various pages.

Outgrow logic jump product update

2. Add Custom Variables + Hidden Fields to Outgoing Data

Outgoing data is the information that automatically gets added to the URL placed behind the CTA button on the questions, results page, etc. •

We’ve introduced two new categories of data. The first one is the ‘Custom Variable’ which you can manually define under ‘Incoming Data’ and the other is the ‘Other Variables’. Some examples of the ‘other type of variables’ can be the device model, referrer, network, etc.

Wrapping Up

With this, we’ve come to the end of this year’s product update. We hope that these new updates and features are useful to you.

But this is not the end! We pledge to provide you with more exciting updates in the future. And for that, we would love to hear your requirements and understand where we can improve.

Please drop in your views in the comment section below and help us provide you with a better experience!

And if you haven’t signed up with Outgrow yet, hurry! Sign up for the 7-day free trial now and reap amazing benefits for your upcoming business campaigns!

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