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Outgrow Product Update – Say Hello to Graded Quizzes, Promotional Checklist, and Much More!

At Outgrow, our incredible product team is always looking to improve the app to make it more useful to our customers and make it a delight to use. We’ve just come out with some amazing new stuff in our latest Outgrow product update. Here’s a quick run-down for you:

Graded Quiz

outgrow product update

The biggest update is the introduction of a new quiz type called Graded Quiz. These are knowledge tests which let you give your users a score, a rank or a grade based on how well they do on the quiz. Use this quiz type to test your audience on how well they know your product and give an incentive to people who reach a certain score. Or, just get more viral buzz going around your company by launching a kickass quiz around a popular topic related to your industry. For example, check out this graded quiz on Are You Really a Facebook Marketing Expert?

If you’re an Outgrow user, you can create your first graded quiz by going to Dashboard>Create a New Experience>Graded Quiz.

New Calculator Templates

We’ve come up with 2 brand new calculator templates for our Essentials and Business plan users. Called The Tokyo and The Madrid, these are simple, modern designs to make your calculator pack that extra oomph and stand out. Check them out by logging into your Outgrow dashboard.

Market Your Quizzes and Calculators Better with our Promotional Checklist

You made a seriously awesome quiz or a mind-boggling calculator but nobody’s checking it out? We understand your pain. That’s why we’ve come up with a highly detailed Promotional Checklist inside the Outgrow app to help you make the most out of your interactive content. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, engage customers, or just create more buzz around your brand, we’ve got you covered. To access the promotional checklist, go to Dashboard>Any Quiz or Calculator that is live>Configure>Promotional Checklist.

More Awesome Stuff

We’ve made some updates to the lead generation section. You can now avoid spam by toggling on the email validation option. You can also toggle on the “Do not allow duplicate leads” option to add a check that the same email address is not submitted more than once. Lastly, we now allow checkboxes and dropdowns in the lead generation section.

We’ve also made some long-required additions to the confirmation email section. These include the ability to send a test confirmation email and the ability for the user to customize the emails using custom HTML tags.

Hope this got you excited. Stay tuned to this section to get regular updates!

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