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Top 5 Interactive Calculators for Websites

With businesses going virtual, there is a stronger need for interactive digital experiences that engage the audience. Interactive content types like calculators do just that. They offer personalized solutions based on the unique needs of the users. Interactive calculators for websites act as fantastic lead magnets as they offer value to prospects.

Think back to the time you saw a fun calculator, didn’t you feel like making one for your business too? However, did you hold back thinking you don’t have the expertise or tools to create these interactive experiences?

Don’t worry…we got you! In this blog, we offer you a list of some of the best interactive calculators for websites.

What Is an Interactive Calculator?

Interactive calculators are widgets that offer personalized solutions to users. Here, the users input some data based on the questions asked in the calculator and as a result, receive the information that they were looking for. For example, a savings goal calculator may provide the amount you need to invest today, to own XYZ amount at the end of 5 years.

saving goal calculator

Moreover, interactive calculators also act as fantastic lead generation tools for businesses. In fact, After sharing this calculator on multiple platforms, you can generate some valuable lead information.

In fact, you can not only gather their contact information but also gain deep insights into the users. How much do they spend on automobiles, or what their budget is for their next Airbnb booking? Moreover, these are crucial data points that you can then use to remarket your service or product through targeted campaigns.

Suppose you’re an app builder and you embed a calculator like this on your website. After that, you can segment the high-value clients and offer additional incentives to them.

cost to build an app

Therefore, calculators have so much untapped potential that you can leverage to get high-quality leads, increase sales, and boost your revenue.

Well, still not convinced about the potential of interactive calculators for websites?

You might want to check out this course we created on how to generate leads with interactive calculators. 

Features of Low-Code Interactive Calculator Apps

Low-code interactive calculators are the rage! So, in this section, we’ll help you understand some of the most important features you need to look for in an interactive calculator builder before you choose one.

features of a calculator

1. Short Learning Curve 

The reason businesses are ditching traditional ways of creating a calculator is due to the time and effort involved in the process. With low-code calculators, you cut back on that time and effort, and deploy them in more useful strategic avenues.

Low-code and no-code calculators allow you to build powerful apps without any coding or with very few lines of code. All the backend calculations and design features that you need are built into the dashboard. Hence, you can just drag and drop all the items or customize an existing template with just a few clicks.

2. Advanced Calculations

Businesses like yours and ours are trying to solve some of the biggest challenges of today’s globalized world. Therefore, advanced calculations and a powerful builder are a necessity in any calculator.

3. Search Engine Optimized Designs

As marketers, we know that creating something amazing is not enough. It needs to be promoted and distributed via the right channels for your audience to come across it. Hence, a good interactive calculator builder needs to offer search engine-optimized templates and layouts to increase the visibility and virality of your content pieces. Moreover, look for builders that offer social media widgets embedded in the calculators for quick liking and sharing features.

4. Mobile-Friendly Layouts

With a virtual world comes new challenges. But if there’s one challenge that you shall tackle today, let that be to ensure mobile-friendly layouts for all your marketing efforts. And so, undoubtedly, this is something you need to look for when you decide to pick an online calculator tool.

5. Integrations and Embedding options

Integrations and embedding options are an important part of any SaaS tool. These allow you to share your interactive calculators on multiple platforms including websites, landing pages, email newsletters, etc.

Creating a calculator is not a challenging task anymore. So, create your own calculator with Outgrow to boost your leads!

6. Types of Calculators 

Interactive calculators can be of multiple types. These include mortgage calculators, sales tax calculators, personal finance calculators, and loan repayment calculators, to name a few. Given below is a list of interactive calculators and their use cases for different businesses across different industries.

1. ROI calculators – ROI calculators are a fantastic way to market your product or services. They act as an indication that people must invest in your offering to reap exponential returns. For instance, if you’re a SaaS company, an interactive calculator that highlights the ROI of using your tool is a great content marketing tool for the bottom of the funnel.

2. Insurance calculators – Insurance calculators can be of multiple types including health insurance, life insurance, automobile insurance, etc. Depending on the industry that you’re a part of, these calculators can be incredible lead magnets. They will also help you gather lead information that you can use to run targeted campaigns going forward.

3. Loan calculators – Loan calculators are always a blessing. They act as a preliminary step towards a big leap for your customers. And based on the loan amount and premium calculated, they can reach out to a customer rep from your company for further details. Loan calculators can be built across multiple industries. These can be auto loan calculators, construction quote calculators, personal loan calculators, etc.

4. Finance calculators – Finance calculators can be used by B2B and B2C businesses alike. These include tax calculators, personal finance and savings calculators, retirement calculators, budget calculators, etc.

industry calculators

List of Best Interactive Calculators for Website

1.  Outgrow

Outgrow is a no-code interactive content builder that offers interactive content types including calculators, chatbots, recommendations, quizzes, surveys, assessments, forms, polls, and eCommerce recommendation quizzes. Outgrow’s interactive calculator builder is an intuitive tool with advanced backend calculations and integrations.

In fact, this is one of the interactive calculators for websites that let you build experiences from scratch or choose from a pool of industry-standard premade templates. It also allows you to optimize the results page of your calculator to enable sharing. Furthermore, you can choose from thousands of stock images to make your calculators appealing.

interactive calculators

Best Features 

  • 1. Powerful builder with advanced calculation capabilitie`s
  • 2. Logic jump features to ensure the logical flow of the interactive calculator
  • 3. External API integrations including currency exchange rates.
  • 4. Huge variety of calculator types across industries
  • 5. Analytics dashboard that offers ample data to optimize the calculator based on user response
  • 6. Multiple embed options to choose from including newsletters
  • 7. Lead segmentation and retargeting capabilities
  • 8. Customization in multiple languages
  • 9. Over 1000+ integrations both native and via Zapier


Outgrow’s pricing plans start from $25 a month under the annual plan. With this plan, you can also build other content types like assessments, quizzes, polls, etc. along with calculators. However, if you’re a team and not a lone wolf, you can also look into their Essentials and Business plans that offer some advanced features and start at $95 per month.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating now!


The Bubble is a no-code app builder that has multiple capabilities, one of which is the backend formula builder that allows you to create calculators on their platform. On Bubble’s drag and drop builder, you can edit user flow, and make UI tweaks, allowing you to make changes to every detail of the layout.

Typically, you can use external APIs to create a calculator on Bubble. This video talks about how you can create a home loan calculator by populating data from excel sheets onto Bubble’s builder. It is a quick 20-min video tutorial that’ll get you up and running!

bubble calculator

Best Features

  1. 1. Drag and drop builder that allows you to create the entire user experience without much code
  2. 2. 800+ plugins including Instant Calculator plugin, Figma, Airtable, etc
  3. 3. Built-in features that make internationalization (local language, currency) super easy
  4. 4. Analytics feature to track numbers, and monitor what part of your app’s workflow is doing well compared to other parts.


Bubble’s pricing plan with an external API feature (that is essential to build calculators) starts from $25 a month. In fact, bigger teams, have Professional and Production plans starting from $115 per month.

3. Interactive Calculators is a web service that allows you to create simple calculators with just a few lines of code. Thereby making it a great tool for those who know how to code. But even if you don’t know how to, they have support documents explaining how you can create even advanced calculators in much less time. In fact, With JSCalc you can build different types of calculators such as gaming calculators, maths calculators, and engineering calculators.

bubble calculator

Best Features 

  1. 1. Availability of coding features to incorporate any math function
  2. 2. Multiple plugins and integrations including Math.js, Moment.js, and Lo-Dash.js
  3. 3. Diverse embedding options
  4. 4. Mobile-friendly layouts


The is a free tool as long as you want to build only one calculator. For building more calculators you’ll have to choose between their Regular and Premium plans which are available at $9.9 and $49.9 respectively per month.

Next up, we discuss some WordPress extensions that you can use to add calculators to your websites, blogs, and landing pages. 

4. CC BMI Calculator

This WordPress extension, as the name suggests, allows you to add BMI calculators to your website.

wordpress plugin


  1. 1. Customizable design features with the ability to change background colors, borders, and text
  2. 2. Ability to set default units as imperial units or metric units
  3. 3. Can be embedded as a sidebar or added to a post with just a few lines of code


It’s a free open-source WordPress plugin.

5. YITH WooCommerce Cost of Goods

YITH WooCommerce Cost of Goods is a WordPress plugin. It allows you to add the cost of goods and calculate profits in your WooCommerce reports.

Above all, the cost of goods can be divided into buckets like product cost, shipping cost, and payment processing costs for each product. Following this, the plugin will calculate and show your profit margin in WooCommerce reports as a separate column.

wordpress plugin interactive calculators for websites

Best Features

  1. 1. Capability to set the cost of goods for every product by using a bulk action
  2. 2. Ability to sort sales reports using different categories like date, product, tag, custom field, etc.
  3. 3. Offers an elaborate dashboard of profits and revenues on and costs of in-stock products
  4. 4. Compatible with Aelia Currency Switcher that switches currencies depending on the location of a store
  5. 5. Suitable for a multi-vendor website where sellers can manage their own products and the admin gets a commission on the sales


The YTH WooCommerce Cost of Goods Plugin is available at  $79.99 a year.

How Do You Make an Interactive Calculator for Your Website?

It’s a timely decision to build an interactive calculator for your website. As more and more businesses go online, calculators can be used to provide users with custom solutions. Moreover, they act as fantastic lead magnets and help generate new customers.

So, here are some preliminary steps that you can take as you build your first interactive calculator for a website.

Step 1 

Zero-in on an interactive calculator that you want to build. This can be one of the various types of calculators we discussed in this blog, or something entirely different. For instance, once you have decided on the type of interactive calculator you want to build, look for sources where you can find the data you’ll need for the backend calculation.

Suppose, you rent out hostel rooms to students. Hence, a tool that could determine how much students can save by staying in hostel rooms instead of hotels is a great calculator idea.

hostel vs hotel saving interactive calculators for websites

For the backend calculation, you can make comparisons between your average rent and nearby hotel tariffs.

Step 2

After you are done with this research, you can go ahead and start building a calculator on the tool of your choice. Our recommendation? Go with Outgrow!

With Outgrow, you can choose from 1000+ ready-to-use templates or start from scratch by choosing the layout of your choice. Moreover, you can customize the templates according to your brand and add multiple question types.

Additionally, if your calculator requires a visual representation of the data, you can use charts and graphs to make the results of your calculator more appealing.

For example, check out this Christmas ad spend calculator. This shows a graph of the expenditure and revenues from the Christmas ad spend.

Christmas ad spend calculator

Step 3

Lastly, once you are through with building the calculator, it’s time to go ahead with the distribution and sharing of your interactive calculator. This can involve sharing the calculator on social media platforms, embedding it on a webpage, or even in your email newsletter design.

(All of this can be done with Outgrow, start your free trial now!)


Well, that was our list of the 5 best interactive calculators for websites. Do check them out and tell us how you liked them. In conclusion, how about you check out Outgrow’s interactive calculators? They are highly loved by small and big businesses alike. Create your first calculator for free!


With Outgrow’s interactive calculator, you get multiple embed options. You can create a calculator in minutes and then head over to the configure tab to choose from the variety of embed options like:

  • Full page
  • In page
  • Pop-up
  • Chatbot
  • Greet bar
  • More…

Creating an interactive calculator for websites is now easy. Follow the steps here in this blog to create one in minutes.

Why would you use traditional coding when you can create no-code calculators in a jiffy? Hence, you can check out Outgrow for this.

Interactive tools are content pieces that are highly engaging and converting. Examples are:

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