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Top SaaS Calculators Created using Outgrow

The SaaS stallion shows no signs of slowing down and the public market growth is set to hit the 76 billion USD mark by 2020. However, with such growth potential comes cut-throat competition from bigger players and crippling challenges that can wipe off smaller players. How can you, as a SaaS SME, stay ahead of the pack in a highly competitive world? The answer lies in three words – improvise, adapt, and innovate – top SaaS calculators. We can hear your bewildered “Huh!?” Let us put it in simpler words.

Companies obsess over new customer acquisition. While it is not a wrong approach, many firms lose sight of the fact that it is equally important to retain existing customers. In fact, it is easier, and up to 4x cheaper to upsell existing customers than acquiring new customers. Therefore, SaaS companies, especially small ones need to adopt a two-pronged strategy that equally focuses on customer retention and acquisition. This means it makes more sense to invest in tools and techniques to keep your existing clients hooked.

How do you Establish this Two-Pronged Approach?

One surefire way of doing this is by providing experiences like calculators that answer your customer’s questions and provide instant gratification. So, wrap up your latest offering in a calculator. It can be a blog post on common challenges faced by your clients or your latest product pricing. Employ calculators as lead magnets and watch the conversion rate go through the roofs.

A calculator is a simple and solid way to add value to your website. Rather than browsing through white pages or scrolling through blog posts, calculators mix things up. It makes your audience take more interest in the concept you’re trying to sell.

Now that you have warmed up to the idea of using calculators for your SaaS firm, we’ll show you some of the best SaaS calculators realized using Outgrow.

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SaaS Startup Valuation Estimator

There are different ways to find out the value of your startup. Using the SaaS startup value calculator is an effective one. Many of these calculators are calibrated for small and medium-sized enterprises. This one asks questions regarding startup parameters like the annual revenue and experience level of the founders. Finally, it comes up with a fairly accurate estimate of the startup value.

Here’s how you can spin off the same. Come up with a project cost estimator, let your client key in the details, and then provide them with a clear answer. This approach is time-saving and eases the burden on your sales team. To date, there are 131 visitors out of whom 49 individuals left their lead data. That’s a conversion rate of a whopping 37%!

top saas calculators

Outgrow ROI Calculator

We created this calculator as a method of demonstrating the importance of return on investment and how Outgrow provides superior returns on investment.  ROI is one of the paramount metrics for all companies planning to invest in a new product or service. It is a surefire way to snag some qualified leads. Once you’ve demonstrated superior ROI of your product, why wouldn’t people choose your product?

The numbers we received on our ROI calculator are also pretty impressive. 518 individuals used the calculator out of whom 125 left their lead data behind which leaves us with a conversion rate of 24%

top saas calculators

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How Much More Leads Can you Get Using Outgrow:

This one is for all you content marketers out there. After asking a few questions to ascertain how many leads you generate with your content strategy, we recommend how many more leads we can help you generate based on the answers you give. Give it a go and find out how much of a boost the Outgrow tool can give you.

Here’s why you need to be interested in a lead gen calculator. The median startup spends 92% of its first-year revenue on customer acquisition. How do you capture the fancy of these upstarts? A lead gen calculator is an answer. When you tell your prospects how much more business your product/service can get them, they are inclined to give you a try. Give this approach a shot!

Venturepact Mobile App Cost Calculator

This is one of our most successful calculators yet. It is especially relevant for SaaS startups;  it helps in estimating the cost of creating and launching an app in different geographies. This calculator is basically a price calculator.  You can implement the same idea in a different context (eg. to demonstrate the value of your products and services to your prospective clients.) This is way more convincing than a salesy landing page or blog.  

This calculator is a great idea implemented when in a grand fashion.  It is comprehensive in its questioning and the data breakup presented on the results page is catholic, to say the least. In addition, it still remains a benchmark for result pages when it comes to detail and the level of data revealed. Sample these staggering numbers to understand how this calculator has attained a benchmark status. Out of 374 visitors around 229 users left their lead data, the conversion rate? An eye-watering 61%!

top saas calculators

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How Healthy is your Saas Business

A Saas company with an annual growth rate of 20% has a 92% chance of ceasing to exist in a few years (all stats aren’t rosy). Thus, in the SaaS game, it is about maintaining consistency to attain longevity. It’s a delicate balancing act and how do you find out whether you are doing it right? Well, with a  calculator of course! We guess that you are able to discern a precedent being established here. Therefore, answer a burning question for your clients to win their trust and eventually a sale.

Here, out of 91 visits, 25 users left behind their lead data resulting in a conversion rate of 25%. Again, things can only go north.

How Should you Create Your AppHack:

Our clients over at Apps without Coding created this calculator. However, it is more than a calculator, it is a recommendation tool. Recommendation tools are all about providing answers. There are a lot of folks with ideas out there. They can be won over if you can provide the right answers. This is one such scenario. If you are able to provide the right recommendation, voila! You have a good chance of winning over a customer.

After answering a few questions on app facets, the result recommends the best type of app to create. This calculator has garnered around 85 views and has generated 55 leads, As you have already guessed, the conversion rate is at a lofty 65%.

top saas calculators

That’s not it! Here are some more top SaaS calculators built using Outgrow:

Is your SAAS website optimized for conversions?

How ready are you for fitness-related software?

Custom software development cost calculator

We guess that a look at these new ideas, and the accompanying numbers, has got you pumped up.

From now on, resist the urge to write a blog on a business problem or your solution. Instead, try to create a calculator that instantly captures a user’s attention. This is a better way to garner leads and also quantify the returns of your content marketing strategy.

Have calculator ideas? Sign up for the Outgrow app and let’s create them together.

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