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Top 6 Form Tools to Increase Your Conversions: Free + Paid

Hey! Are you looking for the right form tools for your business? We are here to help you! But first, let’s understand why exactly you need these online forms in your life.

An online form is the most efficient tool for collecting user data. However, you need to make sure that the form you create looks attractive and is easy to fill! Now one may simply opt for the most common free, but very basic form builder (you know the tool we are talking about). But, these forms fail to stand out in this world of cut-throat competition.

Hence in this blog, we are going to talk about some promising form tools of 2021 and their unique features to help you find the hidden gems!

What Is an Online Form Tool?

An online form is an interactive tool, commonly known as a web form or an HTML form. These forms are designed to capture user inputs and increase engagement. You can create web forms for your site to even generate leads for your marketing funnel.

Did you know – 50% of marketers say that inbound marketing, such as online forms, is their primary source for lead generation.

Your purpose to create online forms can be diverse ‒ you can collect feedback, gather data, conduct research, and surveys, etc. But in order to get maximum results with minimum effort, a form builder is required. So let’s understand the basic benefits of using form makers.

Benefits of Using Online Forms

Web forms have become a common way of collecting information. With the rise in digital adoption, you must have come across online job applications, feedback forms, event signups, etc. These are nothing but online forms for data collection. Let’s find out more about how these forms can benefit us!

1. Easy to Build

Building an online form is a piece of cake with the help of interactive form tools. With the drag and drop features, you simply need to set up the questions and the field types. The responses get collected automatically and you can even choose to get an email notification when a user fills the form.

2. Gather Precise Information

An online form tool can help increase efficiency and accuracy. The data collected are gathered on a spreadsheet or in the analytics section of the form tool. This eliminates the risk of forgetting or losing any information making the process of analyzing and reporting effortless.

3. Increase Conversion Rates

Most form tools let you embed your web forms on your website so that you can easily collect lead details from your visitors. This, in turn, helps you convert customers which would have otherwise left your site without leaving any trace behind.

This user data can be further used for various purposes such as retargeting the clients, email marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, regular communication, etc.

Now that you’ve noted the benefits, let us get right into the top form tools that we have selected for you.

The Best Online Form Tools

1. Outgrow

Outgrow is an outstanding free form builder. It’s the most user-friendly form tool out there! With Outgrow’s form builder software, you can create industry-specific customizable forms and surveys. Check out this article to find out more about how to build forms on Outgrow.

boost your engagement with interactive content

Key Features

The Outgrow builder has a lot of powerful features and you can tweak everything according to your requirement-

  • Access to customizable attributes- templates, background color, image, font size, font color, etc.
  • Analytics tab to save the responses to the questions
  • Diverse field types like text input, single and multi-select, ranking grid, numeric slider, etc.
  • Conditional logic to define which questions the users see based on the answers they provide
  • Multiple embed options including full-page, in-page, pop-ups, custom embeds, etc.
  • Native integration with numerous CRM tools like Marketo, HubSpot, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc.
  • Integration via Zapier or Webhooks


The Outgrow form builder is absolutely FREE. You can sign up for Outgrow’s free plan to get access to the free form builder and create up to four forms/surveys without paying a single penny. Their paid plans start from $14 and $25 a month and go up to $600 depending on your requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start creating your free form!

2. EmailMeForm

Using EmailMeForm’s no-code builder, you can create your online form in just a few minutes. It is a cloud-based form builder app pertaining to businesses operating in travel, retail, and non-profit sectors.

email me form

Key Features

  • Drag and drop functionality to simplify the process of creating your form with just a few clicks
  • Ready-made field options and customizable templates and layouts
  • Autoresponders to display a ‘Thank you’ message at the end
  • Division of form into multiple pages with shorter sections to eliminate the dullness
  • Conditional logic feature to control the behavior of forms according to the responses- hide or skip questions or redirect to another webpage


EmailMeForm offers a wide range of plans starting from $35/month up to $100/month depending on the features. However, if you need to create a form, you can simply sign up for their free trial and learn more about the tool.

3. DeviceMagic

Device Magic is a mobile and web-based form builder application that allows you to create and customize forms. You can create checklists, surveys, audits, job reports, site reviews, trip logs, pre-project reports, project wrap-ups, equipment checks, and more using Device Magic.

device magic form

Key Features

  • Customizable layouts and templates
  • Low-code form builder with drag and drop functionality
  • Lots of options like re-order text fields, formula fields, and add images, geo-tags, bar codes, and more
  • In-built analytics to track user data from the mobile or web application
  • Branding and customization to comply with company guidelines and formats
  • Various integrations to record data submissions
  • Option to pull live data from the system into form fields


You can access the form builder with the free plan and create unlimited online forms and surveys. They also offer other plans starting from $25/month and above depending on the features you require.

4. Powr

Boost your sales and conversions with POWR’s well-designed, multi-step forms. Powr can help improve your sales, save a lot of your organizational time and make your life a hundred times easier!

Powr form

Key Features

  • Access to a straightforward builder and easily customizable forms
  • Numerous question types such as single-select, multi-select, dropdowns, star ratings, file uploads, emoji feedback, picture choice, and more
  • In-built integration with payment gateways to accept payments from users
  • Conditional logic to define the workflow of the form based on the user’s responses


Using Powr, you can create online forms for free. Moreover, their paid plans start from $4.49 and go up to $71.99 based on your specific requirements.

5. WeForms

Are you worried about a user-friendly form plugin? WeForms is here to save the day! It’s one of the easiest form tools for WordPress. With just a few steps, you can bring your imagination into reality and create the most beautiful form.

Weforms Form Tool

Key Features

  • Wide range of customizable, pre-made templates
  • Drag and drop feature to make the process effortless
  • 20+ custom fields such as drop-down, text input, ranking grids, and much more
  • Multiple other features like expiry time for form, entry restrictions, form redirection, etc.
  • Native integration with Slack and numerous other CRM tools
  • Accessibility to create forms suited for both mobile and web


You can build unlimited forms and surveys on WeForms under any of their plans starting from $49 up to $249 a month. The features you get will vary based on which plan you choose.

6. FormGet

FormGet claims that they are the only form tool in the world that does not restrict you on features. With its wide range of features, FormGet is one of the best form builder software available.

Formget Form Tool

Key Features

  • Drag and drop functionality to ease the building process
  • Option to add a redirect link to the submit button
  • SSL encryption feature to prevent hacking and establish a link between the web server and browser
  • Various other features like conditional logic, integration with third-party applications, integration with payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, etc.
  • In-built analytics to analyze the user data collected
  • Unlimited submissions, views, uploads, users, fields, embeddings, and whatnot


FormGet has a free plan for you! You can create a form and get unlimited leads and users. Their paid plans start from $5 and $35 a month and go up to $99 depending on your requirements.

Which Form Tool Should You Choose?

We just walked you through some of the best online form tools available. So, how can you choose the most suitable form builder for your business? To understand this, let us see what makes an online form tool better than the rest.

  • The user interface and the user experience the form provides
  • The flexibility of the form to accommodate your requirements
  • Learning curve and time consumed in building the form

With all the amazing form builders listed above, it may become a bit confusing to choose one for your business. However, each tool has its own attributes. So, if you like a particular feature and think it might help you, you should try it out and see how it goes.

Pro Tip: If you are confused between two or more tools, go for the free form builder to test out the product without any payment or the restrictions (plus the expiry reminders :p) of a free trial.

How to Build Online Forms?

Want to learn how to build an online form? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. The process of creating an online form is extremely simple. You just need to follow some basic steps-

  • Log in to your form tool and go to the builder.
  • Set up the questions, options, and field types.
  • Customize the form according to your company’s branding and requirements – template, font color, and size, etc.
  • Set up the conditional logic and payment gateway. (optional)

Follow these steps and your form will be all set! You can simply embed it on your website or maybe use it directly via the URL.

Outgrow Form Tool


There you have it! We hope that you were able to learn enough about online form tools to make a wise choice! Want to share something we may have missed out on? Let us know through the comments below!

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Outgrow is one of the best form software out there. With Outgrow’s no-code form builder, you can set up your form/survey in just a few minutes without any difficulty.

A form builder, as the name suggests, is a form/survey building platform where you can create forms for various purposes like feedback, sign-up, research, etc.

Most form builders are extremely easy to use. You can simply set up the questions and field types and you are good to go.

There are numerous online form tools that offer free plans. One of them is Outgrow. Using this platform, you can create up to 4 forms/surveys for free.

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