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Top 9 Outgrow Interactive Experiences of September 2018

It has been a crazy month here at Outgrow. Between writing guest posts for our fellow marketers (shoutout to Hellobar!) and accommodating major changes to our tool, we have been burning candles at both ends. However, we still know where our priorities lie: with you. Here is a list of the top 9 Outgrow interactive experiences of September 2018 created by our customers that either made us go wow, lol or…. damn!

1) Trading College

Experience Type: Quiz

Title: Do you have what it takes to become a trader?

Template: The Chicago

Top exp in September 2018

Trading College provides online and classroom courses to students in financial markets. Also, they develop trading software to assist their curriculum. Their syllabus includes trading masterclasses (where they teach you the practical application of maverick tradings) and scan clubs where they scan the market for trades.

Trading College is certainly a wholesome course provider. It would be an injustice if we didn’t provide them with an equally wholesome lead generation tool. Our tool allowed them to create a personality quiz that centered around qualities required to become a good trader.

We loved the theme-appropriate design chosen by Trading College because it represents their brand perfectly. Personality quizzes tap into the primal urge of knowing more about oneself. This quiz certainly puts this rule to good use. The questions are personalized and centered around character traits.

2) Internet Marketing Ninja

Experience Type: Quiz

Title: How far will your dollar go in Austin?

Template: The Chicago

Top exp sept 2018

You remember back in school when all you wanted to do was hang out with the cool kids. Well, we finally got that moment. Internet Marketing Ninjas (yes, ninjas) provide search and on-page optimization, link building and content marketing solutions to their clients. They also provide branding, strategy and UX solutions.

According to research, 88% of B2B marketers believe that at least 10-30% of their content would be interactive by 2018. Being a group of talented marketers themselves, Internet Marketing Ninjas agrees with that wholeheartedly. They use Outgrow to provide interactive experiences for their clients. While we are in awe of all of those designs, this one stands out the most.

The quiz they created for Austin Real Estate is a fine example of interactive content marketing. The color scheme of the quiz resonates with the brand’s website and the title is certainly eye-catching for anyone looking for answers in the field. Most importantly, they use personalization as a tactic in their quiz content by using personal pronouns. Marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized pronouns. Now, we’re not saying that this gives the brand an advantage over others, but that’s exactly what we’re saying.

3) Qubole

Experience Type: Poll

Title: Benchmark yourself Against Data professionals

Template: The Chicago

Top exp sept 2018

We love a good poll, especially if it’s made by one of our amazing clients. Qubole is the #1 Cloud-Native data platform for self-service AI, machine learning, and analytics. They provide the best tools in the data science cycle in a single cloud-native platform. Additionally, they provide full visibility into the entire data pipeline, automation ingestion pipelines and flexibility to choose from a variety of natively supported data science engines. But that’s not all. Their products include data analytics, engineering and a whole lot of products under platform architecture.

Qubole brand is built upon their easy to use tool and comprehensive architecture. They wanted to create an interactive experience that could provide them with:

1) Valuable information about their prospects and

2) yet be interesting.

According to research, 81% of marketers think interactive content grabs readers’ attention. So they didn’t have to worry about the experience being interesting enough. However, they were stuck on how to make collecting client information seem like a fun concept. Enter: Outgrow polls. The prospect gets to know where they stand compared to other people that took the poll and Qubole gets valuable information about them. It’s a win-win for everybody.

The Qubole’s poll is an absolute treat to the eyes. Furthermore, it asks intelligent questions to the prospects like the size of their data lake and type of big data processing they perform. They’ve applied the best interactive content practices like a progress bar, optimum number of questions and an amazing CTA.

4) Workspace Agility

Experience Type: Graded Quiz

Title: Agile Workplace Assessment

Template: The Madrid


Most of the companies make their websites mobile optimized, considering that  51% of searchers prefer to purchase from a mobile-optimized website. However, Workspace Agility doesn’t stop there. Their tool gives users access to all the applications and data they need from any device and location.

Workspace Agility is simple to use, secure and backed by a proactive support service. They wanted an equally efficient interactive experience that could give them loads of information about their prospects. They created a graded quiz that allows the prospects to compare their organization to others featured in Capita’s 2018 CIO research, and get custom recommendations on how to address mobility, user engagement, cloud-delivered applications, BYOD and more.

We love the synchronicity of their design and questions. However, our personal favorite is their result page. They give a detailed recommendation according to people’s score and separate scores on different sections of the questions. The scores are visualized in a bar graph and appear if you hover over them.

5) Rethink My Healthcare

Experience Type: Calculator

Title: Find Out How Much You Can Save On Healthcare

Template: The Chicago

Top exp sept 2018

Rethink My Healthcare provides healthcare services to their clients by giving 24*7 access to doctors, fixed prices on dental and surgical procedures and critical illness and accident protection. They make priority appointments with doctors with around 200,000 medical professionals at their call. In other words, convenience.

According to research, 51% of marketers say online calculators are most effective in the consideration stage of the sales cycle. Rethink My Healthcare kept this in mind while choosing their preferred experience. They created a calculator that could find real-time results of how much the prospect could save based on their area code. Additionally, they included factors like the prospect’s age, their existing health care plan, and family details.

The most appealing part of their calculator is the results page. The addition of media, especially GIFs makes it 40x more likely to be shared on social media. The clear and distinct social media buttons are hard to miss and encourages further sharing.

6) Scheid Family Wines

Experience Type: Ecommerce Recommendation Quiz

Title: Match Your Wines To Your Personality

Template: The Stockholm

Top exp sept 2018

Whoever said that we should appreciate the finer things in life was obviously talking about wines. Wines by Scheid, to be specific. This Monterey based brand exudes elegance, richness, and authenticity.

Scheid Family Wines wanted a sophisticated interactive experience that could attract prospects in their awareness stage. They asked personalized questions that centered around the prospect’s personality. Best part? Instead of showing plain recommendation, they could recommend products using Outgrow’s ecommerce feature.

In other words, convenience+elegance.

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7) Futurity First

Experience Type: Calculator

Title: What Will Be My 401(k) Balance At Retirement?

Template: The Seattle

Top exp sept 2018

Futurity First is a nationwide network of wealth advisors, investment specialists, and financial representatives specializing in the financial security and income planning needs of seniors, pre-retirees, families, and businesses. They have an unparalleled choice of product and investment solutions that are backed by experts in marketing, training and comprehensive back-office support.

Futurity First believes in growth and innovation. No wonder they chose interactive experiences as a tactic to generate leads. They wanted to create a helpful calculator that added real value to the prospect’s questions without any coding. Consequently, they turned to Outgrow.

The calculator created by Futurity First provides results as soon as the values are inputted by the prospects. We love its minimalistic and no- fuss design made appropriately for their pre-dominant client base of seniors.

8) Ned

Experience Type: Outcome Quiz

Title: Who Should You Support in The AFL GF?

Template: The Chicago

Top exp sept 2018

Our clients bet on us and we bet on interactive content. However, Ned bets on a few more additional things. Let us clarify. Ned is an Australia-based e-gaming and sports betting website and one of our clients. They allow people to bet on horse racing, AFL, NRL and sports.

Ned was looking to generate more leads for their business and chose outcome quizzes as the way to go. The most distinctive feature of this experience is its content. We have mentioned before that humor goes a long way in collecting leads. Ned puts this tactic to good use. Oh, and the impressive usage of visuals? Major brownie points for that.

9) Open Sponsorship

Experience Type: Outcome Quiz

Title: Which Athlete Should You Sponsor?

Template: The Greek

Top exp in September 2018

Influencer marketing isn’t a new concept but Open Sponsorships takes it to a whole new level. They allow their clients to search and connect directly to athletes, teams, and events and set goals and deliverables. Thereafter the clients can select candidates of their choice and finally measure its success.

The quiz created by Open Sponsorship is based on our pre-existing template and asks a simple set of questions. We love the humorous description accompanying the result and of course, the click-worthy title.

According to the quiz, we should be represented by Devin Booker! Well, consider him booked!

This was our list of the best Outgrow experiences. We wanted to include a lot more and we’re sure our list of honorable mentions list will go on. Well, there’s always the next month. And the month after that.  And the month after that. You catch the drift.

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