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How To Create Ecommerce Recommendation Quizzes Like A Pro

Quizzes have been making quite a lot of buzz in recent times. Especially when it comes to product recommendations, ecommerce quizzes have quickly become the favorite of top marketers. And, we know you have been following too! This blog will detail the step-by-step process to create ecommerce recommendation quizzes like a pro.

What if you could be like Amazon and show just the right product to the right customer at the time in an almost surreal way?

Doesn’t this personalized product recommendation sound amazing? Of course, apart from one issue – we are not Amazon!

That can sound a little harsh. But, every brand can’t have thousands of resources working on perfecting and personalizing every single program. Moreover, you probably won’t want to spend thousands of dollars on this.

This is why we are going to detail in this article an incredibly easy way to create e-commerce recommendation quizzes.

Quizzes can act as a powerful personalization tool without demanding much time, budget, or resources.

As per Octane AI, 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when they get a personalized e-commerce experience. Moreover, 77% of marketers agree that interactive content results in repeat visitors and multiple exposures.

So, let’s learn how to master the ultimate growth hack for e-commerce marketers.

This article will detail the step-by-step process to create e-commerce recommendation quizzes, including:

  • Choosing Quiz Type
  • Picking a Layout
  • Add Your Products/Store (optional)
  • Setting the Title
  • Crafting Questions
  • Lead Generation
  • Product Recommendations
  • Product Linking

Some Additional Steps:

  • Tracking and Automating Responses
  • Analyzing Results
  • Reviewing Performance
  • Relating Content

Let’s Create Ecommerce Recommendation Quizzes From Scratch

Which makeup set suits your face?

Today, we will be designing a makeup set recommendation quiz that we, at Outgrow, created for your better understanding.

Step 1: Choose Quiz Type

Well, we offer a variety of interactive content types. You may want to try these out later, but for now, let’s start by selecting “Ecommerce Recommendation”.

Outgrow content types

Step 2: Pick Your Favorite Layout

You can choose pre-made templates with different layouts or select a template that we have custom-made for our Outgrow clients in different industries.

premade templates on Outgrow

Step 3: Add Your Products/Store

Now, you can straightaway connect your Shopify or other accounts to your Outgrow dashboard to fetch your listed products for the recommendation. However, this step is completely optional and you can skip this to start designing the quiz.

Outgrow E-commerce Recommendation Quizzes

And Let’s Begin!

Step 4: Setting an eye-grabbing Title

Do you know that 80% of readers decide if they want to check something out or not based on its title? So marketers, now is the time to make that first impression.

Set a title capable enough of evoking strong emotion in your readers’ minds. It can be tempting, surprising, or challenging.

Here, you will see a dashboard like the one shown below. Start with editing the title for the welcome screen along with the CTA button that prompts the user to start the quiz. You can easily see the real-time preview of your quiz as you edit it.

Outgrow builder

Step 5: Craft Your Creative Questions

Next, it’s time to craft those creative questions that you want your audience to answer in order to make an accurate recommendation.

Since in this example we are trying to recommend a makeup set, you can ask appropriate questions like the prospect’s face structure, skin color or skin type.

How To Create E-commerce Recommendation Quizzes Like A Pro

However, ensure that the options to your questions are mapped to different outcomes so that the recommendations produced are personalized for each user. Have a look at some sample questions that we used for this quiz.

How To Create E-commerce Recommendation Quizzes

Here are some best practices to follow while creating questions for a smooth customer experience.

Some Interesting Type of Questions You Can Play With:

Outgrow question types

This is an ‘opinion scale’ type question. You can change the question type to suit the kind of options you want to provide.

How To Create E-commerce Recommendation Quizzes Like A Pro

Step 6: Leverage Lead Generation

Now, your aim is to give those recommendations and drive sales. But, let’s be realistic! Not every customer will end up making a purchase right away.

But, you can play smart here by taking some info from the user and building your email list. You can then follow-up and nurture your leads to win them back.

We suggest adding a lead generation form on the welcome screen, before results or on the results page.

How To Create E-commerce Recommendation Quizzes- Result Page

Step 7: Finally, the Recommendations

And finally, it is time to show them your best-selling recommendations. Try to keep the outcome precise, but give the users some options to choose from.

How To Create E-commerce Recommendation Quizzes- Result Page

Step 8: But Wait, Don’t Forget Product Linking and CTA

Yes, we are not done at the recommendation. Adding links to your product here is a must-do step. It not only drives traffic to your website but increases the probability of conversion.

Also, this is where you place your CTAs. so, be smart and add those artistic CTAs. You can also add social media buttons so that users can share the results with their community.

Amazon example

Hurray! We are done.

And, dear marketer, you are now certified to create your own recommendation e-commerce quiz!

Step 9: Put on Tracking and Automation

Once you are done designing the quiz, go to the configure tab to put on track for your quiz responses. You can set up a Google and Facebook pixel for tracking your quiz.

Outgrow Tracking and Events

Furthermore, Outgrow gives you the option of sending automated emails to users whenever they take the quiz. You will also find a plethora of 3rd party integrations for your convenience here.

Step 10: Analyze Your Quiz Performance

Analyzing your experience is the key to understanding how well the quiz is performing, and if you need to make any changes. Once you start getting responses, you can check its detailed performance in the Analyze tab.

Outgrow Analyze tab

Step 11: Review Your Performance

After that, switch to the Performance tab to find an overall score calculated on the basis of your current content structure. Furthermore, you will also see recommendations regarding the areas that have a scope for improvement.

Outgrow Performance tab

Step 12: Relate your Content

Once you are done with everything, you can make use of the Relate tab for getting better insights about your ecommerce recommendation quiz. The Relate Tab can help you understand how certain user parameters are affecting the engagement of your quiz. Through this tab, you can understand how your engagement is being affected by your browser, location, and device.

We know you’re excited…

But, Some Special Tips Before You Jump In!

  • Try using these title tricks to get your quiz viral.
    (a) Don’t make a title with more than 5-9 words
    (b) Include the word “you” to attract more clicks
    (c) Challenge the user to take the quiz. Eg. “ Can you ace the…?”
    (d) “Which __ are you?” titles are proved to get viral
  • Nobody likes long quizzes. So, don’t add more than 10 questions, and refrain from asking questions that are not relevant to derive the outcome. Short is sweet.
  • Another great tip is to keep MCQ or similar-type questions where users don’t need to type the response. This can avoid dropouts.
  • Use lots of pictures, as visual marketing converts the most. 
  • Coming to lead generation forms, always place them before the results to generate the highest conversions.
  • You may also consider adding a skip button to increase the chances of a user actually completing the survey.
  • However, if they take the effort to fill out the form, surprise them with a discount on their first purchase. Your users are going to love you for that!
  • Consider adding social share widgets so that the users share their interactive experiences with their community.
  • You may also try asking users to recommend the quiz to their friends who may benefit from it. This increases traction through word-of-mouth and you may end up getting higher conversions.
  • Lastly, a bonus tip is to try embedding your Outgrow quiz as an exit-intent or timed pop-up whenever your users are about to close the tab. You can get some help here.

Ok, we are of a giving nature. So, if you are struggling with so much reading, here’s an explainer video of the process for you: How to make an eCommerce Recommendation, eStore Widget, eShop Applet [No Code Required]. Enjoy!

So, Here’s the Challenge!

Now’s the exciting part! – Create your first ecommerce recommendation quiz.

Ecommerce recommendation quizzes are a real game-changer. In fact, they sell 4 times better.

So, are you up for the challenge? (Ssshh! It’s not really one!) Making a quiz on Outgrow doesn’t require any technical know-how. It literally took us only a few minutes to make this quiz for you. That’s how easy Outgrow makes it for you.

So how about trying? Sign up for Outgrow and get rolling!

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