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14 Best Practices For Interactive Content [Infographic]
13/02/2020 Antara Agarwal
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14 Best Practices For Interactive Content [Infographic]

Interactive content is one of the most reliant tricks in the bag. And for good reason! Whether it’s about increasing engagement, lead generation, lead nurturing or just customer retention, interactive content has been faithful to us. Almost 81% of marketers think that interactive content grabs the readers’ attention. In an age of such a short attention span, we sure can use something like that. Interactive content can be anything – from calculators to quizzes to giveaways. It is engaging and more educating than static content. Instead of asking for information, interactive content adds value to the customer. Thus, incentivizing users to give out information. This is a great way of developing trust and loyalty in the user towards your brand. But the question arises – How can you create interactive content to your best? Well, there are 14 best practices for interactive content that you can follow.

14 Best Practices For Interactive Content [Infographic]

And we are here to save the day for you! We compiled a list of the guidelines that you should follow while creating interactive content. Keeping in mind the engagement factor of interactive content, we have made a Disney-themed infographic for interactive content.

Interactive Content Best Practices Infographic:

14 Best Practices For Interactive Content [Infographic]

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Now that you’ve read these best practices, you’re already a step ahead! In an increasingly evolving marketing world, interactive content can set you apart. It caters to the customer and their preferences. And at the same time, it helps you gather more qualified leads and offer better customer service. 

Now all that’s left for you is to go ahead and create interactive content of your own! And guess what, Outgrow is here to save the day again. As long as you have Outgrow, why would you go anywhere else for interactive content? Sign up here for your free trial now and explore the wonderful waters of good marketing!



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