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Outgrow Product Update For February 2020

Hey, there fellow marketers! We hope that 2020 has been treating you well. And if it hasn’t? Well, it’s about to get better.

Your favorite marketing tool is back with yet another update! Guess what? This February 2020 Outgrow Product Update might just help you start your year with a bang.

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Some of the features that went live with the February 2020 Outgrow Product Update are:

1) Outgrow Reports- Include Engagement Stats, Delay Reports To A Certain Date

Customer engagement is one of the biggest draws of interactive content. Interactive content is personalized and is based on the principle of instant gratification. In an Outgrow experience, engagement is defined as the number of people who clicked on the button that gets redirected to your website. Additionally, it includes the number of shares that the experience has garnered. From now on, you will be able to include the engagement statistics in your reports as well.

Outgrow Product Update For February 2020

Aren’t expecting data anytime soon? Use our ‘Start Sending’ feature to delay your reports to a date of your choice. Previously, you could schedule an automated email to clients or people in your team and attach relevant reports. However, now you have the choice to send those reports immediately or after a certain date. All you have to do is head over to the ‘Reports’ tab. Then, you can head over the ‘Your Email Sequence Section’. Thereafter, you can choose to edit the exact time when your reports will be sent to your desired email.

Outgrow Product Update For February 2020

2) Use Relate Tab To Understand Factors Influencing Engagement

The Relate tab can now help you understand how certain answers/user parameters are affecting your Engagement rates. For instance, let’s assume you have created a ‘Family Planning Quiz’ on Outgrow. So, the Relate tab can help you understand how your engagement is being affected by the location, browser or device of the user. Moreover, you can find relations between customer engagement and user response. The Relate tab can help you determine a relation like how “couples with 3 or more children are more likely to share your (engage with) your quiz.”

3) Outgrow Integration With Kartra

Now, you can send your Outgrow data to Kartra natively. Have a look at how you can integrate your Outgrow account with Kartra using our native integration here.


4) User Segmentation In Giveaways

You now have the ability to create segments based on the points that your users have accumulated in a giveaway. For instance, you can create a segment of users that have got more than 125 points.

To create segments on the basis of user points, follow these instructions:

  • Head over to ‘User Details’ of the ‘Analyze’ section.
  • Select ‘Contest Points’ as a segment and save it after naming it appropriately.

5) Check User Payment Details in User Details

If you are accepting orders through your Outgrow experience, you now have the ability to check the exact payment (Stripe, etc.) data in the User details table. Moreover, you will be able to check the amount of payment and whether or not it was successful. This feature is crucial for setting up end-to-end payments, ensuring a seamless transaction process from start to finish.

6) Analyze Experience Engagement Through Overview

You can now check the engagement you are garnering on your experience with easy-to-digest pie charts. You can find that by heading over to the ‘Overview’ section of the ‘Analyze’ section.

Outgrow Product Update For February 2020

7) Use Chargebee For Billing

Chargebee is a billing software. You can now use ChargeeBee with your content pieces and use the software to bill your leads and customers.


So, this was all we had in store for you with our latest product update. We have also made lots of changes to improve your experience. What can we say, user experience is always our top priority!

We will be coming back with a whole new product update soon. And guess what, we are still just as excited as we were on the first date of the year!

Until then,

Don’t sell, just be nice!

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