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Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia

Have you been looking everywhere for quality-driven content marketing agencies to turbo-boost your business? Take us as your gateway to finding the perfect one. Straight out of the bustling streets of Melbourne and Sydney, we bring you the top 15 content marketing agencies in Australia. The success stories and compelling campaigns that these agencies bring to the table will boost your content marketing results for sure!

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1. Flexsin 

Flexsin is one of the largest content marketing agencies in Australia. It strives to serve digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, and social media. It also offers design and web development services.

Success Stories: Casagear approached Flexsin with the aim of improving visibility through SERP rankings. Flexsin, hence, worked on improving SEO and content positioning for the brand. It discovered relevant competitive keywords and modified duplicate content.

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia

Casagear gained a 225% increase in visibility in three months. Moreover, it saw a 60% increase in traffic and a 70% growth in sales.

2. M&C Saatchi Australia

M&C Saatchi is all about creative thinking and creative work. It delivers advertising, content, media, and marketing solutions. It also specializes in brand consultancy and brand design. Moreover, customer experience and innovation are at the core of everything it does.

Success Stories: Most people are well aware that Rhinos are an endangered species. Cisco wanted to increase awareness about this issue. They, thus, approached M&C Saatchi to help make a change. Hence, Saatchi used storytelling and documentaries to show the heartbreaking effects of illegal poaching. In the first year alone, poaching was reduced by 96%. Moreover, the media coverage in Australia exceeded 10,800,971 total reach.

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia

3. Tug Agency

Tug is a combination of media, technology, and creativity. If you are looking for a full-service digital agency, you may check this one out. It offers SEO, content marketing, and other digital marketing services. It also excels in affiliate marketing, social media, and PPC campaigns.

Success Stories: DHL Australia approached Tug to help reduce coastal drownings. So, Tug created a digital campaign with videos and storytelling about what was happening on Aussie beaches every day. A prize contest was also organized for DHL fans on social media.

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia

Consequently, the video generated 1M+ unique views. Moreover, the contest fetched an amazing engagement with 450 pieces of user-generated content.

4. Amplify

Amplify is one of the content marketing agencies in Australia that puts its audience at the heart of what it does. With integrated solutions, it helps brands build authentic and long-term connections with their audience. It specializes in digital marketing, creative content, and social media. Moreover, it also deals with brand experience and strategy.

Success Stories: Google challenged Amplify to launch its flagship Google Pixel 3 with an enriching brand experience. Hence, Amplify designed Google Pixel’s Curiosity Rooms to reconnect people to Google Pixel 3’s features in an interactive way.


Through creative experiences, content creation, and partnerships, the campaign witnessed 30M+ reach among other milestones.

5. The Monkeys

The Monkeys is an agency that is known for its out-of-the-box ideas. This branded content company specializes in innovative content and digital strategy. It also excels in radio, short films, outdoor ads, and websites.

Success Stories: NRMA Insurance approached The Monkeys with the aim of reminding Australians that ‘Every Home is Worth Protecting’. This was to address the plight of the homeless koalas due to increasing land clearance. The integrated campaign combined emotional storytelling, print executions, an educational content website.

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia

6. Brafton

Brafton is a global content marketing agency that simplifies impactful content marketing with leading strategy, content-creation services and the Brafton Platform (software for managing content marketing campaigns). It helps enterprises and growth-minded SMBs all over the world launch end-to-end content marketing strategies and campaigns.

Success Stories: Preply needed help generating brand recognition. Brafton designed an infographic for them that went on to earn thousands of backlinks from hundreds of referring domains, including Forbes, CNBC and more. The infographic ultimately went viral in several countries.

Infographic designed for Preply.


INVNT is an all-rounder agency that works globally. Right from launching products to building brand allegiance and demand, INVNT does it all. It excels in creative services, media, digital, and branding. It also offers brand storytelling and experiential marketing.

Success Stories: INVNT partnered with General Motors to challenge the global marketplace. It, hence, created a series of content, design, and brand experience across languages and cultures.

8. Grazitti Interactive

Grazitti Interactive is a global provider of digital services through cloud, mobile, and social media technologies. It specializes in content marketing, SEO, and social media. It also offers design, PPC, and marketing automation.


Success Stories: Grazitti helped companies like LeadMD and BetterWorks maximize their search engine visibility. It also helped improve their website rankings through its inbound marketing and SEO strategy.

9. Uplers

Uplers is a team of excellent marketers that have experience catering to brands like Disney and Amazon. It specializes in SEO, content outreach, and branding. Furthermore, it excels in SEM and email campaigns.

Success Stories: Airtasker approached Uplers with two objectives. They wanted to drive relevant traffic to their website and boost brand awareness. So, Uplers ran an integrated content syndication campaign. It raised the client’s profile by featuring their content on more than 50 reputable blogs & online publications.

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia

In ten short months, Airtasker witnessed a stellar 7000%+ increase in online traffic.

10. 10 Feet Tall

10 feet tall is an independent integrated creative agency. Its aim is to help brands stand tall. It specializes in strategy, content, and creatives. Furthermore, it excels in digital marketing, social media, and data analytics.

Success Stories: Yooralla wanted to take a firm and positive stand for disability.

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia

Hence, with 10 feet tall, they made a campaign ‘We are done’. Simultaneously, rebranding and digital content were used to fight abuse and inequality.

11. August

August is an agency specializing in successful digital marketing solutions. It works with strategic collaboration, creativity, and technical superiority. It also offers digital strategy, advertising, web design & development.

Success Stories: Bermad wanted to effectively reiterate its brand proposition and perception in the minds of potential customers. August, hence, came up with a solution in the form of digital and educational content. Consequently, they witnessed a 165%+ increase in website visits.

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia

12. Deepend

Deepend is an agency made of strategic design consultants. They are experts in digital experience and product development. Deepend also specializes in creative content, branding, digital marketing, and SEO/SEM.

Success Stories: Navitas came up with Orientation Go – an application with a goal of better preparing students for their campus life. Simultaneously, Deepend analyzed the key factors that led to anxiety among students. Finally, it created content based on these insights to help them with the issues.


13. AKQA

AKQA is one of the content marketing agencies in Australia with imagination at its core. With experience, communication, and performance, it speaks of confidence. It excels in branded content, influencer engagement, and search marketing. Moreover, it also delivers media planning and buying.

Success Stories: In line with International Women’s Day, Levi’s wanted to take a stand to discourage the use of gender labels. So, AKQA designed a series of shareable online content featuring stories of real women. The campaign was hosted through social media and events with a universal hashtag #IShapeMyWorld. This resulted in global awareness and an outpouring of responses.


14. BMF Australia

BMP is one of the most effective content marketing agencies in Australia. It believes in creating long ideas and long relationships that stay. It specializes in brand experience, content management, SEO, and digital marketing.

Success Stories: Football Federation Australia wanted every Aussie kid that plays football to get an opportunity to get an A-League team. BMF, hence, created over 100 pieces of social content for this campaign. As a result, it fetched 400,000 user-generated social posts and a 680% increase in engagement.

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia

15. Jaywing

Jaywing is an agency that is led by specialists in search, online media, digital, and creative. It specializes in SEO, content, and social media. In fact, it also offers paid campaigns and web development services.

Success Stories: Marcs wanted to develop its marketing strategy and increase its brand visibility. Jaywing, hence, devised the concept of Marcs Streetview, a user-generated Instagram and Google Maps environment. This led to an increase in social interaction and user engagement. The campaign generated over 40,000 unique users. Moreover, it also increased organic search visibility by 67%.

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia

16. Luminary 

Luminary is one of the longest-standing independent content marketing agencies in Australia. Its content and digital strategists have years of experience in delivering successful projects. It also excels in content marketing, SEO, web development, and digital marketing.

Success Stories: Melbourne Business School realized that information consumption was becoming difficult for users on their website. Luminary, therefore, worked on the website development for the brand. They designed templates and widgets and streamlined new content creation. 



You’ve got the business expertise, and we’ve got you the agencies. It’s time to position yourself as a thought leader and select the right agency. Furthermore, incorporating interactive content into your content marketing strategy can take your results through the roof!

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