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7 Content Amplification Tips to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is not just about creating valuable content. If you think your job as a marketer is done once you’ve published your content, you’re wrong my friend. You can’t just sit back and wait for your conversions to increase on the basis of your content. You need to do something so that people actually get to view your content. This is where content amplification comes in. 

Content amplification is extremely crucial when it comes to your content’s performance. Without it, most content does terribly. But how do you go about amplifying your content?

So, in this blog, we talk about the key takeaways from Amanda Natividad and Rand Fishkin’s video on content amplification as part of SparkToro’s “Office-hours” live stream.

Let’s dive right in!

What Is Content Amplification?

Content amplification refers to the process of promoting your content through various online platforms or channels. This not only helps in improving your content’s performance but also aids in boosting your overall ROI and conversion rates

Moreover, by amplifying your content, you can outperform your competitors and ensure that your target audience gets the opportunity to see the content you’ve created.

Some Facts About Content That Goes Un-amplified

Rand Fishkin has provided us with some real data to back his statement, “Without proper amplification, most content does terribly.” Let’s have a look at them- 

  • According to Semrush, 85% of content gets less than 10 shares. This was back in 2015, and we’re sure it has only become worse.
  • 94% of blog content gets no external links at all. 
  • Only 2.2% of the content available on the internet is able to generate links from multiple websites. 
  • 91% of the content gets zero organic search traffic. 

Four Sure Shot Tricks to Help Your Content Succeed

Tricks for Content Amplification

1. Earn Engagement on Social Platforms

More than half (58.4%) of the world now uses social media. Therefore, it is important that you focus your marketing efforts on increasing your social media presence and engagement. To do this, you can find out what your target audience wants, create content for them, reply to comments, run contests and giveaways, etc. 

Interactive posts for social media

2. Earn Rankings on Google

Your Google rankings play a great role when it comes to the success of your content marketing strategy. To earn higher rankings on Google, focus on improving your on-site SEO, add LSI keywords to your page, and most importantly, create content that matches search intent.

How to rank high on google

3. Earn Coverage From Publications

You can start by researching some well-known publications in your industry and reach out to individual staff members. You can go about finding their email addresses on the publisher’s website or through LinkedIn. Once you find the right contacts, you can pitch your way to success! 😀

email finder tools

4. Earn Referrals From Micro-influencers

Referral marketing through micro-influencers and creators has the potential to provide new and upcoming products with great exposure. Research and find out the right influencers based on your industry and approach them for referral marketing. It is important to note that the platform used by the influencer should be the same as your target audience.

How to master influencer marketing

Why Amplify?

The most powerful factor in content marketing campaigns is not great content. What really defines the success of your content marketing efforts is how you try to amplify the content you’ve created. So, let’s talk about some important factors that you should consider while amplifying your content. 

Factors to Consider While Amplifying Content

Amplification is a lot more than just finding the right channels and promoting your content on them. Let’s see-

1. Novelty

Nearly every news story earns amplification and promotion because it’s novel. When you write an article stating your opinion on something, say, claiming that Outgrow is one of the best SaaS tools in the market, it is important to back this claim up with some data and statistics. Only then will your content be counted as novel.

2. Emotions

You already know that emotion is a very important driver. Therefore, to get your content amplified, make sure that it brings out relativity and emotions. Even mild emotions can work wonders for you. It may be a visual, graphic, or even a small paragraph, if your audience can relate to it, it will amplify. 

emotions content amplification


The above is an example of an article by The Washington Post that talks about the opening up of offices as the effects of the pandemic subsided. The title, however, is written in a way that is relatable for all the employees out there. Hence, this kind of content earns a lot of traffic.

3. Incentives

Providing incentives or offering some value to the audience is just the way to get your content amplified. In the podcast, Rand Fishkin talks about how The Knot uses an interactive quiz to do this. 

This quiz asks a certain set of questions that brides and grooms-to-be can answer, and as a result, they are provided with information on venue options, styles, color palettes, etc. for their wedding ceremony. Though it’s a B2C quiz, it also helps power their B2B approach since a lot of wedding planners bought this quiz and asked their customers to take it in order to make their job convenient. 

Incentives content amplification


Similarly, you can create such interactive content for your business and get your content amplified. Try out Outgrow’s interactive content builder by signing up for their 7-day free trial and start creating.  If you’re in a hurry, you can also check out the wide range of premade templates and customize them as per your requirements.

4. Data or Ideas Made Visual

It is important to focus on getting organic followers. Buying fake followers and displaying false data to showcase your business’s success can be a temporary solution for sure, but it is not going to help you with content amplification. So, you should focus your efforts on creating the right content and finding out the right channels to promote it.

5. Social Proof

If you see some content shared by someone you know and trust, you tend to pay attention to it. And if you think it’s relevant, you might even share it further. So, to improve your content’s social presence from an individual perspective, you can reach out to and write emails to fellow marketers in your industry requesting them to share your content. 

6. Existing Authority

Content published by an existing authority is often amplified more than that published by a lesser known publication or company. If you are an emerging brand, this can be really frustrating at times, as the competition with already established authorities is tough and almost unfair. But you can surely go farther than them by being consistent with your efforts.

7. Reciprocity

If someone does something kind, for example, they promote some of your products or content, you feel a natural urge to reciprocate. This is called reciprocity and it can prove to be a powerful amplification tool. Link exchange collaboration is one great example of amplification through reciprocity. 

Some Secret Sauce Tips

Here are some secret sauce tips to make content amplification a smooth and effective process for you-

  • Optimize your content for engagement streaks in order to get greater social visibility, followers, and traffic. An engagement streak is a streak or series of related posts or content. 
  • Give the networks what they want. Create content that keeps the users on the platform, posts that earn replies or repeat visits or clicks, content with visuals and videos, shocking headlines, and unexpected content.
  • Give your followers what they’re looking for. Your content should be consistent, belief-reinforcing, and most importantly, easy to consume and process. 

Pitching for Amplification? Try This!

Here’s one easy-peasy way to pitch people for amplifying your content-

  • Write an email to someone you know well asking for their support in boosting your content
  • Now copy and paste this message to others by modifying the details like their names, names of their companies, etc. You can use the same format for everyone.
  • If you think this is a lot of information, and you’re struggling to sort the numerous email addresses, you can build a private amplification group. This will make it easier for you to get your content amplified. Moreover, you also get a chance to amplify others’ content and build relationships. 


There you have it. We’ve talked about all things content amplification in this blog and we hope that you’ve been able to learn enough to start out on your content amplification journey!

Like Rand Fishkin mentioned, you can amplify your content in a number of ways. One of the most engaging ways can be creating interactive content. So, sign up for your free trial now and create the most amazing content with Outgrow. 


Amplification refers to the process of promoting your content in order to reach a wider audience. It is a very crucial way to drive traffic to your website. 

Content amplification plays a great role in helping differentiate your content from other brands in your industry and reaching out to the right audience at the right time. 

Amplification channels may include all the platforms that you leverage in order to promote and amplify your content. They might include paid, owned, and earned media to distribute content.

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