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Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in South East Asia

Did you know that 72% of marketers agree that content marketing increases engagement? But, content marketing is easier said than done. ‘60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day’. Now, that is a huge amount of competition, right there! You will need experts who can help cut through the competition and boost your content marketing efforts. Maybe this list of the top content marketing agencies in Southeast Asia can help you out!

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1. iProspect Indonesia

iProspect is a global marketing agency that caters to some of the best brands around the world. Furthermore, their unique approach to content marketing has rightfully earned them a place among the best content marketing agencies in Southeast Asia.

iProspect Indonesia follows a data-driven approach to content marketing. And with some best-in-class content creators, they produce intelligent content that drives engagement and commercial success. In order to attract your target audience, they can leverage videos, blogs, microsites, landing pages, and more.

iprospect: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

2. Dog Digital

Dog Digital is one of the finest content marketing agencies in South East Asia. They develop content strategies that help you stand out in the crowd. The Dog Digital team gives you detailed content plans of what to share, when to share, and with whom. Also, they help you in creating engaging content that drives visibility, sales, and increases your online presence.

Case Study:

To make football the most played sport by women in the European countries, UEFA launched the #WePlayStrong campaign in 2016. And Dog Digital was the architect behind the campaign’s success. They developed a cross channel content strategy and successfully targeted potential players and football fans between the ages of 16-25 in Europe.

dog digital: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

3. Forwardpmx

ForwardPMX is a global brand performance agency that helps brands fuel exceptional growth. They provide an all-round online marketing strategy with content at its core. Their data-driven content strategies are specifically designed to target audiences across the buyer’s journey. Not to mention, the holistic content strategies are used across online platforms. From content creation, social content mapping, result-driven storytelling to content analysis, they cover it all.

Case studies:

ForwardPMX has been working with Virgin Holidays since 2016. And to improve Virgin’s authority in Google’s eyes, they created the ‘Trending Travel Guide’ project. As part of the strategy, they decided to create inspirational and interactive content based on data and social listening. Henceforth, the campaign got 812k Fb impressions and ranked in Top 10 travel guides along with other outstanding stats.

forwardPMX: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

4. MOI

MOI is a global B2B online marketing agency for technology brands. Their award-winning B2B demand generation campaigns are proven to turn heads. And their in-house services include content marketing, videos, copywriting, social media, and more.

Case Study:

MOI launched the ‘Hug a Hacker’ campaign for F5 Networks to boost awareness on cybersecurity. Also, they intended to place F5 as a cybersecurity solution leader and drive qualified leads for the brand. And the results, 1.6 M pipeline generated along with 76k+ website visits and 375 qualified leads.

MOI: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

5. Spiralytics

Spiralytics leverages content marketing, SEO, and online advertising backed by robust analytics to build your business. Their expert content marketing team is responsible for creating, publishing, and distributing your content online. They boost your traffic, generate leads, and help improve your brand awareness through content marketing.

Spiralytics: content marketing agencies in South East Asia


WEBARQ is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Indonesia. They provide end to end online marketing services. As a matter of fact, they believe content marketing is the foundation of any successful digital marketing strategy. From copywriting to videos, they cover it all.

Case Study:

WEBARQ built the digital presence of Sari Roti using content marketing, social media, online ads, and more. They created and published a series of photo and video recipes that increased Sari Roti’s online presence.

WEBARQ: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

7. KKC Outsourcing Corporation

KKC is one of the best content marketing agencies in South East Asia. The company provides cost-effective online marketing solutions to small to medium businesses. They can create and distribute content that is designed specifically for your business and audience. Apart from content marketing, they offer property preservation, SEO, graphic design, and more.

KKC Outsourcing Corporation: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

8. iManila

iManila is among the best content marketing agencies in the Philippines. Along with a robust content marketing strategy, they offer website and blog content development services. You can also avail of other digital marketing services like SEO, SEM, email marketing, and more.

iManila: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

9. Truelogic

Truelogic is a Philippines based agency specializing in SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media, and reputation management. Unlike most agencies, they focus mainly on written content. You can outsource content from Truelogic to turn your visitors into customers. Also, they use lead nurturing techniques to turn your prospects into profit. Their content marketing services include blogs, ebooks, guest posts, press releases, newsletters, and more.

Truelogic: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

10. First Page Digital

First Page Digital is undoubtedly one of the best content marketing agencies in South East Asia. In fact, their unique content formula has delivered remarkable results to thousands of clients. They create a mix of blog posts, emails, and social media content as a part of their content marketing strategy.

First Page: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

11. Phibious

Phibious is your go-to brand for any digital marketing services in South East Asia. Some of the world’s most iconic brands have sought their help to flourish in the South East Asian markets. Their range of services includes content marketing, brand consulting, digital marketing, and more.

Case Study:

Phibious chose to go with the concepts of content marketing in order to introduce the new Piaggio Medley in the Vietnamese market. They went about by releasing a series of thematic visuals that portray the dual personas of their riders. Furthermore, they released another visual series flaunting the unique USPs of the premium scooter.

Phibious: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

12. 9thWonder

9thWonder is one of the largest content marketing agencies in South East Asia. Moreover, content marketing is one of the many specializations they have. To specify, they have expertise in media planning, SEO, video production, public relations, marketing automation, and more.

Case Study:

9thWonder helped Samsung beat the competition and connect with Public Safety first responders. And they were able to do this through brand positioning, messaging, and content strategy. Their efforts resulted in a 162% increase in organic keywords and a 270% increase in unique visitors.

9th wonder: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

13. 2X

2X is a B2B marketing service provider for technology and professional services industries with end-to-end online marketing expertise. And due to this expertise, they excel in content marketing. 2X uses its expertise in email marketing, SEO, and paid ads to reach the target audience efficiently. The content marketing tools they use are blogs, whitepapers, datasheets, case studies, etc.

2x: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

14. CPXi Asia

CPXi Asia has been helping brands access the full potential of digital marketing for 17 years now. From creating content to distributing and promoting, they can help you with all of that. Their content marketing services enable you to promote your site’s content and extend your audience reach across channels. They leverage content types such as newsletters, video syndications, and branded content.

CPXi asia: content marketing agencies in South East Asia

15. Vero

The Vero agency helps businesses grow in the South East Asian markets by creating unique brand experiences that attract users. And they do this by combining all the modern online outreach strategies available. Their in-house content marketing experts ensure that your brand content stands out in the highly competitive digital space. Be it videos, or press releases – they have got you covered.

Case Study:

Vero was assigned to drive awareness and discovery of Booking.com’s diverse range of accommodation options. As a part of this objective, Booking.com launched the Bangkok Booking Bus – a self-contained camper van with a distinctive Thai design. Henceforth, Vero promoted this initiative with a series of press releases, interviews, and influencer outreach programs. As a result, the campaign got 125 media attendance, 200+ media coverage, and more.

Vero: content marketing agencies in South East Asia


If you want to tap into the fast-growing market of South East Asia then these agencies will come as a savior. Having said that, if you can spot any agency that we have missed, do let us know. We will be happy to update the list.

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