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17+ Must-Have Content Marketing Tools In 2023

Behemoth is the right word for content marketing initiatives if not done right. The market share of content marketing is predicted to reach USD 487.24 billion from 2021 to 2026. So, how to succeed in this highly competitive era? There are several content marketing tools in the market to help you out. Which one should you choose? From graphic designing to analytics- there are just way too many things to keep a track of!

So, to help you, we have collated tools from the various marketing domains with good authority and certified customer reviews.

These tools are not only satisfying the users every day but are also user-friendly and don’t throw tantrums during use. Here is a list of 17 must-have content marketing tools that’ll shoot up your brand presence and solidify user engagement. And of course, make you go ‘WOW’!

Pro Tip: Have a look at this blog that gives out actionable content marketing tips by experts!

We have listed out a few content marketing tools that can take some things off your plate. 

1. Outgrow

When we are talking about the best content marketing tools, Outgrow deserves special mention! Because content marketing earns the benefits at their peak if you are using interactive marketing.


With Outgrow, you can reach the remote corners of each customer’s mind individually and spill your questions, collect their feedback, and offer the right solution. Your conversion rate soars high, bounce rate turns sallow, and sharing swells almost 9 times higher than static content.

With our interactive offerings, you can identify the exit points of the customers from the sales funnel and take effective action. And how wonderful it is to have your branding on these interactive tools with logos, your trademark colors, and fonts! Such personalization pops out your brand subtly.

This car selection premade quiz by Outgrow looks not only attractive, but it also has a logo on the top, which can be customized and so are the questions. We also offer a 7-day free trial when you opt for building your own quiz.

Embed these tools as a pop-up, a chatbot, or in the full screen with 1000+ marketing tools, and earn the benefits just like VenturePact did.

Venture Pact

VenturePact—a marketplace for software developers and designers—revived their old marketing style with a mobile app calculator. The tool questioned the businesses about their software offerings and instantly offered the best rates leading to a click-through rate of 66%. The clear ETA invited 49% of traffic to the website.

Calculate your ROI with Outgrow here. Still, having an indecisive mind to reduce your marketing legwork? Hear our customers who call us game-changer.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the content marketing tools that had confirmed its presence on this list by the mere necessity of its services. Can you imagine the awkwardness of finding spelling mistakes in your post-draft after putting in so much effort?


Grammarly provides wholesome solutions to ensure accuracy in the grammar, tone, and language of your content. It detects spelling and punctuation errors, providing context-specific correction with an informed explanation thereof. No, thereof. Ugh! Just leave it to Grammarly.

3. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is another tool concerned with content creation on our list. More specifically, the precision of it. Readers are looking for information or entertainment through your posts. Using complicated terms or jargon only confuses them.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway simplifies your sentences by providing simpler alternatives & readability scores and showing the errors in different colors depending on their severity.

4. Brafton

The phrase “content marketing platform” gets thrown around a lot, but Brafton is possibly the first company to create software worthy of the name. Think of the Brafton Platform as a complete project management solution tailor-made for content marketers. 


That means it’s ready for content marketing workflows from minute one. Literally every type of content marketing function — content ideation, production planning, assigning and tracking completion of tasks, messaging stakeholders, reviewing and approving content, updating the content calendars, uploading final deliverables, publishing content to your site, and measuring its performance — can be handled from within the software.

Brafton also has a content library that lets you easily sort through all your existing content. Project templates are another huge plus. Want to create a marketing eBook? Just select that from a drop-down and a recommended (but still customizable) workflow is automatically created for you. 

It really is content marketing management simplified. 

5. Uberflip

Uberflip motto for content marketing says it all: ‘Own your content marketing journey.’ And that is exactly what they intend to help business owners do. Uberflip’s software centralizes the content from all social media, blogs, webinars, ebooks, etc. to provide you with an overall content experience.


The entire content is assimilated into your ‘Hub’ which is later categorized into different categories of videos, blogs, and social media. Users can create their own categories as well. Let’s say, after using Uberflip, managing content is a breeze.

6. HubSpot Marketing Hub

We have all been through it—using myriad separate tools to get tasks done. It gets messy and more difficult to coordinate. But what if you could do and track everything in one place?


That’s where HubSpot’s Marketing Hub comes in. A well-rounded solution to your marketing needs that doesn’t compromise in favor of doing more things at once.

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is a well-known content marketing tool with an extensive list of features that appeal to beginners and professionals alike. The platform is designed to serve as a powerful all-in-one solution that delivers functionality and customer insights without all the hassle.

Attract customers with blogs and social tools, convert leads with the landing page or email builder, and aggregate insights with analytics tools. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is an excellent solution for marketers looking to switch to a streamlined inbound marketing process without losing features or customer insights.

You can start automating and elevating your processes with HubSpot’s tools for free. After that, plan upgrades start as low as $45 per month. Enjoy all the perks and functionality of different marketing platforms with HubSpot’s Marketing Hub.

7. Portent Tone of Voice Generator

Jennifer Blanchard once said, ”Don’t get it right, get it written.” Every marketer, conversely, would believe in getting it written right. The content that your company produces creates its brand image in the market. It affects how your consumers perceive you.


Portent Tone of Voice Generator asks you questions regarding your content suggesting the appropriate tone of voice, style of writing, use of humor, etc.

8. Kapost

Kapost deals in content operation, providing solutions for strategies before and after publishing your content. It gives you customer insights, and a platform to map, interrogate and streamline content. Additionally,  it helps you to search and share content effortlessly and gives the opportunity for teams to work together on the content cycle.


The most interesting aspect of this tool is content analytics which helps the marketer to deliver the ‘right content to the right customer at the right time’.

9. Buffer

With so much emphasis on content marketing, it’s only fair we include a tool solely dedicated to social media marketing. They help you manage all your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) from one place. The best part: they schedule the content you see online to be directly posted from your accounts through their browser extensions.


They provide analytics to give you an overview of how your posts are fairing on your accounts. Additionally, Buffer also provides videos and GIF uploaders that work seamlessly. (Not a dig on its company’s name of course).

10. BuzzSumo

Is anybody even surprised that BuzzSumo is on this list? It provides intelligent information on what content performs best in your industry, the main influencers for that topic as well as a platform to review their content. It also provides competitor analysis and updates on the new post entrants on that topic. Enough Said.


11. Meltwater

Meltwater allows you to plan, execute, and track all your campaigns effortlessly. It stands out as a dynamic content marketing tool, offering a robust alternative to platforms like Hootsuite.


Through its advanced monitoring capabilities, Meltwater allows you to track and analyze online conversations, news articles, social mentions, and competitors. By leveraging this information in your content, you can easily identify emerging trends and stay ahead of your competition.

You can also streamline all your social media scheduling and community management tasks, making content planning and posting very easy. Functioning also as both an editorial calendar and a social media publisher, Meltwater enables you to meticulously plan, execute, and track all your campaigns in one user-friendly interface. 

12. SEMrush

Since we’re on the topic of competitor analysis anyway, how would you like to do a deeper dive? SEMrush provides insights into your competitor’s strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building. SEMrush provides one of the best services in a tool that is absolutely unparalleled in the realm of content marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


What good is an amazing post if no one’s going to read it? SEMrush helps you in the Technical SEO Audit, Semantic Core collection, and Position Tracking of your company. And your competitors, of course.

13. Pingdom

If we could have everyone in this world agree on something, it would be this: nobody, and we mean nobody, likes buffering. People lose interest and the content loses views.


Pingdom helps you gauge the speed of your site. All it requires is your site and the specific place you want to test its speed in. After all, time is of the essence, Kid. (Read in Morgan Freeman’s voice).

14. Canva

There’s no denying the appeal of a beautifully designed piece of content. But not every marketer can afford a dedicated team for the same. Enter ‘Canva’. It is a graphic design tool that employs a user-friendly drag-and-drop format and gives access to various designs, fonts, and drawings.


Users can choose from different formats, photo editing options, and graphs. Their tap-and-reveal home page is proof enough that it is created by a set of insanely talented graphic designers.

15.  Snappa

Not having a graphic designer shouldn’t stop you from producing amazing images for social media channels. Because we have Snappa.


Now, design your graphics for any and every social media you can think of in a jiffy. Customize them with your own fonts and images too. Don’t have a professional image available? Oh, worry not. Snappa offers a million-plus high-resolution CC0 images and 200+ fonts. Resize your graphics to fit any social channel and flaunt your creativity to your team by collaborating.

What more? Pricing at $10 per month per user is attractive if you want a bit more beyond the free starter pack.

Infographics have been a crucial element for companies to promote brands and share eye-catchy facts. According to Snappa, you would only need 4 steps and less than 5 minutes to carve out such infographics. Dimensions and resizing the outcome would be taken care of by the host. Use the tool because you need not invest hours in learning first and implement it later apart.

7 Content Marketing Tools That'll Make You Go 'WOW'

Check this video for a quick tour.

16.  Crowdfire

A platform like Crowdfire is indispensable for content marketing. Keep your pipeline of contents plump and automated with this amazing tool. It enjoys a 4-star rating from Capterra mainly due to the ease of use and Freemium version.


Queueing and scheduling your posts was never this simple for prime social media channels. They also offer strong social analytics and listening features. Marketers can create custom social media analytics reports that are downloadable in PDF and PPT format.

This advisor helps you discover the images and content your audience wants to consume and stop at. Get your content marketing rolling with Crowdfire.

Kyle Zuvella, the founder of ‘The Faraway Guide’ confides to Crowdfire as the company saw a 300% growth in website footfalls and a 200% rise in the ad revenue. That too, the timeline of success was not a year but just a few months. He also certifies the speedy functionalities of the platform and the intuitive dashboard it offers.

Need another assurance? Sergio Gomez of ‘Breakfast with Sergio’ says these wonderful words about Crowdfire.

17.  Spyfu

Having a sore green eye today after seeing your competitor’s paid ad topping the SERP? Come on, shrug it off, and grab Spyfu to dig their secret sauce. With this research and spying tool, you can scrutinize the keywords competitors have bought, their presence at various channels, and their PPC and SEO research. In return, you get website traffic and can manage SEO ranking in a snap.


Spying is fun already and Spyfu makes it easy-peasy.

As a marketer or a business, ogle around at an affordable pricing of $33 per month (billed annually). Crack which competitor is surpassing you and their insider stories on their blogs, leads, ads, etc. Holistic anatomy on keywords opportunity and SEO help you plan the game way ahead of them.

Wait; there is one more perk, only next to FREE passes. The members can grab many offers from the industry giants like ‘99 Designs’, ‘DigitalMarketer Lab’, ‘adAnalysis’, etc. Hoots!

Eric Sztanyo, founder at ‘We Buy NKY House’ calls it an intuitive tool and is happy to beat industry peers by understanding their SEO and AdWords. How the contemporaries are using the ads is a special factor of this tool and enhances his research.

Tomas Kolafa, CMO, of Growth Media rated Spyfu with the highest stats. Peek at the review here.

18. Keyword Tool

When it comes to SEO, you can’t leave keyword research behind. Keyword Tool is one of the keyword research tools available in the market. But what makes it different? Well, for starters, it is free and you don’t even need an account. No login means no personal information is captured. Lovely, no? And what adds to this loveliness is the 99.99% reliability with long-tail keywords.

 Keyword Tool

The tool generates over 750 keywords from Google autocomplete instantly. It also offers keyword suggestions for other search engines like Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and app stores through the same interface. Keyword Tool is the best substitute for Google keyword planner, which demands an AdWords account.

CoinGecko—one of the satisfied clients—says this tool is great at showing country-wise keywords. It also shows how many search results are they getting as compared to the market players in a similar niche. The tool helped them to rank based on long-tail keywords. Have a look at what they have to say here.

Test this simple yet impressive content marketing tool right away.

19. ShareThrough

If the title of a book were a put-off, would you even bother to read the synopsis? Why did ‘he-who-must-not-be-named’ grab the attention of the Potterheads rather than the actual name? Well, it is not a headline. But did you notice the curiosity it creates?


The same goes for the headline of the content.

What your readers see first in a post, e-book, email, or social media campaign is the headline. So you must use an analyzer like Sharethrough to bring out the curiosity or the anxiety in the readers.

This analyzer examines the headlines based on the Behavior Model theory and neuroscience. It passes a longer heading easily because they have the potential of storytelling. Thus, inviting a higher engagement. It studies the title using numerous variables that test the engagement and impression score. A headline crossing a score of 70 is considered fit for usage.

20. NetBase

What good is content marketing without a measurable result? Every goal, as they usually say, should be measured for success. Hence, quantify the success (or the lack thereof) using social media analytics tools. One such tool is NetBase soaring high in our recommendation list with 94% of user satisfaction.


NLP-driven analytics with an understanding of slang and vernacular enables you to reckon with the complex emotions of the consumers’ posts and comments. The regular analysis of hashtags, consumer behavior with demographics, and content success are part of regular KPIs.

The analytics software crawls through millions of social media posts, comments, shares, and received emotions daily, and generates reports.

With clients such as Yum, Coca-Cola, Target, Credit Suisse, etc., NetBase is Forrester’s favorite analytics tool in content marketing.

Using NetBase analytics and KPI measurement, Burrell Communications zeroed in on comedian Keegan-Michael Key as the influencer. Burrell wanted to rev up the public awareness in Hybrid technology for their client Toyota. The brand engagement increased by 1000% and cost per engagement dipped by 96%.

Hear out what customers say about NetBase.

21. ProofHub

ProofHub is a powerful all-in-one project management tool that lets you manage your content marketing tasks, files, communications, Staff time tracking, and more with its vast range of features.


Excellent Kanban boards and custom workflows allow you to divide your content marketing tasks into different stages. ProofHub’s robust Gantt charts let you keep track of task dependencies. 

Their project Calendar allows you to keep track of your social media campaigns, content, editorials, and events. It provides you with efficient team collaboration features like chat, discussion section, @mention, and more. 

22. Planable

Planable is a content collaboration platform that aims to provide marketers with a more efficient way of planning, creating, reviewing, and collaborating on content across multiple channels: social media, blogs, newsletters, etc. With Planable, you can streamline content creation and collaborate on distribution plans seamlessly with both teams and clients.


Planable’s Universal Content is a bundle of features that helps marketing teams create top-notch content of any form. Here’s what you can take advantage of while building your workflow:

  • visual content calendar
  • real-time collaboration
  • tailored approval workflows
  • custom roles & permissions for internal or external members.

With flexible pricing that starts at just $11 per month per user, Planable is an ideal solution for businesses looking for scalable and controlled content management.

Wrap Up!!

The last and the most paramount tool you need to create the best content marketing strategy is a fierce belief in your product No amount of content marketing tools or resources can compare to a product promoted by a set of determined marketers. Ideas flow effortlessly when writers and marketers push for a product they actually believe in.

Well, here was your tea on the best content marketing tools you should be using in 2023. These tools should prepare you to have the best content marketing game in the business.

Great content is waiting to be created. The market is waiting. Off you go, then 🙂

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