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8 Easy Lead Generation Quiz Templates to Try Out Today

Looking for easy and fun ways to collect valuable lead information? Don’t worry, with a lead generation quiz, it’s pretty simple!

The easiest way to collect lead information is using interactive quizzes. Moreover, the average quiz has a 31.6% lead capture rate. So, in this blog, we are going to talk about how you can collect leads using quizzes, their benefits, and everything you need to know about creating an eye-catching quiz. Read on to find out more about lead generation quizzes.

What Is a Lead Generation Quiz?

A lead generation quiz is an interactive experience that lets users be a part of a two-way dialogue and provides them with personalized results based on their responses. Such quizzes are sure to get the users hooked till the end, and hence help collect lead information.

Moreover, by assessing the responses received through your lead quizzes, you can gain valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and expectations. You can use this information to fulfill the demands of your audience by providing them with personalized services.

Now that you’ve understood the basics of lead quizzes, let’s find out how they can benefit you.

How Is Quiz an Effective Tool for Lead Generation? 

The priority of every marketer is lead collection and a quiz is a very simple way to do so. Let’s see how-

1. Personalized Experience

The most important benefit of lead quizzes is that they provide a personalized experience to users based on their responses. You can add conditional logic jumps in-between questions to redirect your user to a particular question or result according to their responses. This helps create a unique experience for your audience and boost your lead generation rate.

2. Flexibility and Adaptability

What attracts marketers most about quizzes is that they are flexible and can adapt to any industry or niche. You can create your own industry-specific interactive lead generation quiz and convert your leads into paying customers in no time.

Outgrow interactive quiz templates

3. Real-Time Analytics

By assessing user responses, you can improve your company’s performance by making smarter marketing decisions. With real-time access to user analytics, you can conduct critical analysis and export user data within seconds.

4. Segmentation and Retargeting

Using a quiz maker, you can not only segregate qualified and unqualified leads, but you can also segment your leads into different sections and run separate retargeting campaigns for them. This makes the entire marketing process even more effective.

5. Increased Traffic and Brand Awareness

Quizzes are the most popular tool for generating traffic and increasing brand awareness. Interactive quizzes generate traffic moderately or very well 70% of the time, as compared to just 36% for passive content. Hence, increased traffic and brand awareness are obvious results that you get for using lead quizzes as part of your marketing strategy.

Types of Lead Generation Quiz Templates to Try Out

You can create various types of quizzes depending on your industry and goals. Let’s discuss some of the most commonly used quiz types.

1. Personality Quiz

In this era where social media rules, we’re sure you’ve come across various interactive quizzes like-

a. Which Paris Fashion Week Gown are you?

Paris Fashion Week Gown Lead Generation Quiz

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b. Which one of the Main Characters From Schitt’s Creek are you?

Schitt's Creek Personality Lead Generation Quiz

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Personality quizzes are among the most popular types of lead quizzes. You can create a personality quiz for various purposes. Such quizzes give out an idea of letting you learn something new about yourself and hence see very high conversion rates.

2. Graded Quiz

If you’re looking to test knowledge or assess your user’s performance on something, a graded quiz is the most suitable quiz type for you!

Each question will award specific marks to the user. The scores will keep adding up as you progress through and at the end, the sum of the points will be revealed as the final result.

For example-

a. English Language Test

English Knowledge Lead Generation Quiz

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b. Buddhist Meditation- Test Your Knowledge

Meditation Knowledge Lead Generation Quiz

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3. BuzzFeed Quiz

You must already know what a BuzzFeed quiz looks like. In this type of quiz, you’ll find a set of random questions.

The options for each question are connected to one of the results. These results are personality categories that fit with the subject of the quiz.

For example:-

a. Which FRIENDS Character Are You?

friends character lead generation quiz

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b. Your Netflix Preferences Will Decide What Art Style You’ll Like

Netflix preference lead generation quiz

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4. Product Recommendation Quiz

By embedding a product or e-commerce recommendation quiz on your e-commerce website, you can help out your customers purchase the most suitable product by asking a set of simple questions.

The user is supposed to select their preferences and the final recommendation will be a combined outcome of all the options selected by the user.

For example-

a. Which Sports Watch Is Best Suited To Your Needs?

Watch ecommerce lead generation quiz

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b. What Is The Best Smartphone That You Can Afford?

smartphone ecommerce lead generation quiz

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Want to try out more such ready-to-use templates? We’ve got many more exciting quiz templates categorized for different industry types. Try them now

Best Tool to Create an Enticing Quiz

While there are hundreds of quiz makers available on the internet, we would recommend you try out Outgrow. Outgrow is an interactive content creation platform that lets you create not just quizzes, but other interactive experiences like calculators, polls, giveaways, e-commerce recommendations, and whatnot!

Benefits of Using Outgrow

1. No-code Tool

With Outgrow’s no-code quiz maker, you can create your quiz with just a few clicks. The features are clear and easy to use. Simply add your questions, results, and lead generation form, and you’re all set.

2. 1000+ Integration Options

Outgrow provides integration options with over 1000 CRMs. You can use native integration or integrate your quiz with your CRM tool via API using an open-source API gateway, Zapier, or Webhook. The integration will make running retargeting campaigns extremely smooth and seamless for you.

3. Industry-specific Premade Templates

Outgrow offers a wide range of premade templates. If you are fairly new at creating interactive content or looking for ideas, you can simply scan through Outgrow’s premade templates and choose the one that suits you best. You can then make the required changes and your quiz will be ready to run!

4. 24*7 Customer Service Available

While creating your quiz, if you get stuck in between and need help figuring something out, you can simply reach out to Outgrow’s customer success team. Click on the chatbot symbol on the bottom right of your screen and tell us where you’re stuck. You will receive a response within a few minutes.

How to Create a Lead Generation Quiz in Minutes?

Follow these simple steps to create your lead quiz within minutes-

  1. Log in to your quiz maker. If you haven’t already signed up with any, try Outgrow’s 7-day free trial!
  2. Once you are in the quiz builder, add your questions, and set up the display features like background image, color, button text, etc.
  3. Make sure you add a lead generation form because collecting leads is the entire reason why you’re creating this quiz!
  4. Now set up the results as per your workflow, add conditional logic jumps wherever required and you’re good to go.
  5. Finally, save the changes and make your quiz live. Now you can embed it on any webpage, or social media platform or even promote it via a direct URL.

Special Tips for Creating a Lead Generation Quiz That Converts

1. Start With a Catchy Title

The first thing that a user will read is your quiz title. Let this sink in!  Now create a title that urges the users to go forward. The same thing applies to the questions as well. Remember that the quiz is about and for your audience. Add questions that will pique their interest and make them want to respond. Do not turn your quiz into a survey!

2. Create a Smart Quiz- One That Gets You Qualified Leads

Your topmost priority should always be to generate qualified leads. While the questions you add should be engaging, it is important to create them with a clear pre-defined goal.

For example, if you are promoting your travel and tourism business, you can create a ‘What kind of traveler are you?’ personality quiz. This will help you get valuable insights into your users and help you understand whether you are targeting the right audience.

3. Add a Lead Generation Form

Yes, your main goal in creating a quiz indeed is to gather prospects. But to do this effectively, you need to know where exactly you should place the lead generation form in a particular quiz.

The most popular way to ensure users fill out the form is to place it before or with the results. Because by this time, the user has already answered all the questions and is quite eager to know the results. This urges the users to fill out the form and submit their details.

4. Send Follow-up Emails

If you’ve already done the hard work of brainstorming ideas and creating the entire quiz to collect prospects, why let them go? Send personalized emails to them following up on whether they would like to complete the purchase. But make sure that you DO NOT BOMBARD their inbox with your emails.


There you go! We hope you’ve learned enough about lead generation quizzes and how you can utilize them to your advantage. So without wasting any more time, sign up for Outgrow’s free trial and create your interactive quiz and start converting leads into customers!


Yes, lead generation can be extremely profitable if you smartly use your collected lead data. Segment your leads and run separate retargeting campaigns based on specific groups.

Some examples of ways of lead generation are forms/surveys, quizzes, polls, webinars, podcasts, etc.

Quizzes are a very effective way of collecting leads. By using a quiz as your lead magnet, you can gain valuable insights and divide your leads into specific segments based on that information.

You can promote your quiz by embedding it on your website or any other webpage, or social media platform or by sending out the live URL to your email lists.

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