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What Ecommerce Growth Hacks You Must Use to Sell More in 2023

Looking for a hack to boost your eCommerce growth this year? We’ve got you 10+ eCommerce growth hacks that are 100% actionable!

The pandemic has drastically changed our shopping habits, accelerating the growth of eCommerce businesses. Since the start of 2023, eCommerce has surpassed levels that were not expected until 2025. After all, 62% of US shoppers confirmed that they shop more online as compared to the pre-COVID era. In fact, businesses are all set to cross $843 billion in sales this year.

With new businesses joining the bandwagon, the eCommerce game has now become more challenging than ever. But fear not, as this blog will help you fire up your marketing using eCommerce growth hacks to help you to sell more in 2023.

Ecommerce Growth Hacks 

In this section, we list some easy and effective eCommerce growth hacks that you can start implementing today.

1. Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways and contests are an inexpensive and highly actionable way to drive sales. They have an inherent virality attached to them because well, who doesn’t like free gifts! 😛

With a huge participation rate, the network effects of giveaways and contests are unmatched. In fact, of the total participants, 62.13% share the promotion with a friend to suggest that they take part too.

Let’s give you an example. Suppose you are an eCommerce business selling premium handbags. An interesting giveaway for you could be “BOGO From Our Range Of Ltd. Edition Handbags


Through this template, you can easily start a conversation around your giveaway while your audience will take care of the rest of the work!

2. Pop-ups 

The next way to grow your eCommerce business is pop-ups! Don’t shrug already – pop-ups on an eCommerce site work like magic. In fact, strategically placed pop-ups are your gateway to increased sales in 2023.

Consider this ‒ a prospect lands on your website, and after some time of scrolling, they are about to bounce off. Now, that’s when an exit intent pop-up can stop them. However, this pop-up should entail something that is worth stopping for. A discount offer or a coupon works best as a pop-up.

3. Surveys

Surveys are quick and effective online growth hacks to gauge user satisfaction and gain valuable insights and feedback. Instead of running multiple A/B tests, one can directly ask the consumer what they are looking for. These feedback forms can include questions about product experience, delivery experience, UI/UX, or anything that could be a possible bottleneck in the user’s journey of buying your product.

Feedback surveys like this, form a channel of communication between the customers and the business owners and act as a great eCommerce growth hack!


Want to discover 20 growth hacking strategies for each stage of your buyer’s journey? Click down below!

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4. Email Marketing Campaigns 

It’s no news that email marketing is that goose that lays golden eggs. 80% of retail professionals say that email marketing is a very important medium of customer retention. In fact, welcome emails skyrocket user engagement by up to 500%!

In this section, we will discuss eCommerce growth hacks involving different kinds of emails

(a) Abandoned Cart Emails

Listen, folks, there’s a piece of bad news – on average 69% of the carts are abandoned. But losing out on such a large audience is worse than the bad news. And so, there’s good news to counter it – abandoned cart emails. Abandoned cart emails nudge people to come back and complete their purchase.

A good abandoned cart email has the ability to turn abandoned carts into completed sales. Besides, strategically timing these emails will keep you at the top of the minds of your user. So, why don’t you adopt this amazing email marketing growth hack today?

(b) Product Back in Stock Emails 

Back-in-stock emails are your sure shot at getting those valuable prospects back. They are a way to entice them and it works like a charm! Check out this email by Uniqlo, a clothing brand.


Source: Uplers

(c) Discount, Scratch card, and Coupon Emails

Discounts can not only be shown on the website as tickers and pop-ups but can also be shared on your email campaigns. Discounts, scratch cards, and coupons are quick to attract attention because everyone is looking to save some bucks! Check out this example of a bang-on discount email from MOO, an online print and design company.


Source: Vero

(d) Best Price Emails

Best-price emails are super lucrative. They remind the buyers that a certain product is at its best price and thus, act as the perfect bait. In fact, you might also want to learn the art of making even your expensive products look like a steal from the marketing guru himself!

Best Price Emails

Source: Conjoint.ly

It is important to bear in mind that a good copy is essential for all these emails to work well. Make sure you’re paying close attention to writing high-converting copy for each of these emails. And don’t be afraid to have a fun email personality! You don’t have to be rigid. Take a lesson or two from all the examples we gave and make your emails engaging!

growth hacking course for beginners

5. E-commerce Recommendations

E-commerce recommendations are an incredible eCommerce growth hack to transcend the decision paralysis that your customers might be going through. By setting up a recommendations quiz like this or this, you point them in the right direction, exactly where they should look based on what they need.

Now, why are recommendations important? It’s because decision paralysis is real. The more choices, the more difficult the purchase decision. Hence, one of the best growth hacks eCommerce businesses can implement is to limit the number of decisions their buyers have to take. And that’s why eCommerce recommendations are a great bet!


6. Discount Calculators

Everyone loves discounts. So, how about you make it easier for your customers to calculate the best discount coupon available for a product? Set up an interactive calculator to help them get the best price for your product and they surely will come back to you for more. Here’s an example of the kind of calculator you can create!

coupon code

7. Social Proof

This hack cannot be emphasized enough. With more and more businesses going online, the trust factor is simply non-negotiable. And if you can offer that in more ways than one, it will be a no-brainer for people to buy from you. This growth marketing strategy alone has the potential to skyrocket your sales. For example, Lush marketing took social proof to a whole new level expanding it beyond their website.



Source: BigCommerce

8. Chatbots

Customers are buying at all times, you don’t want to lose out on them at 2 am either. Setting up chatbots that can answer frequently asked questions without the need for a sales executive on the other end is the way to solve this pain point.

Chatbots are gaining huge popularity. 74% of internet users prefer to use chatbots when they want answers to simple questions. Take the example of Heek, which is a chatbot that can design and build websites for you.


Source: Outgrow

9. User Experience

With multiple small and big platforms cropping up, your top priority when starting out in the eCommerce business is not only to sell a viable product that has a demand but to sell an entire experience. From packaging to adding a personal touch, everything should speak volumes about how much your customers matter to you – especially when you are offering fashion, luxury, and other such lines of products.

Additionally, you should have a hassle-free, secure, and quick payment process to keep those dicey customers from bouncing off of the payments page. And lastly, make sure you offer solid customer support and invest in business VoIP solutions that will streamline the whole process. Small business owners recognize these small but important points and we see pictures and videos like these getting very popular on social media –


Source: Pinterest

Don’t have an eCommerce store yet? You can create an online store for free here

10. Influencer Marketing

Using influencer marketing is by far the most effective eCommerce growth hack you can use today. It is one social media hack that has got businesses to substitute their ad spending with influencer campaigns. Micro-influencers on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc. have an audience in every niche. And hence, they can amplify your product in an effective way by putting it right in front of your target audience.

Influencers can be hired on a commission basis, or other incentive plans can be drawn out. Either way, they are an affordable bet and a very effective marketing channel. The influencer marketing industry will grow to around $21.1 Billion in 2023. Also, more than 83% of users believe influencer marketing is a compelling marketing form. So, why won’t you try it?

Ray Clayton, in the post below, is famous for dressing up in vibrant outfits and bright backgrounds and has created a niche in the influencer marketing space. No wonder brands like Dunkin Donuts use their following to promote their products.


Source: Sprout Social

Summing Up…

As we reach the end of this super resourceful blog on eCommerce growth hacks to sell more in 2023, why don’t you head over to our eCommerce course for beginners? You’ll find the best strategies and tactics that you can apply today to boost sales of your eCommerce business!

Do comment or reach out to us to let us know what you think of these growth hacks and how you applied them! We love some encouragement and that gets us to give you more valuable insights. And if you liked this post, do not miss this extensive guide on growth hacking that is coming up next.

Lastly, if you want to create giveaways, surveys, eCommerce recommendations, chatbots, and much more to put your just-learned hacks to practice, here’s a no-code tool for that. Try Outgrow for free!

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