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How To Generate More Leads From Your Website?

Whether you use your website to sell products online, boost subscriptions, or generate visits to your brick-and-mortar location, these tips can help you understand how to generate more leads from your website. With competition growing at a dramatic pace in the online world, it’s crucial that you fully leverage the number of website visits. Driving traffic is expensive and if your website has some apparent pitfalls, your business could be suffering.

Here are four ways you can leverage your website better and find out how to generate more leads

General CTA

1. Let your CTA be Clearly Visible

The placement of CTA can have a massive effect on the number of leads you generate from your website. Sadly, only a few marketers spend adequate time pondering, testing, and adjusting CTA placement to improve their conversions. A majority of them state that placing the CTA above the fold is a good practice; however, it is still a debatable issue.

You can test your CTAs by placing them on the natural eye path of your visitors. An eye-tracking visualization study conducted by Nielsen Norman Group discovered that when visitors read a webpage, they naturally begin by looking in the upper left-hand corner of the webpage, after which they move their eyes in an F-shaped pattern as shown below:


You can download the entire eye-tracking report here.

Here’s what it looks like:

Source – Envato Studio

You can leverage this natural eye path by placing vital information on these key spots. The image below is an illustration of what it might appear like on a website.

Source – Envato Studio

The name of the business has been placed on the top left as this is the place where your visitor looks first. On the second spot, you can see the navigation bar, with the value proposition being placed at third, and the main CTA at fourth.

Here are some real-life illustrations:

Prezi’s Homepage


Uber’s Homepage

Never be reluctant to experiment while placing your CTAs, particularly on your homepage and other popular pages, depending on how it’s sensible to your users.

2. Inform and Persuade Prospects to Visit your Landing Page

If you want to make your website a robust marketing tool, your first duty should be to inform and persuade visitors to your landing page. Before asking them to submit their contact info, you have to develop a certain level of trust with your prospects, or else their instincts will propel them to leave the website immediately.

Here are some ways by which you can achieve this:

  • Publishing your phone number for users to contact you and speak to a representative who can handle their queries
  • Provide awesome content on your landing page that helps them solve their issues. You’ll immediately gain credibility and start positioning your company as a thought leader in their eyes
  • Use easy-to-understand CTAs that tell them what they need to do so that they get their issues resolved
  • Go beyond your actual product and give your users something that makes their life more convenient on a regular basis. Portent did it with their content idea generator, and Neil Patel did this with his website analyzer on QuickSprout.

A good illustrative example is the landing page of Backlinko.

The landing page has a clear message asking visitors for their email addresses in exchange for “proven SEO and traffic tips.”

You can find compelling homepages on Buildfire, Okdork, and MarieForleo that nudges the visitor or potential customer to take instant action. Here is another example of OfficeVibe’s Homepage:

3. Focus on Trust Elements

The trust sells like hotcakes and is a fundamental website quality that can make your website a robust marketing machine. In the digital age, addressing your online marketing challenges must begin with establishing a foundation of trust. Your consumers will recommend your brand to their friends, family members, and acquaintances if they trust your brand.

While product images, and descriptions. and prices are all equally important, presenting the list of clients you’ve worked with on your site is an extremely crucial element that drives credibility.

If you’re working with top-notch clients, what’s the harm in mentioning the fact on your website? Sometimes, the NDA’s you sign with your clients prevent you from doing so. However, if you make the necessary effort, you’ll certainly be able to convince some of them. And, it’s worth your time and effort.

Customer stories are engaging and are the best way to convince your prospects.

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4. Have Gated Offers on your Landing Page

The importance of persuading visitors to your landing page. However, your landing pages deserve a section of their own since they are the hub of your lead generation efforts. This is why every offer you create and every marketing campaign you run have to be tied to a customized landing page.

Using gated content on your landing page can be a clever tactic to get important information about your prospects. Gated content functions by incentivizing lead generation. You’ll be attracting visitors with access to high-level content and then guide them towards your premium stuff.

Also, the opportunity to convert your website visitors into leads depends on the number of landing pages you have. Coupled with this, having multiple landing pages also has a massive SEO benefit, which impacts your visitors even before they land on your website.

Below is an illustrative example of WebDAM’s landing page. The form is the best part, in this case, particularly the tiny icons in front of the text that are related to the information required to complete it.

A top-notch landing page requires many elements, from form length to design to navigation, social proof, share buttons, and so on. If you want some more information on creating well-designed landing pages that can generate leads, here are some great resources.

We hope this exhaustive list has ignited some ideas for lead generation strategies, which you can test for your audience. If you’ve used any of the techniques mentioned above, let us know about your experiences in the comments section below.

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