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Outgrow Is a Winner in G2 Fall Awards 2023 | 98%+ Client Recommendations

Outgrow, our digital marketing and interactive content platform, won top honors in the G2 Fall awards 2023, and we couldn’t be happier! 

With 98% of clients recommending us, we can confidently say that our platform has helped several users expand their business in 2023. And we can help you do that too! Let’s take you through our hall of frame and tell you how we can help you achieve your goals!

Outgrow – The Best Content Experience Platform

On G2, a product has to meet certain criteria to be considered a content experience platform. This includes having a place to collect data, customizable templates for design, the ability to boost conversions, and robust analytics to provide content performance feedback. 

Outgrow is a content experience platform that enables marketers to create personalized, branded web and content experiences. The software allows users to include personalization based on user responses to quizzes, calculators, polls, or assessments

Moreover, each content piece created on Outgrow can be customized on text, branding, calls to action, images, and more for each client. Outgrow also provides detailed analytics that allows monitoring of page views and conversions per account.

How Did Outgrow Perform in the G2 Fall Awards 2023: Index Scores

1. Results Index

Based on G2 user reviews, customers have shown great satisfaction with Outgrow’s ease of doing business, and product support, and display a great likelihood of recommending us.

  • Best estimated ROI

Outgrow users on average see their return on investments in just 7.13 months! That is in half the time than the average of 14 months in the category. 

G2 Fall 2023
  • Users most likely to recommend

98% of our clients recommend Outgrow as compared to the industry average of 90%. And there’s nothing that speaks of a product like customer recommendations!

G20 Fall 2023

2. Usability Index

G2 calculates usability scores based on real-user satisfaction ratings of use-related questions. Buyers identified Outgrow as one of the most user-friendly products.

  • Best meets requirements – Chatbots

We received a 95% score for meeting requirements in the chatbot category. With Outgrow chatbots, automating tasks and providing output based on initial requests is effortless, making formerly human-intensive tasks more manageable.

G20 Fall 2023
  • Easiest to use – Mobile Marketing

Outgrow earned a 97% rating for mobile marketing ease of use, surpassing the 88% category average. Mobile marketing is made easy with the ability to reach out to customers on their devices, track interactions, choose from a variety of mobile-friendly templates, and analyze results, all from the Outgrow dashboard.

3. Implementation Index

G2 employs a unique approach to categorize Account-Based Web and Content Experiences. According to G2’s evaluation criteria, an Account-Based Web and Content Experience platform should have the capacity to create highly personalized experiences for contacts in particular accounts, while also monitoring page views and content engagement for each account.

This can be a more nuanced task and the implementation score is thus heavily influenced by customer satisfaction with the set-up process. The metrics used for this are the ease of setup process, the total time required to go live (in months), the user adoption percentage, and answers to the implementation method questionnaire.

Outgrow ranks 3rd out of 15 products in the Implementation Index for Account-Based Web and Content Experiences, in the G2 Fall Awards 2023.

G20 Fall 2023
  • Fastest Implementation

Outgrow’s no-code drag-and-drop interface allows you to publish your content in just 9 days – as compared to the category average of 1+ months. This gives you ample time for experimentation and analysis. 

  • Easiest Setup

Setting up Outgrow is easy, as shown by its impressive 93% score and 61% user adoption. 

4. Momentum Report

The Momentum Grid report provides insights into how a product performs over time. It considers the momentum it has captured when it comes to growth in its employee count, number of reviews, social mentions, and web growth year-over-year. It also assesses overall customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) ratings by G2 users. Overall, Outgrow emerged as a leader in content experience platforms.

  • Leader – Content Experience Platforms

Outgrow is a leader in the Momentum Grid Report for Content Experience Platforms in the G2 Fall Awards 2023. It’s true! We’ve seen an impressive 78% social growth and 64% web growth, both of which are higher than the average for the category. That’s pretty impressive, don’t you think?

G20 Fall 2023

Let’s dive into some new features that make Outgrow a compelling choice!

What Features Make Outgrow a Leader in Content Experience

1. AI Content Generator for Superfast Implementation

Are you struggling to come up with fresh and creative ideas? Or do you need to create multiple quizzes or surveys in a short period of time? Well, you can now use Outgrow’s AI content generator tool to generate personalized and fun interactive content without much effort. Just answer a few questions regarding your industry, keywords, goals, etc. and your quiz will be ready to be published!

AI Content Generator

Say, you need to create quizzes for different marketing purposes. In such cases, Outgrow’s AI content generator can quickly come up with multiple quizzes on the same topic. Moreover, with Outgrow’s AI, you can create more than one version of your quizzes or calculators, in a short time. This will help you to generate multiple versions to A/B test your content piece

Read More: Outgrow Product Update for June 2023: New AI Features You Can’t Miss

2. User Persona Feature for ROI Goals

Outgrow’s User Persona feature helps you understand your audience by creating and mapping personas to questions and responses. Tapping into your audience or consumer behavior can have a phenomenal impact on your ROI. Imagine gaining valuable insights that can help you reach and engage with your target market more effectively. Exciting isn’t it? 

Persona Feature

You can organize, track, and manage your data. What’s more? Seamlessly integrate the acquired data with your preferred marketing and customer service tools. Outgrow allows you to easily create user personas. Simply navigate to the User Persona tab, create new personas, and assign them to questions and associated values. With the ability to assign multiple personas to questions, this feature empowers you to optimize your content strategy across all touchpoints.

3. Custom PDF Builder for Lead Generation

Are you looking for an innovative way to attract more leads? Why not offer your users interactive content that’s both engaging and informative? Outgrow’s built-in PDF creator can help you do just that! 

PDF Builder

Not only can you share assessment/calculator/quiz results in a retrievable format, but you can also customize the text styles, colors, background styles, images, charts, orientation, and UTM variables to match your brand. 

Plus, your users can download the results PDF directly from the results page or have it sent via email. This feature is not only a great way to enhance customer engagement, but it can also serve as a powerful lead magnet.

4. New Charts and Formula Library

Creating calculators with Outgrow has become more intuitive with the new calculator template library. Outgrow’s calculator templates now include a library where you can find commonly used formulas and charts all in one place. Enjoy a more interactive and user-friendly interface without having to worry about creating and setting up multiple formulas.

product update - chart and formula lib

5. QR Codes for Online/Offline Presence

Outgrow has just released a new feature that allows you to deploy your content through QR codes, bridging the gap between your online and offline presence. Whenever someone scans the code, it will instantly take them to the live link of your content, whether it’s a product recommendation or a quiz. 

QR Codes

Once on the page, your content will function just like any other post. This is a great way to make your content more accessible and interactive. Read our blog on 14 unique ways to use QR codes to grow your business.

Are You Ready to Up Your Game With Outgrow

Outgrow has proven to be one of the most successful content experience platforms in the market. Not only does it offer a range of features and functions that can benefit businesses, but it also has an impressive ROI, customer satisfaction rate, and higher-than-average customer recommendations. 

Furthermore, its innovative new features such as AI Content Generator and Custom PDF Builder really give it that extra edge in the content experience space. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, generate leads, or improve your engagement levels, Outgrow can help you toward your desired goals. So why wait? Sign up for a free trial today and start using Outgrow to drive your success in no time at all!

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