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Free Survey Site for Students: New Survey Program

Attention, students! We know how hard it is to find a good survey builder that is not so basic and/or expensive. That is why we are here with a free survey site for students – Outgrow launches a new survey program! 

Yes, you read it right. Our advanced survey builder is now FREE! You can now create free interactive surveys with Outgrow in minutes. Let’s tell you all about it! 

create your surveys and forms

What Do You Get With Your Free Account?     

Okay, we know you might be thinking that we are just talking about a free trial for a few days. But guess what? We are not. This is a real deal. Here’s what you get:

1. Easy to Use Builder

We don’t want you, students, to spend hours understanding how Outgrow’s free survey builder works. That’s why we did all the effort ourselves and created a no-code platform for you. Using our drag and drop builder, you can create different types of surveys such as market research surveys in minutes.

free survey site for students

2. Multiple Layouts

Outgrow’s free survey tool for students gives you the chance to create your own survey in 5 different layouts and over 100 premade templates! These different layouts give a unique outlook to your survey. You can pick the right layout or template based on your requirements and get the right feedback that you need.

different survey layouts - free survey plan

3. Detailed Analytics

Well, if you are planning to run a survey, it’s quite imperative to track how well it’s performing. And Outgrow’s Analytics tab lets you do that. You not only get to see the bigger picture of the traffic and conversions but also the user details for every response received. In fact, you’ll also receive free suggestions and tips on improving your survey form. 

free survey site for students

Why Use Outgrow’s Survey Builder?

The biggest reason is of course it’s the best FREE survey maker out there. But there’s more to it! 

  1. Outgrow helps you create highly personalized interactive content. You can add your own logo and brand them as you like.
  2. You can add logic jumps which will help make the experience more personalized for the user. In simpler words, you can show your users the next question based on their previous responses. Isn’t that great?
  3. You can embed the survey you create on your project landing page as a full-page embed, in-page embed, popup embed, or even as a chatbot.
  4. Data is of utmost importance when you conduct research for your projects. Outgrow survey builder lets you generate leads easily with efficient and customizable lead gen forms.
  5. You can even send the leads you collect directly to a google sheet with our Google Sheets integration. In fact, Outgrow offers 1000+ integrations apart from Google Sheets for you to check out. 

Wanna know how Outgrow surveys look in real time? Well, we are here with a couple of survey templates for you!

Ready-to-use Survey Template Example

You can easily customize one of Outgrow’s editable templates to create surveys in minutes. With our survey template collection, you don’t need to start from scratch. Here’s a couple of  examples of ready-to-use survey templates:

Diet and Exercise Survey

This template can be used to do a health survey in your school/locality. How about you use this to impress your class in your next science project? Best part – you can customize this survey based on your needs!

diet and fitness survey

[Recreate this survey now]

Brand Awareness Survey

You can also create your own brand awareness surveys for your business projects. Gather relevant data for your projects by using this amazing survey template.

brand awareness survey

[Recreate this survey now]

Want to explore more such templates before going ahead? Check it out here:

How Does It Work?

Well, the process is simple. 

1. Go to our Pricing page.

2. Go to Customs plans.

free survey site for students

3. Now, click on “Get Started” under the “Free Forms/Surveys” plan.

free survey site for students

That’s as easy as it can get. 


Well students, what are you waiting for? Make your assignments easy and attractive with Outgrow’s free survey site for students. Moreover, if you’re interested in creating more types of interactive content like quizzes, calculators, polls, giveaways, chatbots, etc. to enhance your research and projects, Outgrow is a one-stop solution for all your needs! Start now!


Outgrow’s no-code platform is the best site to create free surveys. 

You can create free surveys and forms on Outgrow’s no-code interactive platform. 

Every response that a user gives is counted as survey data. You can easily collect this data by creating easy and relevant questions. This data can then be analyzed in Outgrow’s Analytics tab.

There are various types of survey questions such as multiple-choice questions, rating scale questions, image type questions, etc. You can learn all about the different types survey questions

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