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Google Forms vs SoGoSurvey vs Outgrow: A Detailed Review of Google Forms Alternative

As you are reading this, we guess that you are skeptical about the best Google Forms alternative. Well, generating leads and traffic is not easy these days. Did you know that 61% of marketers consider lead generation their top challenge?

You need much more than simple forms and surveys to persuade your audience to share their information and signup. These platforms help you generate qualified leads and other user information. And who doesn’t prefer a platform that fits your needs and budget? Outgrow provides a free survey plan in which you can build up to four content pieces and get up to 1200 leads submitted per year. 

So here’s a detailed review of some of the best Google Forms alternatives you can get.

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Outgrow – A Google Forms Alternative

Well, if Content is the king, then Interactive content is the future, period.

And, Outgrow lets you build interactive content with ease. You can build surveys, calculators, quizzes, eCommerce recommendations, and a lot more using Outgrow. Another key point that must be mentioned is that Outgrow is built on a no-code platform. As a result, you can build your interactive content without any coding skills. It not only saves you time but also money because it eliminates the need for hiring an expensive developer.

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As the name implies, SoGoSurvey lets you conduct online surveys. You can use the platform to build survey forms to collect your audience’s feedback at various touchpoints.


Google Forms

Google Forms needs no introduction, for we have all used it at some point. Part of Google Inc., it’s a free survey maker that helps you create free online forms and surveys.

No matter how popular these tools are, they come with their positives and negatives. So, let’s take a look at how they differ from one another.

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Head-to-toe comparison of Google Forms alternative: Google Forms vs SoGoSurvey vs Outgrow

Range of Content

When you compare all the three tools, you will find one similarity. They help you collect leads and user information. But, when you compare them in the context of the range of content types, Outgrow comes out as a clear winner.

Google’s online form builder and SoGoSurvey offer basic form creation feature only. You can use them to create polls and surveys. But, you will miss out on the interactive experience. On the other hand, Outgrow is well known for its diverse range of content.

With Outgrow, you can create interactive content like chatbots, calculators, quizzes, polls, eCommerce recommendations, and more. And the best part, you need zero technical knowledge to build these applications. The platform has a simple marketer-friendly interface where anyone can create content in minutes.

We must also mention that Outgrow is capable of handling complex calculations and logic jumps. This means you can deliver a more personalized experience to your users. Did you know that 51% of customers expect personalized recommendations from brands? Now, that’s something you should really think about!



What’s the first thing about any content that grabs your attention? We bet, it’s the design or the looks. Unfortunately, SoGoSurvey and Google Forms templates, both rely on simple design features. But, Outgrow is built using modern design practices. You can also leverage the huge template archive that Outgrow offers. The templates are pre-optimized to work flawlessly on any platform that often requires no extra work on the design. Hence, you save a lot of time.



All three tools offer basic customizations (color, font, logo, etc). But, this has become a common feature in any content creation platform these days. In order to differentiate yourself, you need to look for advanced customization features in your application.

As you already know, Outgrow comes with pre-built templates and you can use them without any technical skills. However, if you want to further customize the templates, you have that option too. Outgrow gives special attention to its flexibility and customization features. You can edit the templates in just a few clicks. Moreover, you can add external style sheets and scripts to transform the entire look and feel of the templates. On the other hand, SoGoSurvey and Google Forms are limited to basic customization.

google forms alternative

Apart from the layouts, you can also deliver a customized result page to your audience with Outgrow. Based on your user’s input, the results shown to them will be in the form of personalized recommendations. SoGoSurvey and Google Forms can only show a simple “Thank You” page at the end.

If you have a global audience, another customization feature that you can look into is the language support. Fortunately, all three tools allow multiple languages. Outgrow offers customization in 14 different languages. SoGoSurvey and Google Forms also offer some language options.


When you start generating a considerable amount of leads and user information, maintaining a database manually becomes out of the question. This is why you need your application to integrate with CRMs or marketing automation tools.

Luckily, all three applications allow you to integrate your data with automation tools. But, hang on! There’s a catch. SoGoSurvey and Google Forms can only be integrated using a paid third-party tool. Hence, Outgrow has the upper hand as it has a wide range of native integrations as well as Zapier integrations.

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Another notable advantage of Outgrow is that it integrates with payment gateways, appointment scheduling, calendar software like Calendly, and billing software. As a result, you can collect payments (one-time and recurring subscriptions) within the app itself.


Segmenting your data is very essential if you want to retarget your users with personalized content. And Outgrow dominates this segment. It lets you connect your content piece with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook pixel. This helps with data classification and segmentation. Additionally, the ability to drop a Facebook pixel in your content helps in your retargeting campaigns. Although you can use the Google Analytics feature in SoGoSurvey, you will miss out on the Facebook pixel. Google Forms, however, lacks either of these features.

google forms alternative

Optimization And Analytics

Analyzing your results and optimizing your content is an essential part of content marketing. Luckily, all three brands offer inbuilt analytics and optimization features. But, the difference lies in the extent to which you can analyze your results and optimize your content.

SoGoSurvey and Outgrow, both have a robust inbuilt analytics platform in place. You can view your results in simple graphs that are easy to understand. Furthermore, you can use the compare feature (available within Outgrow) to analyze multiple content performances. So if you are running multiple campaigns simultaneously, you can understand which one is performing better and take informed decisions. Google Form, on the other hand, has a very basic analytics feature. You can, however, perform the statistical analysis of your results manually on Google sheets. But, the whole purpose of having an analytics feature is to automate the process. And, clearly, Google Forms fails to do so.

google forms alternative

Well, all three participants (SoGoSurvey, Google Forms, and Outgrow) have their templates pre-optimized to run smoothly on any platform and device. With Outgrow, you also get the liberty to add metadata to your content. This helps you to take your SEO game to the next level.


When we talk about customer support, Google Forms is no match for the other two brands. However, Google Forms does not have a live support setup. Outgrow has a support team working around the clock on weekdays and US Eastern time on weekends. Outgrow is known for its outstanding support team with an average reply time of less than 5 minutes.


If you are using SoGoSurvey, you can embed your content on your website, pop-ups, and emails. Similarly, Outgrow lets you embed on websites, subdomains, emails, and pop-ups (including exit intent and timed pop-ups). Additionally, it gives you the liberty to embed your content on chatbots, floating rectangles, and great bars. On the contrary, you get a basic embed option (website only) with Google Forms.

google forms alternative


Google Form Pricing

Google Forms is free to use. But as you have already seen, it offers only basic functionality. On the other hand, Outgrow and SoGoSurvey are paid tools. However, they do have free trials.

SoGoSurvey Pricing

SoGoSurvey offers personal use plans for $25 (basic features), $66, and $99 per month when paid annually. However, the business plan does not disclose the pricing. You need to get in touch with them for a business plan pricing.

Outgrow Pricing

Outgrow provides a free survey plan with the help of which you can build up to 4 content pieces and have 1200 submissions of the lead generation form per year! Outgrow offers a free 7-day trial so that you can explore the complete features of its best plans. This is a brilliant opportunity to test the potential of the tool before taking a call. In fact, you don’t even need to add your card info for this.

Outgrow’s entry plan starts at $14 per month paid annually and $22 if paid in installments. The advanced modules come for $25 and $95 per month when billed annually. And for larger businesses, it has a $600 per month business plan as well as enterprise plans.

Customer Ratings And Reviews

We wanted to check what the users have to say about these companies. So, we compared SoGoSurvey reviews with Outgrow and Google Form (SoGoSurvey vs Outgrow vs Google Form) on a software review site, G2. And this is what we found!

google forms alternative

Outgrow tops the rating with 4.8 out of 5 (based on 169 reviews) followed by Google Forms with 4.6 (based on 9262 reviews) and SoGoSurvey with 4.5 (based on 45 reviews). Outgrow has not only outperformed in overall ratings but also in the individual features (ease of use, setup, etc) ratings as well.


Clearly, Outgrow seems to be the best Google Forms Alternative. But, they all have their own pros and cons. So, choose wisely according to your requirements.

If you need to create free online forms for registrations or create a free survey with basic features then Google Form is the best online form builder you can find. Or if you only need to create a survey with basic features, SoGoSurvey can do the job for you.

But hey! You get a lot more with Outgrow than just surveys! Outgrow also provides a free survey plan in which you can build up to 4 content pieces and have 1200 submissions of the lead generation form.
The best next step is to probably try out the free trials and make a decision for yourself. Here is a link to Outgrow’s free trial.

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