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Top 5 Growth Hacking Communities You Need to Be a Part of!

Growth hacking is a powerful strategy for growing your business.  The best way to get better at it is to learn from fellow marketers who are also working to master it. 
Did you know that over 40% of all marketers get most of their information from learning communities? These online forums, chat rooms, and bulletin boards are idea hotspots. They provide ample opportunities for growth specialists to discuss marketing tactics and browse or share insightful content.
This post talks about five of the best growth-hacking communities on the internet. Join them to not  miss out on the chance of becoming a better growth hacker!

Growth Hacking Community #1 GrowthHackers

GrowthHackers is a platform that is focused squarely on growth.  The community requires you to prove you are in the business of growth marketing. Post that, you’re allowed to share your content on this platform. They don’t accept irrelevant and off-topic posts. And, members can upvote and downvote these posts. This, as a result, makes it easy to find the best information at the top of the “posts” page.
The site has more than 150,000 active users, and it features a variety of sections beyond discussion boards such as AMAs, growth studies, etc. 

Growth Hacking Community #2 Inbound.org

Inbound.org is a site that is specifically geared towards helping inbound marketers get better at their jobs and draw potential customers to their businesses. The community is actually run by Hubspot, but they stay clear of the plugin themselves.
Inbound.org currently has around 140,279 members sharing articles and participating in discussions about a variety of topics, including mobile marketing, blogging, analytics, and branding. Inbound is also a networking tool, which allows users to create their own profiles, then connect, communicate, and even hire each other for open positions or speaking engagements.

Growth Hacking Community #3 Quibb

If you’re looking for one of the most competitive, professional, and elite community for growth hackers, look no further. Quibb is the community with, perhaps, the most cache; it’s a members-only professional network where marketers can share and discuss marketing news and insights. Quibb accepts only 42 percent of the applicants. It currently has members from 29,651 companies that share content on the site.
While Quibb includes professionals from a wide variety of disciplines and industries, not just marketing, the site offers helpful growth-hacking information. In fact, the company itself uses a powerful growth-hacking technique – allowing newly accepted members to invite their own friends to join via email. 
Pro Tip: This ultimate growth hacking resource gets you closer to become a rock star growth marketer! 

Growth Hacking Community #4 Reddit’s Growth Hacking Subreddit

Reddit and its many subreddits are a great resource to get helpful information about nearly anything on the web, including growth hacking.
The Growth Hacking Subreddit has 2,926 members, and it covers discussions about some very specific topics, including SEO, CRO, inbound marketing, SEM, link building, email marketing, coding, and API integrations. One of the perks of this subreddit is that any member of Reddit can use it. However, its members are not vetted as growth experts. This means there’s a wide variety of knowledge and experience (and, sometimes, relevance on the boards).

Growth Hacking Community #5 Growth Hacker TV

Growth Hacker TV is different from many other growth-hacking communities in a way that it is not a discussion-based community. Instead, the site offers members video episodes where expert growth hackers and marketers tell their growth success stories.
Essentially, the site is a learning library with more than 100 interviews of business experts sharing their anecdotes, tips, and secrets. Members must pay to join Growth Hacker TV and access the episodes. However, three sample episodes are available to members who sign up for the company’s email newsletter. 
It is a great platform for someone who wishes to start their growth hacking journey. 

Until Next Time…

Growth hacking can be a misnomer. It is not a hack to scale your business. It requires time and experience. Growth hacking communities, thus, give marketers the opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge and wisdom of other people in their field – this ultimately allows for an opportunity to network and to become a better marketer.

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Becoming a growth hacker is not everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, you need some qualities that set you apart. These include analytical thinking, a “get-stuff-done” attitude. Additionally, it requires the ability to not be bogged down by initial failures. So, are you ready to be a growth hacker? Check out our blog to know more. 

Well if it were dead. You wouldn’t be here, would you?

Growth hacking SEO is a tough nut to crack. Other than technical skills, SEO requires perseverance. And so, growth hacking + SEO proves to be a double whammy. But, let’s list down some steps that you can consider adopting today.

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  • Adding high-quality images helps your readers to take a breather between the readings. Moreover, it makes the process of reading more fun and engaging. 
  • Using interactive content. Well, we can never emphasize this enough. Interactive content offers twice the engagement of static content. So, using interactive content types likes quizzes, calculators, etc in blogs gives you best of both worlds!

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