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How BEMO Generated $4M Worth of Prospects – Interactive Calculator Case Study

Have we been gone too long? But guess what! We are back with another fantastic Outgrow interactive calculator case study. And this time it’s in collaboration with the folks at Intercom.

Let’s hear some drumrolls, shall we?

Presenting to you, a long-time client, BEMO, and it’s a marvelous success story with interactive content!

The Company

BEMO is an IT partner for SMBs. It helps them to protect their employees, company, and customers’ data from cyber-attacks. The company specializes in cybersecurity, Microsoft Azure, Exchange, and Office 365. BEMO also offers a secured digital platform to small and medium enterprises for a complete digital transformation.

Interactive Calculator Case study

In this interactive calculator case study, we discuss how BEMO leveraged Outgrow x Intercom integration to achieve fantastic results.

So, let’s jump right in!

The Challenge 

BEMO was looking for a way to simplify customer acquisition within their organization. Their professional services have tailored prices and so they wanted a tool to minimize the load of getting on a call each time a prospect shows interest. At the same time, BEMO also wanted to meet their goal of booking 2 sales calls every month.

To sort all these challenges and ensure quality leads, they turned to Outgrow.

Their challenge: To simplify customer acquisition within their organization

Their goal: To book 2 sales meetings per month

EnterOutgrow x Intercom.

BEMO came on board with Outgrow and Intercom two years back to solve this challenge. They created a calculator on Outgrow’s no-code calculator builder and embedded it on their Intercom chatbot to see fantastic results. Read this interactive calculator case study to find out how!

How Outgrow x Intercom Changed the Game

Well, Intercom is a well-known name in the conversational messaging and live chat industry and needs no introduction. It is a messenger tool that offers multiple capabilities like bots, apps, and email messages to help with customer support, engagement, and marketing. It is a trusted platform for anybody who’s looking to build better customer relationships.

outgrow intercom integration
Also, for our avid readers, Outgrow is a synonym for interactive content. And when we talk about interactive calculators, any amount of praise for Outgrow is less! Well, that’s not us saying it – it’s the people who have used Outgrow.

Outgrow’s interactive calculators offer real value and so, they act as fantastic lead magnets. They are engaging, personalized, and highly converting. Users can choose to build a calculator from scratch or use premade templates that make their work super easy.

outgrow calculator

BEMO’s Transformation Story

In order to generate leads for their product and services, BEMO used Intercom’s messaging services along with Outgrow’s interactive platform.

outgrow intercom integration

The Outgrow-Intercom integration is a magic combo tool! It allowed BEMO to collect information from customers by embedding their Outgrow interactive calculator in an Intercom messenger window. This lets their users complete the entire process of calculating prices from inside the chat window, making their experience extremely smooth.

For their GoDaddy and G Suite migration pages, BEMO’s Intercom bot has predefined options to help push prospects through the funnel. Once the prospects are in, they are presented with the interactive calculator.

This solved BEMO’s issues and helped prospects get custom services and their quotes without having to go through the cumbersome process of getting on a one-to-one call every single time.

In fact, with Outgrow’s interactive calculator builder, you get advanced calculation capabilities. And BEMO used one such capability to create their cost calculators.

BEMO’s Cost Calculators

BEMO’s cost calculators offer a quote so that users can understand the custom pricing of BEMO’s services without making any calls. In this section, we discuss BEMO’s 2 such cost calculators.

1. Cloud Migration Cost Calculator

This calculator provides a quote for migrating Emails, SharePoint & OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams from GoDaddy to Office 365.

It is simple, has very few steps, and provides real-time results based on the inputs.

The calculator uses the “numeric slider” question type for the first question and the “single select” question type for the next. Both are very well suited to their use case.

interactive calculator

Post this, the user is taken to the results page. As you can see, this page contains details in a clear and concise manner. And it has a very appropriate CTA (call-to-action) that asks the user to schedule a follow-up call.

outgrow calculator

How Did BEMO Use This Calculator?

Outgrow gave BEMO the power to analyze the contacts collected through the lead generation page on its analytics dashboard. This feature allowed them to see the number of visits and leads. Furthermore, it also showed them the people who haven’t offered their information. This gives one an idea that there is scope for improvement for the calculator they’ve built.

In this case, the BEMO calculator results page says, “For the more accurate cost, schedule a call with sales”. This does a great job at ensuring lead conversion as the statement keeps the doors open for negotiation.

Additionally, Outgrow allowed BEMO to segment the leads based on the expected revenue that a lead could possibly generate. Thus, this feature helped BEMO prioritize the high-value clients and retarget them with personalized offers.


This calculator got close to 4,000 visitors in a short span of time!

2. G-Suite to Office 365 Migration Calculator

BEMO also built a similar calculator for G-Suite to Office 365 Migration. With a similar template and question type, it communicates everything that you’d want your calculator to.


How Did BEMO Use This Calculator?

BEMO smartly put both their pricing/quote builders (built on Outgrow) all over their website for different services. The increased visibility of the custom pricing calculator resulted in incredible results!


Using Outgrow’s calculators, BEMO is booking $4M annually worth of pipeline, with an average deal size being $12k per year.

If that doesn’t get you to sign up for Outgrow, we don’t know what will. Maybe a free trial? Sign up now and create your first interactive calculator for free!

Outgrow x Intercom Integration Benefits

Now that we’ve discussed how BEMO takes advantage of this duo, let’s understand how Intercom can come in handy with any Outgrow experience you create.

  1. All the Outgrow interactive experiences like calculators, quizzes, surveys, polls, etc. are highly optimized for Intercom.
  2. You can perform a variety of functions within your Intercom messenger window using Outgrow content experiences. Apart from conversing with your Intercom representative, you can allow the users to engage with your interactive content and offer valuable results to them.
  3. You can store all the collected results in Outgrow analytics and then qualify and segment leads directly in the Intercom messenger.
  4. Furthermore, you can create a lasting impression on your customers by showing results in the form of graphs, charts, and other multimedia within the messaging platform.


interactive case study - bemo outgrow review


Did you like the interactive calculator case study? Let us know by sharing this blog or commenting below! Outgrow, in collaboration with tools like Intercom, can be your go-to integration choice if you offer a similar solution.

But even if you don’t, we have something for every business! Explore the 1000+ integrations that Outgrow offers and create magic with our interactive content experiences! Start your free trial today!

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