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How VenturePact Got 87k+ Leads & 41% Conversion With Outgrow Interactive Calculator

VenturePact, a software development marketplace, looked to accelerate growth in a competitive landscape. After exhausting classic inbound strategies, VenturePact partnered with Outgrow to build a calculator that helps its users estimate the cost of building an app. Within 2 weeks of launching, the calculator boosted traffic by 15% and increased the conversion rate by 28%.

VenturePact's Conversion Graph - generate qualified leads

Inbound Didn’t Prove to be The Superhero It Is

The marketers at VenturePact carefully crafted an inbound strategy that included blogs, ebooks, search engine optimization, and social media, closely tied together. Although these tactics resulted in an increase in engagement over time, the results were not enough to help them maintain a high growth rate: thus, they were not able to increase the conversion rate. Watch the movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Content: People downloaded ebooks and bookmarked the blogs but did not have time to read all the details and engage further. Customers don’t have the time to spend hours consuming content. While the ebooks were shared, they never went viral.

SEO & SEM: With hundreds of thousands of websites selling similar services, SEO was competitive. SEM was not sustainable as the keywords cost upwards of $30-$40

Social media was not great for B2B buyers. Linkedin was the only platform that brought the brand some attention but was still not enough.

“Our goal was to generate more leads, and improve the level of customer interaction but our inbound strategies were giving lukewarm results at best. We had to reinvent marketing and needed something that could provide instant gratification. ”

Interactive Calculators – High Octane Lead Generation Machine

Enter Outgrow, an online platform that helps businesses with value-based lead generation through interactive calculators. It helped VenturePact build a mobile app calculator where a prospective customer could answer 8 questions about their app and get a cost estimate instantly.

This tool was interactive, could capture attention, and provided instant gratification. Besides, it was less competitive in search, extremely shareworthy (remember BuzzFeed), and had all it took to go viral. Within weeks, statistics proved its efficacy.

This calculator added a lot of value upfront to customers while showing phenomenal results for VenturePact. The calculator was used not only by VenturePact’s customers but also by competitors’ customers to check whether they were paying a justified price. “ The calculator became a benchmark for development cost,” exclaims Pratham Mittal.

How Did It Work?

Let’s talk about the results of the VenturePact interactive case study. The calculator started with a simple yet highly converting landing page and home page with a single Call To Action. The click-through rate on this page was 66%.

Yes, 66%.

VenturePact Calculator's Landing Page
This was followed by a series of 9 simple questions with multiple-choice answers. It took an average of 159 seconds to run through the calculator.

Virality was inbuilt. It asked for not only your email but also the email of people who you’d recommend the calculator to. The conversion on this form stood at a staggering 41%. Generally speaking, the conversion rate on an ebook landing page is approximately 0-12%.
generate qualified leads

And finally, the results with a clear onward call to action. Approximately 4% of users clicked on the CTA and went to the company website. how to generate qualified leads

How Did VenturePact promote it?

On Social Media: People always had questions about how much their app will cost? So when VenturePact came up with a tool that could help answer this question, people were more likely to share it on social media and list servs. This helped it go viral.

generate qualified leads

On Search: Turns out people are always searching for a cost estimate for their next mobile app. Google Keywords Trends hinted the same. So the opportunity was ripe.

Mobile app development cost result screenshot

Just a Beginning: Generate Qualified Leads

With this, we come to conclude the VenturePact interactive case study. VenturePact’s leads have grown enormously ever since the calculator went viral. Its other content is garnering more attention and VenturePact is becoming a thought leader in the market with the founders being invited to speak at software development events.

“The calculator going viral has made us more visible. With so many prospects or leads already using it, we know our work is being valued. Now that we know what works with the target audience, we can focus our efforts on the same line”.

VenturePact is currently working with Outgrow to launch 3 new calculators for estimating design work, WordPress website development, and security budgets.

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