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21 Ways You Can Use Interactive Content 

To know whether you’re good at something or not, ask yourself one question: Would you bet on yourself?
And we at Outgrow sure like to bet on ourselves. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how our clients have made use of Outgrow and its great features. Now we’d like to take some glee in the ways to use Outgrow. It can also be read as an all-encompassing guide on ways to use interactive content from Outgrow. So we put our heads together and decided on the best 21 ways that we’d like to tell you about! We’ve been telling you about the benefits of Outgrow for so long. Get ready to see some of them live in action!

Benefits of Interactive Content

1. Lead Generation 

Well, we’ll start with this one, but don’t we always? It’s kind of a ritual, you see! Lead generation is always our primary objective and our first step. Let’s start with the ABCs. A prospect is merely a prospective customer who might be interested in a product or a service. Lead generation is the process of collecting, tracking, and managing those leads. Interactive content is a great way to generate leads as opposed to static forms. Interactive content may include calculators, quizzes, polls, surveys, and whatnot. These act as great lead-generation tools because they offer the user something in return.

A user is more than willing to give us their contact information in exchange for some real value-based information, such as ‘Calculate The Number Of Calories You Can Burn With Yoga’. A fitness center may benefit from getting leads from this kind of calculator and also be able to create their target audience.


Outgrow uses these types of interactive experiences to generate their own leads. It is an interactive marketing platform and naturally has its own set of the target audience. Having a quiz like ‘Which Marketing Tool Is Right For You’ not only generates leads but also allows Outgrow to educate the participants.


2. Lead Segmentation 

Lead Segmentation is the act of categorizing leads on the basis of similarities and patterns. It is, undoubtedly, one of the holy trinities in the process of lead conversion. Statistics show that segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14.32% higher. Segmentation can be done on the basis of demographics, location, industries, consumer behavior, and other such parameters.

Let’s talk about how you can use Outgrow interactive content for your lead segmentation process. How about we tell you how we go about it? Outgrow has two ways of segmenting leads – segments in analytics and segments in integration. You can find the ‘Analytics’ section for each experience that you create in Outgrow.


The first step is to go to Analytics and create a filter. The filter refers to the parameter on the basis of which you want to segment your leads. Consequently, save the segment. You can also use multiple filters to create a segment. You can choose a preferred name for your segment then. Now if you want to segment your leads in integration, you can further this process and selecting the CRM tool and setting conditions for sending segments to your preferred lists.

We use this feature to segment our own leads through interactive experiences. It can segment our leads on the basis of their responses to the experiences. Moreover, it can segment leads on the basis of their position in the funnel, their demographics, etc.

3. Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of building a relationship with your clients. It is a way of keeping in touch with your client to further them down the marketing funnel. This can be done by sending them personalized content, on the basis of their position in their buyer’s journey. Content pieces like newsletters, e-books, infographics are a great way to keep your leads and customers informed and updated about your software.

Lead nurturing is made a lot easier when done with interactive content. And when it comes to interactive content, Outgrow has to be there! You can differentiate between lead nurturing for each part of the buyer’s journey. Customers on top of the funnel, still in the awareness stage, can be provided with information about the options they have. For instance, a car company like Tesla can use this calculator to target customers that have shown interest in buying a car or in Tesla as a brand.


For someone in the middle funnel, you can lead them to a calculator that estimates the ROI of their present marketing strategy. And then with the data you collect, you can send them personalized offers on how your service can improve their strategy.


Surveys are a great way of taking follow-ups through interactive content. They can be used for customers in the final stages of the funnel. For example, an interactive quiz can be sent to a customer as a means of a feedback survey.


Outgrow uses its own interactive experiences to gather opinions and retain its customers. Lead nurturing can be done in a million ways using interactive content. Emails, retargeting ads, and social media, all help nurture leads effectively.

4. User engagement

Interactive content has been shown to generate twice as much conversion as static content does, which means twice as much return on investment (ROI) for your brand. It increases customer engagement and traffic. Interactive content such as calculators and quizzes provide real value to users. They’re dynamic, as opposed to static landing pages, and demand interaction from the user. This increases the user’s engagement with your experience and in turn with your brand.

Outgrow uses its premade templates to increase engagement. These premade templates offer value-based information to its customers. It incentivizes customers to show an interest in the templates and thus engages them. For example, this Calorie Calculator would be of great interest to a dietician’s customer. It would provide personalized results to the person depending upon their inputs.


5. Building Buyer Persona

Building a buyer persona refers to creating a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer with the help of market research. Buyer personas can use parameters like demographics, geographics, behavior patterns, objectives, etc. Lead segmentation is the first step to creating buyer personas. Like lead segmentation, interactive experiences can be used to collect data about leads and create filters to separate them. On the basis of this data and research, ideal buyer personas can be built.

Outgrow uses its interactive experiences to gather data about leads and customers. Then the persona created on the basis of these objective characteristics can be targeted. This helps Outgrow create more qualified leads and higher rates of conversion. It reduces the time and effort spent on the buyer’s journey and creates better customers. It helps the sales team come up with a more detailed, personalized sales pitch and targeted offer. Thus, increasing ROI.

6. Finding Partners, Affiliates, Referrals

A business does not function on its own. More than often it needs to collaborate with organizations for promotions, tech support, research, etc. Wondering how you can use interactive content to do this? Outgrow is here to tell you how. An ROI calculator is one of the simplest ways to attract affiliates. It would help them understand what they stand to gain by associating with your product.


This template not only showcases your product but helps them gain knowledge about it. Apart from this, Outgrow also has an Idea Generator that helps organizations get ideas about the kinds of experiences they should make depending upon their industry. You can use Outgrow by creating such value-based templates in order to attract partners and affiliates.

Gaining referral partners are another great benefit of using Outgrow’s interactive content. Referred customers bring you almost 25% higher profit margin. Interactive content gets shared very quickly and can be used to engage in referral marketing partners.

7. Increasing Traffic

Increasing traffic to interactive content is what being fast is to Flash – its SUPERPOWER!  93% of marketers already believe that interactive content is more effective than static content at educating potential buyers about a product or service and increasing traffic. Receiving more traffic will enhance your online presence and make your business more attractive. Let’s talk about why interactive content helps increase traffic. Interactive content is more informative and engaging than static content. It gives you a wider opportunity to share your results on social media. And it provides you with relevant answers and increases your purchase intent. Embedding such content on your website not only generates leads but also increases traffic.

Outgrow uses a  similar kind of interactive experience to generate traffic on its website. For example, Outgrow regularly embeds survey polls like ‘Website Feedback’  on their website. Users like giving their opinion and they would be interested in taking the poll and sharing their results. It not only increases customer satisfaction but also develops loyalty within the customer.


8. Improving SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a huge part of marketing. There’s a very common joke among marketers, ‘If you want to hide a dead body, do it on the second page of Google because nobody ever goes there’. It might be a joke, but there’s no joke about how important SEO is. Let’s talk about how interactive content is a great way of improving SEO. Chatbots are a great way of increasing the time users spend on your website. You can integrate your chatbot with your CRM tool and link it to the important pages on your site to optimize your chatbots for SEO.

Interactive content increases engagement educates the customer and increases conversions. There is a higher click-through rate when it comes to interactive content. These metrics together combine to give your website a higher ranking and better search results.


Suppose you are an education counseling firm. Having a quiz about ‘Which Major Should I Study’ will not only increase dwell time on your website but also increase conversions.

9. Display Ads

Display ads are an age-old technique. Any ad on a website, be it a text, audio, or video, it is a display ad. With the evolution of other forms of marketing, display ads have taken a backseat. But even display ads have evolved with the millennials. Instead of static non-engaging ads, organizations have moved on to using interactive content for display ads as well! These ads drive you to relevant landing pages that offer the required information.

Outgrow used its own interactive platform to create its display ad and you can do it too! It entails a relevant CTA and clearly states the value being offered to the user. The ad will drive a clicker straight to the calculator which will increase the chances of potential lead conversion. It will provide personalized results for each lead on the basis of their response. For eg, an ad like ‘Calculate The ROI Of Using Outgrow’ will give an exact, quantifiable result for each lead, depending upon their responses. This kind of personalized, value-based ad engages the customer and builds your brand.


10. Product Research

Interactive content is a great way of product research. Product research is a very important process in either launching or updating a new product. It informs you of the need for your product in your market. Product research is marketing research that provides information on the desired characteristics of a product or service. It helps companies to understand what the customers really want so that the product can be tailored to match the needs of the customer. Product research is a great way of finding your competitors, their products, and what improvements you need to make to your product.  And what better way to gather information than through interactive content? Through content pieces like quizzes and surveys, you can gather a lot of information, compare it, and draw relevant insights from it.


This is an example of the kind of survey that Outgrow uses for product research. This survey collects information that helps Outgrow determine its decisions for its products.

11. Customer Support

This is a new one, right? How does interactive content help with customer support? Outgrow uses interactive chatbots in order to provide live customer support to its users 24*7. These chatbots are engaging, informative, and available to your clients instantly. What is customer support, really? Helping out your clients, right? Then Outgrow has just the deal for you. And it uses interactive content to do so. There are several content types available on Outgrow, calculators, quizzes, surveys, chatbots, etc. You can use them to create experiences like, “Which Interactive Content-Type Should I Use?’ or ‘Which Calculator Layout Will Be Best For Me?’. These quizzes act as an efficient way of customer support. And your human resource can actually spend time on other things. These quizzes would provide accurate and informative answers to clients without you having to invest further.

Outgrow has an amazing Title Generator on its website. It gives you ideas that you can base your interactive experiences upon. It takes upon inputs like the size of your company, your industry, etc. to give you great results.


12. Human Resource

Your organization is incomplete without your human resources. And Outgrow is a great way of coordinating with your employees. How so? Here’s how. Outgrow has several templates regarding employee performance and feedback.


This Employee Performance Evaluation Survey is the solution to having a detailed analysis of your employees’ efficiency. You can gather data, compare it, and use it to make informed decisions. There are several other templates regarding your employee engagement, their feedback about the working, meeting cost calculators, etc. Such templates help you understand the kind of changes you need to make in your organization. This would not only increase employee productivity but also the company’s efficiency. This kind of communication within the organization increases transparency and reduces bureaucracy. Creating feedback surveys would also reduce paperwork by automating HR activities, reducing costs.

13. Customer Retention And Satisfaction

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. While to that of a new customer is only 5-20%. So we hope you get the picture. Customer retention is as big a part of selling as gaining a new customer is, probably more.

Customer satisfaction is the fuel to the engine of your business. You need to achieve customer satisfaction to keep your business running. Low customer satisfaction will not only decrease your customer retention but also reduce your brand value.

How Does Interactive Content Help?

Both of these extremely important objectives can be achieved through interactive content. Holding a customer back after they’ve made their purchase is through constant engagement. Interactive content is the best way to keep your customers engaged. It adds real value to your customers and provides them with a personalized focus. You can send them feedback surveys, giving them rewards, offering them discount coupons, etc.

You can send them product knowledge quizzes about your own product and offer them rewards on the basis of their score. Sending product recommendations and lead magnets are also a great way to go. Customer retention is a two-way street. It is crucial that you offer the customer something in return for their loyalty.

Here’s a calculator that we created at Outgrow, ‘How Much Should You Spend On Paid Advertising?’. Based on the inputs you give, it tells you the amount you should actually spend on social media marketing.


14. Market Research

Going into the market does not come with GPS. You need to know the roads before you head out for your destination. This is why it is very important that you do your market research before you decide to enter it. Market research isn’t just about static information available on the internet. It’s about your competitors, the latest trends, the figures, everything. And even here, interactive content comes handy. We ask you now, where does it not?

You can create several Outgrow templates to gather information from potential competitors, potential clients, a target audience. And once that is done, you can create your own strategies, objectives, and goals.

market reserach-new

This Market Research Survey is the answer to collecting information about your consumer’s needs and interests. It can be used for any organization, belonging to any industry and size.

15. ABM (Account-Based Marketing) 

Account-Based Marketing is an extremely focused business strategy that aligns and concentrates sales and marketing efforts only on those particular companies and contacts that have a higher probability of conversion. ABM has proven to be a great marketing investment. In fact, 87% of B2B marketers have agreed ABM delivers a higher ROI than other marketing activities. How does Outgrow come into the picture in all of this? Let’s find out.

A great way of enforcing ABM is to engage your users with personalized campaigns and content. And Outgrow uses interactive quizzes and calculators to do the same. These interactive experiences can be used to gather data from potential leads to be able to create a target audience. Interactive content helps you differentiate between high intent and low intent leads. Suppose you are a Yoga instructor and you build an interactive quiz like the one below to attract and segment leads:


Now, to classify your leads, you can include a guide on Yoga best practices. Offer this guide in exchange for their contact information. To further classify your leads, you can also offer a personalized expert advice session on discounted rates. Those who opt for this offer can be classified as your high intent leads.

16. Brand Research

Brand research is a crucial component of business success for two reasons. Firstly, it provides you with concrete data to make effective decisions. Secondly, it gives a deep business insight into consumers’ minds, because let’s face it, consumers don’t always act the way they say they will. It gives you an idea about your brand’s value and its standing in the marketing.


Just like product and market research, interactive content is a blessing here too. This Brand Performance Survey is a great way of getting to know a brand’s perception of itself. Outgrow interactive content helps you create this template and several others to figure out your brand image.

17. A/B Testing

A/B testing is essentially a process where two or more variants of a page are and tested. Then the better performing version is found out through a comparative analysis. Interactive content helps you perform A/B testing. You can compare two versions of the same Outgrow interactive experience and find the better of the two.

Not only that, but interactive content can also help you analyze your A/B testing results later!


This A/B test calculator can be used to perform A/B testing. The significance calculator shows you whether a variant had a positive effect on your sales and how much the conversion rate has increased. It is advisable to compare versions with a difference or two.

18. Marketing Analytics

Measuring the effectiveness of your strategy is as important a part as making a good marketing plan. For each experience that you create on Outgrow, you can find an ‘Analyze’ tab on the builder. And for each of the experiences that has gone live, you can find the metrics for it.

The Analytics section gives information on the number of people who have visited that particular experience, started it and completed it. You will get the conversion rate for the leads that you generate and its engagements. The section allows you to segment these leads and use them for retargeting. The User funnel part of the Analytics sections also allows you to analyze your traffic on the basis of location, time, answers, etc. It also gives you analytics for your lead generation efforts. It will show you the number of visits to your template and the percentage of those visits that got converted into leads.

Marketing Analytics

This helps you improvise on your experiences and manage them better. You understand how you can better direct them to interested users and gain leads out of them.

19. Social Media Marketing

Not talking about social media marketing with interactive content would be like making a pizza without cheese. Interactive content is the magic tool you need to pull out of the tops hat for everything. Increasing your audience reach, engagements, impressions, clicks, everything. Did you know that 90 percent of consumers report that they want more visual and interactive content?

Interactive content works better than static content because it’s more engaging. Did you know that 96% of consumers who start BuzzFeed contests actually finish them? Why do you think that is? Because interactive content provides value. Interactive content goes viral more often, and viola! your brand name spreads like wildfire. Social media is full of content, some great, some not so great. New content is being developed every day and we need interactive content to cut through the noise of social media. Interactive content like calculators, quizzes, surveys, polls seems more appealing to the user than regular information. So the next time you create your social media marketing strategy, don’t forget to make space for interactive content!

20. Demand Generation

Interactive content works wonders when it comes to demand generation. Interactive content generates double conversions than passive content. It also helps you generate a great number of leads because it actually provides value to the customer in exchange for their information. It provides additional information about the product, real-time estimates, and even recommendations to the prospects according to what they want. More often than not, when you are trying to introduce your product to the market, you need to introduce its demand as well. And interactive content is a quick fix to this problem.

Demand generation is the umbrella that covers everything that we have talked about. The processes of lead generation, segmentation, and nurturing, all of these combine to generate demand for our product. This can be done through quizzes, calculators, or even contests and giveaways. Contests and giveaways are a very reasonable method of generating demand and reaching out to the audience for a very minimal cost. This is why a lot of marketers have switched to interactive content from static content for the same purpose.

21. Customer Education

And last, but not the least, customer education. It is not always possible to tell a potential customer about your product all at once. This is where interactive content helps us out. You can create quizzes, polls, and surveys about your products to educate your customers. You can include your features, objectives, direct them to offers, and much more using interactive content. Instead of making them read long blogs, (like this one), you can use interactive content to provide information. Good thing we are doing both!

Here is a great example of a way of providing customer education. Using this Outgrow Pop Quiz, Outgrow can educate its customers about its features, prices, offers, etc. with just one fun quiz.

Last Words

Yes Yes! We know it was a long way down here but we hope that you learned a lot! There are so many ways in which you can use Outgrow interactive content and we hope you’re making the best of it. If you still have any questions or just want to chat, just hit us up! We would love to hear from you.

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