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Understanding the Power of Interactive Landing Pages (With Examples and Tips)

Landing pages are static pages of the website designed with the sole purpose of generating conversions. However, with the competition getting more and more intense, it becomes imperative to make your landing pages more interesting and compelling enough to garner a higher click-through rate. Whether the objective of your landing page is to convert visitors from PPC ad campaigns or attract organic traffic to your website, you ought to make it visually innovative. Interactive landing pages are the only way to stand out from the myriad of websites and landing pages out there.

Interactive landing pages help to go a step ahead and create a unique user experience as the visitor gets a chance to participate in an activity on the website, thereby enhancing the engagement rate and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Why Interactive

Smart marketers have already started incorporating interactivity in their landing pages. Before we move on to the “How”, let’s understand the ‘Why’ of using interactive landing pages.

Why Should You Invest in Interactive Landing Pages?

According to the Demand Metric Report, materials with elements that make interaction possible effectively result in lead conversion in approximately 70% of the cases when compared to passive content which helps to reach only 36%. When you add an interactive element to your landing page, it becomes easier for your customers to consume the information. It will also increase their focus on understanding what your products or services are all about. Besides, such landing pages build brand credibility and reflect authority in the market. If your landing page is drab and lacks any visual appeal, the visitor will not be able to resonate with it. Worse, they may even switch to your competitor. To make sure that this does not happen to you, you should make your landing pages visually impressive.



Tips to Create Interactive Landing Pages

1. Let Your Prospects Choose

If you are offering services to two or more types of target audiences, you should allow them to choose the kind of services they prefer.

Take a look at this landing page by A/B Tasty. After a visitor clicks on “REQUEST A DEMO”, he or she will be redirected to a landing page. It asks about the team they belong to and alters the copy according to the information provided. By adding such interactive elements to the landing page, you can easily draw the subscriber’s attention. Going forward, get them to fill out the form and take the next action.

Understanding the Power of Interactive Landing Pages (With Examples and Tips)

2. Harness the Power of Storytelling

Use your landing pages to tell a story and tap on the emotional instincts of the prospect. Moo sets a remarkable example of how to “show rather than tell” through your landing pages.

They send out an email that calls for the subscriber to push the lever by using an animated toaster image.

Harness the Power of Storytelling

On clicking the CTA, he or she will be redirected to a landing page that unveils the 15% discount offer with grill marks on the toast.


Now, that is a wonderful way to add story-based interactivity to your email as well as your landing page.

Storytelling Through Interactive Content

a) Chatbots for Conversational Storytelling

Chatbots are versatile interactive tools that go beyond mere customer support. They offer a great opportunity for storytelling by inducing a human-like experience on your landing pages. In fact, thanks to AI and conversational commerce, you can personalize chatbots to be consistent with your brand tone, voice, and persona.

For example, big brands like Lego offer an amazing storytelling experience with their witty chatbot called Ralph. See how Ralph engages with users helping them choose the right gift.

b) Simplify Complex Topics for Readers With Quizzes/Calculators

Embedding a quiz or a calculator on your landing page is the best thing you can do. It not only increases engagement on your landing page but also is a great factor for customer success. How? Your landing page has a lot of information to show. However, a customer might not have the time or interest to go through everything. A quiz or a calculator can help simplify things letting users find what they exactly need.

For example, look at this “Construction Cost of an Office” calculator. What would be better – making your prospect read a long static blog post on how costs are calculated or showing them a simple calculator that provides them with instant value and estimated quotes? We believe we are on the same page.

Construction Cost

3. Use Illustrative GIFs

Illustrative images and animations go a long way in adding visual oomph to the landing pages and enticing the prospects to convert. According to Giphy, over 500 million active users spend almost 11 million hours viewing GIFs on their platform, which reflects the popularity of animated imagery.

Take a look at this landing page by It demonstrates the working of a network of decentralized markets and communities with the help of animation as the hero image. As the visitor scrolls through, more animations explain their services in a simplified manner. Luckily, there are many online animation makers available, making it easier than ever to incorporate captivating animations into your landing pages.

4. Try Explainer Videos

If you are into the SaaS industry, you can try including explainer videos. They simply communicate the purpose of your services more effectively than static images. Such videos help to drive up your sales and expand your brand reach. Not only that, but they also enhance customer loyalty and retention.

Wistia, a video marketing software tool, makes the perfect use of a video for its landing page.

If you want to go a step further, you can create personalized landing page videos that are exclusive for every visitor. Tools like Vidyard and Hippo Video can help you with this technology.

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Wrapping Up

Interactive landing pages are the future of landing page trends. But, you must make sure that the prospects do not have to wait too long for the page to load. So, get away from old-school stock photos and reinvent new possibilities with out-of-the-box landing pages.

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